Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection releases on PC on June 20th

Can't wait to replay Chloes game on my Steam Deck

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cinematic garbage, just what pcbros always wanted lmao

Port beggars will dickride it behind closed doors as usual.

>horizon is on PC
>god of war is on PC
>uncharted is on PC
wtf I thought these were supposed to be sony franchises

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need more money to finance future titles

What is the point of Sony not making a big announcement of the ports? It makes no sense not advertise the games coming out for PC in some way or form unless the ports are being made on a shoestring budget and they are fine with Valve doing it on their front page for Steam.

PC is a different market, so yeah, they're totally fine with Steam's front page doing all the marketing.

My issue is really how different the approach is compared to how third party companies advertise their games, with usually ports getting a bit more fanfare especially when it's multiplatform from the getgo implicitly or explicitly from the marketing. I'm not one to have enough authority to say that this is okay or not, but it seems counterproductive to Sony's aim for PC especially when their ports are designed to be "premium" and at the same time, are explicitly there to get sales that the Playstation can't cover. I can see how people can easily miss the title coming over to Steam, especially seeing how "well-advertised" Days Gone was.

Call me when they port the 3 games that come prior chronologically, until then, you can fuck right off.
I really want to play Uncharted 3 at 4k@60, god damn it.

It's a shame they only picked the games with Nadine in them.


>movie game
oh my god who the fuck cares

>Uncharted 4: The Pozzing of Nathan Drake
>Uncharted 4.5: Nigger and Dyke's Epic Adventure
No thanks.

And yet, the only PlayStation game anyone actually cares about is stuck on PS4 running at 1080p/25FPS

>2 games out of 5, 6 if you count the vita game
>no online
imagine buying this scam


Who gives a shit about Niel Cuckman's games?
where the hell are the first 3 Uncharteds?

Don't care about movie games, Give me Media Molecule's Dreams on PC.

Thanks for beta testing Hades, Deep Rock Galactic and Disco Elysium for me bro. Also thanks for funding future Sony games for us Snoys.

I played the uncharted games and I genuinely don't understand the appeal.
It's some of the most braindead "platforming" with some of the most generic third person shooting, the only thing of note is that you do the boring third person shooting ON A TRAIN, BEING DRAGGED ALONG WITH SOME ROPE, FALLING OUT OF A PLANE

It's all surface, set dressing with the most boring gameplay

I agree we should just go back to being a floating disembodied gun pointing and clicking in a corridor. What the hell were they thinking.

It's from the time when all TPS games were cover shooters.

I've finished the Uncharted trilogy 4 times and could barely finish U4.
The campaign is fucking boring.

Imagine if Nathan got transformed into Chloe and The Lost Legacy was about him adjusting to his new body haha

If I wanted to play Uncharted without Nathan Drake, I'd just play Tomb Raider.

what a terrible bland game.

Its pretty fucking sad that we're at a point in time where we miss uncharted
(2 was the best, don't (you) me)

Gravity Rush, Bloodborne and the Team ICO games are all I care for

Then why do all walking simulators start on console first?
Or were you being sarcastic? Hard to tell.

I'm sure this was some epic pwning your retard head but yeah, dishonesty is one of the cardinal sins of gaming.

take borderlands vs diablo.
both are bland boring games with no gameplay but diablo is honest about it making it much better.


The setting was always the reason to play uncharted. Racing through exotic locations for treasure is just something that I really like.
I blame the Mummy honestly.

dishonesty is bad. It's why open world games suck, it's why walking simulators suck, it's why most video games suck now.

because they are dishonest. All their flaws are secondary to their primary sin of being dishonest.

Uncharted 2 was kino

The Last Guardian

>the only PlayStation game anyone actually cares about
GOW and Horizon sold really well in steam. Its time to stop pretending people dont like these slow 3rd person games

It's because they were pretty to look at when they launched on PS3, over ten years ago. That's it, that's most of the appeal the series ever had.

Uncharted 2 was fun though


>playstation movie game
I for sure won't be buying this POS

it wasn't any more or less fun than 3 or 1

No one gave a shit about that for more than a week. It was more of a tech showcase than any Uncharted game.

Then why PC pay for them?


1 is dogshit

They were fun to play once because the story was decent, the characters were very well acted and the GRAFIX was insane at the time. Not because of gameplay. The first three at least, I haven't played the fourth one.
They were good moviegames in an era where not every single Sony game tried to be a moviegame. I don't hate them, but games tend to not age well when 90% of the appeal is "OMG THIS LOOKS SO REAL."

I just play my games dude.

I've only watched 4 and it was a decent movie despite the pesky game parts.

Peecee gamers are like staunch incels who claim they want nothing to do with women while simultaneously having a porn addiction. They talk all this shit but then cuck out to Sony anyway.

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can't wait for the lewd mods
even got a build in photomode

>What is the point of Sony not making a big announcement of the ports?
they don't need to. their fanbase does it for them for running to every corner of the internet screeching about being a betrayed by a billion dollar corporation by putting games on a different machine.

>port 4th game in a series and spin-off game
>don't port first three games in series
Sony really have shit for brains

>Xbox is cheaper and/or stronger than PS5 while also having gamepass
>PC is stronger than PS5 while also having all of their games
What the fuck is the point of a PS5 then?

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I'm glad I got these games for free during the pandemic, now I won't be swindled into actually giving them money.

Steamers buy games they don't even play. Guarantee a large portion of those buyers have zero hours

Maybe stop thinking people have a grudge against a company.
You were fine with Ryse, that nordic bitch movie game and Microsoft promoting that tranny game

Enjoy them, tsundere user, most people deep inside like sony games even if they feel dirty ;)

That's even worse if true.


The stats are not as bad as I thought, but about around a tenth of all owners have not played it

They already have Sony more money than nintendo since they emulate their games

Post pics

Who cares? They're funding my movie games AND making you seethe, so they're based.

I’m excited for the potential uptick in Chloe porn. Some one post her ass.