Thank you Poland for providing the world with kinos video games

Thank you Poland for providing the world with kinos video games.

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This wont stop Russia from invading them.

you're welcome :^)

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Kek Russia is never advancing west of Donbas. Better hope they don't get chased out of there too.

Nah, Russia's own incompetence will do that.

t. monke

such as?
all I know is the Witcher and those suck

The russians just need to march in backwards and tell the Polish they're leaving

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Get Even

Polish thread about Poland.

Yes, thanks Polska for cyberfuck

>CD Projekt "Red"
>The Polish flag has "red" in it
wait a second
could it be...

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>give you a pretty fun tool you can play around with (CornerGun)
>make it so that you have to play pacifist with horrible stealth mechanics to get the good ending
Fucking why. At least give us the option to use sleeping darts or something

I should like Cyberpunk on principle but it's so reddit I can't take it seriously

That does suck, I know. I still found the bad ending to be a fitting one on my first playthrough

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keep seething, glownigger
Russia already obliterated Ukraine and are fast advancing into Poland as we speak
Nothing can stop based Putin

>You're laughing. The line hasn't moved west in three weeks and you're laughing.

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why do you teens love nazism so much? Germans are the ultimate NPCs and we already had 3 years of fascism (vaccine mandate), you really want to live like cattle? lol

The Medium is great and I'm tired of pretending it's not. It really scratched that long forgotten Silent Hill itch.

based i love seeing yennifer rimming tall dark handsome strangers

I see you know nothing about the subject matter you claim to know a lot about.

Thanks for the recommendation user, saw it coming out but dismissed it as shovelware. Will give it a try

>gives women free leave when they have period cramps
>other people get even more crunched

sure buddy

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B-Bros... there's still a chance we will get a sequel right?

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what? moskols will collapse in the future and will become chinese colony.

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>Cybergówno 2077
>Dying light 1/2

No pojebany, wypierdalaj na wykop

>The Medium is great
not it's not you faggot, it's a fucking soulless walking simulator and don't you dare disrespect Silent Hill by comparing the two

Two Worlds 2 is the only good game Pooland made

No, poland never made a SINGLE good game

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drink milk

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Like what? Other than Witcher 1 nothing made in Poland was all that good.
>t. Pole

the biggest polish release of recent years is a mod for an old german game and it's beautiful

One of the best modern action games

Why are polacks so fucking salty at their own games? What the actual fuck, is it some sort of bullying fetish?

>is it some sort of bullying fetish?
Take a look at their history

Kys poltroon

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everyone shits all over their own country on the internet. ask poles about poland, ask germans about germany, ask bongs about bongland, ask anyone about france

Small portion of really vocal poles on the internet have this self-depricication fetish. It's weird but it seems to be part of a very specific polish youth culture of some sorts.

>their own
I'm not some globohomo enabler from warsaw

What do you mean, frogposter?

This country sucks, they unironically believe western zog propaganda and started sucking hohol dicks because Mongol man bad, even though USA bombed sandniggers for 20 years

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Youre mentally ill, seek help
No, psychology is not a globohomo psyop

holy fuck i remember this eurojank
game didn't know what it wants to be and shifts through 4 different genres in a span of 20minutes

Pure kino. Play it if you haven't already

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cope vodkanigger

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Polacks don't know how to be positive. All they can do is bitch and complain all day about everything and talk about politics. I don't really interact with my countrymen because they're all no fun allowed faggots.

Why are they so good at dystopian games?

Thatsa unironically a BASED response.
Ukrainian babes are so hot i will be sad when someone bombs their country.
as for afghanistan or haititi i dont care that much i mean i dont support attacking them but i cant sympathize the same way, they are just not my kin. sorry but i value my slavic bros people more.

>All they can do is bitch and complain all day about everything and talk about politics.
That is a common problem among slavs in general. Czechs aren't much better, if you ask any czech person what the typical "traits" of Czechs are, they will basically give you the same answer.

With that said, I think poles are far more easy to actually activize. There is a lot of bitching and vapid pride in their disillusionment, but there is still at least some latent force of nationalism, of will to fight, of stronger value systems. This is not necessarily a good thing but, it is something.

top game

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Russian rape baby or Volksdeutch?
Your choice

Oh, hey; a Jew mutilating white babies.

Why does this seem so oddly familiar?

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Well. Well, uh ..


I finished chapter 1 of chronicles of myrtana and hated it

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It's lefties. Lefties of any country hate their country and peoples.

Poles stole 2 bikes from me one of which had sentimental value. stole my uncles car in the mid 90s and stole my parts of my great-grandmothers livestock and money in the 1930s who were fleeing from the Communists

The way I see it they can go fuck themselves until my family receives reparations and an official apology from their government.