So you helped this NPC in a long, hard questline?

>so you helped this NPC in a long, hard questline?
>now she ... LE DIES TRAGICALLY!!!

Why are FromSoftware such one-trick hacks

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She was the best written character in the game but you’re right

but she helped me


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It does get pretty tiresome how literally every single god-damn quest line in the entire game ends the same.

Elden Ring is just a flanderization of every single From Soft design trope. Not a single original bone in its body.

Definitely. Your game is much better.... wait a minute. You never made your own video game!! Loser

Best quest I've done in years

op in that fia cuck corner thinking bout his actions

>decaying into a pile of worm food via scarlet rot vs finding the meaning of your life and actively choosing not to become Malenia's cloned second body that your bug dad tried to make you into

>so you helped this NPC in a long, hard questline?
>congrats, she is now your wife and you get a unique ending!
Based From Software, truly the video game enthusiast's greatest ally.

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Excellent and relevant retort fromdrone. Maybe address what he said instead of a nonsense statement?

Did you think there would a happy ending for someone terminally ill?

I want to kiss Millicent


They don't do themselves any favors. I liked the jar dude but I knew before the game even came out he would die, because a cool jar dude breaking is tragedy-bait and that's basically exactly how it goes. I ended up not giving an absolute fuck about any of the NPCs because their quest shit is a waste of time due to this retarded shit. OH MY GOODNESS THE QUEST ENDED GUESS THEY DIE OH NO SO TRAGIC RIGHT? Nah, it fucking sucks and you've been doing this for 10 years.

>they tragically die
>or they go mad!!! and then die!
wow this is such interesting writing! maybe there's a reason why the writers are stuck doing obscure lore on item descriptions instead of actual character development and interactions. maybe there's a reason why characters all talk to you like they are giving a monologue or speech and there is never any real hint of actual world building or character building in any of these games. test it out yourself. writing like a From game is hands down the easiest way to write. it has no emotion to it. it has no meaning. nothing matters. no plot twist means anything. no one will ever be moved by anything that happens in these games. it's just wikipedia article entries splashed throughout item descriptions and a long series of meaningless monologues given by quirky people with funny British accents
>It is said X leads to Y, but only should you offer Z. Such an action would be far too foolish for me, but mayhaps you *insert random substitute word for Chosen Undead* are stupid...I mean brave enough to do so
>I have ventured from X to Y in search of Z, but am incapable of finding it. Mayhaps you can assist me in this task.
>AHHH IM LITERALLY INSANE *gets killed*/I have obtained all I wanted in life. Why then do I feel so hollow? *dies*
There is every character line and quest.
>A *insert noun of whatever this is* obtained from *insert place it obviously came from*. It is said that *insert irrelevant information that does nothing to actually make the world interesting or develop the narrative, but is instead meaningless information that you would have never cared about or been curious about beforehand*
There you go. You can now skip all Souls NPC questlines and item descriptions. Anything said in the main narrative can be summed up as
>You are the chosen one. There are a bunch of leaders. Kill them all and become THE chosen one. Bye.

Nothing tragic about me getting her hopes up then murdering her

From games plots usually revolve around the stagnation of immortal lives, so death is often the ultimate liberation from the status quo.

fromniggers can't into dialogue, no responses just disconnected statements

>cure someone of their terminal illness
>get them a replacement arm
>they end up being one of the single strongest warriors to ever exist
>they choose to abandon these solutions for no actual reason except lack of budget to do an actual Malenia and Miquella questline
>give some cheap excuse about not wanting to be controlled by others
>she isn't actually being controlled by others and has free will
>her whole goal is to give Malenia something that will free her, even though apparently this something doesn't free you
XD what a well thought out questline!

Cope. She would rather die than end up as pathetic as Malenia, that’s the purpose of her quest, to show how a better person would have never used the Rot as a weapon.

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Hey what if i remove my antirot vaccine : dies * yes she is stupid and died btw i kill her to grab BOTH TALISMAN AFTER THE SISTER GANK MWAHAHAH FUCK YOU MITSUBISHI!

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Take a closer look at the needle Gowry gave you. There was never a cure at that point, Millicent would have either died as herself or died becoming the raw materials for a monster.

How is it tragic if she chose to die after coming to terms with her existence? There is no such thing death until you kill Malikath anyway.

it really is all just zanzibart isnt it

Wish we could have called on her for the Mohg fight, seen her reaction to Miquella.

>so you helped this NPC in a long, hard questline.
>now she ... dies like the whore she is.

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It unironically is. It was fine for awhile, but it has overstayed its welcome. It is especially bad in Bloodborne and Elden Ring because those games feel so empty as far as NPCs and character interactions go.


Are these the only quests with a happy ending that don't involve someone dying? Ranni and Jar Bairn's are bittersweet, and the rest is just misery porn. Not counting Patched and Boc because they seem straight up unfinished; the Patches questline they added in 1.04 just has him return back to the cave and never has him mention Volcano Manor

>>now she ... LE DIES
user everyone eventually dies
all except the lord Jesus Christ our risen king

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>protects her brother, not hungry for power
>brother wants and can save everyone
Tranndahnny, please

Tbh it's fucking hilarious to me honestly.
>"Thank you, i'm the happiest i've ever been"
>Rest at site of grace
>They are dead now or a monster
Also you can notice Martin's writing because this feels the first game where NPCs actually give a shit about your mission, they all say how they'd support you if you became lord and stuff but expecially in ds1 and 2 nobody gave a shit.

i can accept her dying. i wouldnt want to live either if i realized i was some rot creature made by bugs

Alexander's questline you could say ends happy when you stop and think about what he actually is and what he actually does.
>goes around killing strong people and looting their corpses for flesh which he stores inside himself
>or even worse, he pillages battlefields for the remains of strong people all for the sake of power
>the person he has considered his rival indeed is stronger than him and he knows he will never be able to beat that person
>decides to die and pass on his flesh to the superior fighter, thus living on in the same way the other fighters have lived on in him
It was just the inevitable end/continuation of his journey. The point is to just fuse strong people together to form an even stronger person. This idea is actually shared by a huge amount of characters in the game (Mohg with blood, Rykard with entire bodies, Godrick with body parts, Alexander with flesh, etc..)

I know you're talking in general about all questlines in all their games (and you're right), but Millicent's story in specific was only "difficult" because you had to play hide-and-seek with zero clues.

> protects her brother
She literally didn’t though, she failed at her one singular purpose because she was to busy getting assblasted by Radhan in a fight she started.
>brother wants and can save everyone
Except for all those people she kills when she single handedly turned caelid into hell in a desperate attempt to salvage her failed war of aggression?

You can tell he wrote the backstory and basic summary of characters and then From's writers ruined every plotline with their typical one dimensional nonsense. The NPCs are obviously all factions warring for power and indeed many of them decide to side with you should you become Elden Lord, but From was too lazy to turn this into actual endings or covenants or even meaningful questlines. Imagine if you actually had to pick sides in stuff.

she was "made" by malenia blooming

>so you helped this NPC in a long, hard questline?
>rewards you with feet.

What did Miyazaki mean by this?

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Did I fuck up her questline? Last I saw her is when I helped kill her sisters, but then I went and killed Malenia and never saw her again.

This is why I use his Talisman. Not only is it useful as fuck but its just a natural progression of everything thats happened. The guy does consider you his friend in the end and is probably glad to have died to somebody whos felled so many demigods. The guy got his dream in the end.

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Wasnt her original questline basically that Millicent was Malenia (same person you fight in the boss room) but with Amnesia that you guide to the Haligtree after blooming?

She even has cut dialogue where she recognizes you regrets having to fight you

I'm surprised From actually bothered to put in an impactful story choice in Sekiro that changes the ending, if this was Souls you'd be locked into fighting Owl immediately with no explanation except for some vague cutscene that explains nothing.

This was too based for this age. How did they get away with it without Twitter goons lynching them online for this part?

It works in their past games because they were short, contained experiences where it made sense to have nonstop suffering but it just feels forced and annoying in this game to have a massive open world and 99% of it be filled the usual SUFFERING.

When the needle is out of Millicent, it doesn't have the stuff Gowry mended it with anymore.

That was my assumption going through the game.
>help her find the prosthetic arm
>does some fancy dex fag bullshit in a Scarlot Rot infested area and as a summon
>both names start with an M
>is being guided by a guy fanatically enamored with Scarlet Rot
>she regains memories and mentions vague connections to Malenia alot
>couldn't be a Cleanrot Knight because they're the game's version of Abyss Watchers they larp as her

It would've honestly made more sense to have her suddenly walk into the boss room, adorn herself and then fight you, but From probably figured most people would not want to have an advertised boss encounter be tied to a questline even if it DID make sense.

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She dies on the other side of the rot pond you fight the sisters at. That's the end of her questline

>>now she ... LE DIES TRAGICALLY!!!
She died on her own terms though.

The worst part is Malenia being yet another major boss who just sits away at her place until the protagonist comes and wrecks havoc. I was expecting at least one time that Millicent would somehow affect Malenia or, hell, turn out to be Malenia herself but nope, she just dies there just before reaching her.

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wrong dude sometimes they die not so tragically!

The Dark Souls/BB world is also way more fucked up and horrific than the ER world is so the suffering fit, there's no real achievable happy ending in the setting. In ER you actually do have the power to unfuck everything and the world isn't past the point of no return yet, so having everyone die randomly just feels forced and unnatural for a game of that size and direction.

>nooo you cant just call her a whore and stab her even though she literally is and kind of deserves it

too low even for twitter i guess

Damn, user really telling it like it is

Except all it does is make it so that the player loses access to a giant chunk of the game. You at least get unique boss fights, which they didn't even bother doing in the Frenzy Ending even though you obviously should have to fight Melina in it. I still wouldn't use it as a good example because it has no meaningful change on the gamestate. It just locks you out of the rest of the game, gives you a couple unique fights and cutscenes, and then prematurely ends the game for you.

You think anyone who uses twitter even got that far into the game let alone had the mental fortitude to give D his brothers armor?

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Why the fuck do you faggots expect a Homerian epopea out of every game? It's fun to play. If you're looking for a good story read a book.

>protects her brother
Mohg disagrees.
>not hungry for power

Because miyazaki is a berserk fag, and berserk is all about cheap shock value. Idk what else you expect

>Homerian epopea
If you advertise your game with one of the most influential writers of this current day and age then you better deliver something good

Is it really a rpg if there isn't a real story role that you play?
At that point, just action game would be more accurate.
If the 'role' you play is some unga bunga fighterman, there isn't any difference.

I bet GRRM would have written this questline better.

This was me with albus in albernaric village. Gives you the item and I’m like “neat, a character didn’t die!”…I talk to him again, he mumbles some bullshit and dies