Remember when the mini console fad was a thing?

Remember when the mini console fad was a thing?

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I dont't.
It was scalped to death.

The fact that this would have been easy money for Nintendo if they kept up with supply and they shit the bed in its execution shows how retarted this brand really is.

People have said the same about the PS5.

I kind of liked it. I mean, it was definitely just consumer shit that was one of the worst ways of playing the games, but it was a fun novelty for the price. Sucks most non-nintendo ones were shit though.

i got a mini nes, snes and genesis. too bad they didnt make a mini n64, would have been the last i wouldve wanted

nintendo and genesis were good
sony shat the bed hard

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It was targeted initially for the casual market.

This one is great as a rom tv box.

>those niggas who wouldn't shut the fuck up about their Raspberry Pis

>The fact that this would have been easy money for Nintendo if they kept up with supply
The only people who would buy it are people who used to use Nintendo 64 rumble packs for masturbation and early prepubescent simple-minded people who still play Nintendo in the current age they knew their Market wasn't bottomless so they only made a limited amount because they knew it would fly off the market not just from their stupid retarded fanbase but from the stupid retarded gaming scalpers who will buy literally anything and resell it for double price if it's gaming-related because they know some fucking retarded Mongoloid is going to pay for it was only when Sony shit the bed and made Playstation classic which sucked donkey dick and didn't fly off the shelves did the whole trim stopped dead in its tracks because nobody wanted to buy PlayStation classics since they made to fucking many expecting every PlayStation owner to buy one

Im not reading all thats shit just sl you can make a jerk off joke.

>literally a raspberry pie with a console carcass
I can just pay 80 dollars for a rasp and 6 for the custom carcass.


I do. I made bank scalping them.

kek like pottery

Nice larp

>that time when sega released sonic 1 on a twix bar

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>genesis was good
But thats wrong

i'd still like a mini saturn, as long as it has panzer dragoon saga on it.

I got mine around a few days after Christmas 2018 at target. Wasn’t initially going to buy one but it was like $49 and at that point they were going to $200 online so I felt like I got s good deal.

If you pay 80 bucks for a raspberry you got scammed hard, also not the fucking same.
>official collectors that comes with a controller
>small linux pc that most people won't even get to work properly, also you're probably going to use an xbox controller to emulate all platforms

>that time Famitsu claimed to have the scoop on new SEGA hardware
>it was the mini game gear

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Weren't all the games like the PAL versions or some stupid fuckery like that?


This and if they would have released an N64 mini instead of cheaping out with their dumb expansion pack and refusing to get Rare licenses.

user but you forgot one thing about the price
i live in russia

Fad? No
It was a Christmas stocking filler one year and that was it, and it came in about six months after Nintendo attempted (and failed miserably) to stop emulation in all forms
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If I remember correctly the biggest problem it had was the terrible games selection. Like the Resident Evil Directors Cut or the horrible localized Persona 1

how's it fare compared to the real thing? i still have my SNES and i know it works, but i only have the unit and nothing else. no cables, controllers, nada.

I bought both the NES and the SNES. Still use em too.

It was kind of a fad in the sense that Sega and Sony had gotten in on it and released Genesis and PS1 minis, the latter of which was disgustingly bad and probably killed the idea singlehandedly.

If you want to think that then OK. I also scalp consoles and GPUs. I've seen people in my cook group take colone from Walmart when it had a price error to $4 and sell it for $15 on eBay. Or those air fryers that people got like 30 of.

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This would've been a great way to keep their roms readily available, but of course they had to embrace FOMO mentality and have them be a limited run. The same thing happened with the Metroid Prime Trilogy, and I'm still pissed at that.

I still want to get this.
So I can put more better games on it.

PS5s aren't targeted to the casual market. The mini consoles were targted towards people who haven't played video games in 10 years. Nintendo gave scaplers the power to charge $500 or whatever and that killed any interest from people that were supposed to be the target market.

These morons who go on about Raspberry Pis dont understand that the mini wasnt designed for them but rather the super casual player who cant be bothered to put one together.

you can hack these to run a better emulator and add any psx games. I think it could even run some dreamcast games.

i need a mini n64

the emulator could hardly run at full speed to they used 50Hz versions of games to try to hide it

Yes because its true. I stopped reading the rest of your post.

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Let me guess, couldn't get one?

I don't notice any difference between this and the original hardware. As for the game selection, the only one I really wish was a different game would be the Kirby golf game. If it were DKC 2 instead I think it'd be an almost perfect little set.


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I dont support your mental illness. Sorry

Is it because you're poor?

yes I do remember the time normalfags would rather buy bad hardware running an emulator they can download on their PC or phone for free, it was pretty pathetic

>Resident Evil Directors Cut

This is the best version of PSX RE1. The one with the shitty music is the DualShock Director's Cut, completely different.

Had a boomer friend at my old job that I would talk to about old vidya. He bought the SNES mini and we would talk about the games he was playing on it at the time. I miss it

I'm considering getting an Amiga Mini, grew up with an amiga 500 and have been wanting one for forever

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Once you hack this lil mf is by far better than the snes mini and genesis

Honestly really fucking loved these lil niggas, still got my NES and SNES ones in their boxes. Damn shame they never released a gameboy mini or the N64 mini.

just get retroarch, its on PC, every single hacked console, series x, your fucking phone. you can even download all the roms you want and make the best "mini" ever

I bet they made it that size so they could use those generic 1.3" LCDs you can buy for $3.

It's been 30 years and I still can't get over how ugly the American SNES is...

This was peak design.

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You don’t even need to download an emulator and ROMs to play SNES games, there are websites that let you play them via the web browser like a flash game.

To kill the idea the product must be so bad people won't ever forget about it, like ET for the 2600 bad.
The PS1 mini was mostly just forgotten.

I’m from Aus and remember playing that design with r/g/b/y colour buttons, did the American SNES really not have those colours?

It just had these two shades of purple. It's really weird.

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Mogged by pic rel

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It did, I remember having the colored controller. It was likely well after the fact, but I remember having it. Possible a 3rd party controller, I concede, as its been like 25 years since I even looked at an SNES.

I'm sure whoever bought a PS classic will forever remember the sheer horror they felt upon booting up the PAL version of Cool Boarders running at 15 FPS

..was? they're still being released

I bought two at the time. Kept one for myself and the other one is still in the box. I really like these little things. They’re fun plug and play consoles and Nintendo did a good job with them.
I wanted to sell my second one but people keep lowballing me, they want to buy it under retail price.
Such is life in a country of cheapskates.