Why is there a war on boobs?

Why is there a war on boobs?

Lots of Irl women have big tits

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Emperor Xi can't have young men distracted from producing for the party.

Feels good not being a boobs guy.

>feels good being a faggot

Imagine uncontrollably falling under someone's sway just because they showed a little bit of their chest, kek.

>Feels good being a pedo

Big boobs are unrealistic and don't exist

Imagine if there was a universe where boobs didn't exist but men were still attracted to them. When would that be discovered? Would boobs only be added to pornographic drawings or would they be added to all types of media? Would there be controversies? Would porn stars get surgeries to gain breasts? Would that surgery become a common thing even among normal women?

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big boobs > mid boobs > small boobs > no boobs > hidden faggotry > obvious faggotry > etc.
It's literally an overton window.

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Ver 1.4 was the best, then they ruined it by downsizing it even more

its really just her, the chink characters like shenhe and the new girl already have big boobs


Beta chest with the fishnets would have been the best possible outcome, fucking chinks ruin everything

why is she dressed up like a 10 year old?
she's a grown up woman ffs

An improvement as time goes on?
I don't see a problem?

Small boobs is better but I do like big boobs anyway. What I am trying to say is, a boob is a boob

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Dishonest comparison, the shot is zoomed out in the last two

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it's a mystery

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Tits are gay desu, dfc is the way.

The whole world is slowly beginning to realize that flat is justice.

The real reason they did this is that she is just 4 stars and an early character, and mihoyo didn't want to have big boob characters too soon

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Yeah, van Gogh's Starry Night sure screams 10 year old girl. It's simply poor taste if anything.

Haydee 2 if she real

No idea what game this is. I don't mind 2.4, but 1.4 looks the best. For me, the problem with beta and 1.2 is clearly designers and modelers not knowing how boobs work. They should be saggier because of weight, even with support. If they are pushed up via support, then they shouldn't look like this either. I'd rather have smaller tits than large tits that look like trash.

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>boob socks
As I said here designers and modelers clearly don't know what the fuck.

Just going to ignore those Sonic socks she's wearing?

>Lots of Irl women have big tits

They do and that's a good observation, the thing being that due to the current political climate there's an ongoing culture war over representation of women in video games and the sexualisation of them is part of that. Western developers working on games are "desexualising" women's bodies, which often includes covering up any skin and giving them a dramatic breast reduction, and some Japanese developers are doing it to cater to western audiences because they don't want them to be objectified.

In my opinion it's fine as long as it serves the story or another purpose in the game and these people "desexualising" every woman they work on in a game are just swinging from one extreme to another. It's one dumb political ideology to another.

Pic related:
Jill Valentine in original RE3 vs Jill in the modern Remake where they removed any sexuality that was there by making her more "combat ready" even though you could argue that the sudden zombie apoocalyse in Racoon City and Nemesis coming for her may have caught her off guard, which is why she's dressed like she's going for a night on the town. But when you see everything through a lens of sexism, you don't see things this way.

vidya boobs don't have to look realistic (gross)
they can look better than real if the devs want

>thicc woman with massive fucking tits compared to scrawny characters that have massive fucking tits

First is aesthetically pleasing, second isn't.

>they can look better than real
That may be possible, but that's doesn't seem to be what happens.

Why does a woman being attractive need to serve the story or another purpose?

first, you're gay. second, you're gay.

Pic didn't attach, here we go

user you're supposed to make that sound bad, not describe my fetish exactly

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damn amerimutt really isn't a meme
the only white person in the webm is the skinny host guy

The Chinese government went apeshit against gachas and sexualization in gachas last year.

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play better series

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>low test calling many that likes thicc women with massive tits gay
Stop projecting.

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she's an actual autist

It's a matter of taste. For example I don't like the realistic sag you posted about.


The only good thing it has going for it is its music, and even then Falcom gets more and more stingy with its soundtrack budget for its games each year.

You don't like real tits? LMAO

I did mention pushups.

you can blame the woke crowd
its hilarious how they voice body positivity bullshit but hate when the person in question is an attractive female

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lol, apparently there's an issue with the file so I've put it through photoshop to hopefully fix it. If it doesn't post now I give up.

Here's an article with the picture that talks about her redesign and the thought process:


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Why the plastic?


I got a tranny fired at work today how does that make you feel?

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virgin cope

>going clubbing vs on a mission
I get that the first is supposed to be sexy, but the second is a million miles better (I still find it attractive).

>Imagine if there was a universe where boobs didn't exist

Id like to imagine a world where there was no such thing as sexual attraction. I hate being swayed and controlled by feelings of lust like a fucking ape. Would be nice. But then at the same time I think, if we got rid of sexual attraction would the different system we find mates be even worse?

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leftism is a mental illness and I believe you should be able to kill any leftist without being guilty of murder
same goes for pedophiles, convicted sex offenders, etc.
>but what about their right to liv-
listen if you diddled little kids I'm going to fucking rip your head off with my bare hands

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what zero grass does to a nigga


your pills


China actually cares about the health of its nation and people and doesn't allow them to degenerate in the same way the west has.
The only people this upsets are the incels who were never going to contribute to the race anyway.

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second is generic garbage just like nu-lara


I appreciate you putting all of these in three columns and separating them with vertical lines
If you wrote "Go touch grass" with letters instead of posting a pic it would look even better

Certified losers

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Yea Forums has always been leftist

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Yeah man its why helping people can land you in jail and buildings are made so terribly a stiff breeze can knock them over.

lmao obsess lmao

I love Zoologist so much

It's funny how the people who say this generally don't realize whites are dying because of women's rights. They instead focus on easy targets like incels, porn, games and anime.

>a literal who website lives on others people free of rent
thats sad honestly

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>has always been leftist
imagine actually believing this and trying to support it, no wonder leftists make such shit memes
there's nothing they can support because it's all lies and falseties

It's a russian tv show

RE3 Jill generic garbage when it came out. It still is today except women don't really do the tubetop/mini skirt combo anymore. So, not only is it generic, it's also dated.
Original lara was generic at the time it came out too, only thing she had going for her was the massive tits.

>bunkercuck opinion


You lost /pol/

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Because thats problematic now and bodyshaming.

I didn't ask you virgin

Man, who doesn't?

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Imagine a world where cheap and effective "natural" breast enlargement without implants went mainstream, and most women were walking around with giant natural perky milkers.

Now imagine it became so common it was taboo to not have them, and the flat girls became the lusted after rarity.

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I hate NuJills boots, every dyke wears them

I dont give a fuck about colours.

Moot vote for Obama

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Had a good chuckle, thanks

Gutter oil

post some big titties and shut up.

I would never complain a single day of my life.
You kinda don't even know the context of that picture and you'd just post a soijak if I did.

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picrel but on global level

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This is actually right.

>Yea Forums wasn't racist till 2010+
its a fucking word and people used it before 2010,that image is bullshit

Your loss. Looking at muttland and sweden should be enough proof mixing colors is bad.

one man's voice, no matter how powerful he is (such as being the creator) does not voice the opinions of those above or below him... then again you are a leftist, you wouldn't understand this

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What's the age cutoff for pedophile for you? I like hebes but some of the younger ones would probably count as "pedophilia" to you, so I'm willing to up my strike zone since you feel so strongly about it. Is 15 fine?

Also I assume immigrant child rape gangs such as those in Rotherdam and other British cities (and frankly rest of Europe) are still kosher?

>convicted sex offenders
Rape is the most common falsely reported crime in the world. Would you blow your own brain out if I manage to hire a prostitute, who successfully managed to accuse and get you convicted of rape? Is the conviction the key here?

Old Yea Forums used to BTFO racists. See: Hal Turner raids

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I love the way she talks
It's cute

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CIA tier cope