Starfield hud


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Isn't this from the 2-3 year old leak?

Is this a old Leak or a new, pls clarify?

Pretty minimalist, but it fits for the setting I suppose.

old, 2020 i think

Unironically my most hyped game

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Looks like an artist's mockup, rather than a functioning hud.

Literally Fallout: Space Edition


Stamina management has no place in a game about space

Not interested at all, look forward to buying it for $4 off g2a and downloading a few coom mods, since that's literally all their games are good for

my pronouns are going to be xe/xhey

literally nothing: no gameplay edition

where is it todd

I don't like it since I'll be playing a hot female it will just be in the way when I take screenshots.

Doesn't looks bad, the question is what does it look like with multiple accepted quests?

Also what do you think these two represent?

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Lunar cycle + alien STDs caught


You're joking if you think that represents a lunar cycle.
Alien STDs I can get behind. It's the more mature pokemon.

I think g's are the vertical line to the right.

So when the fuck are we getting gameplay? Quakecon in August seems the most likely? When's the video game awards?

June 10 summer game fest, gonna be similar to fallout 4 reveal, wonder if it's live or not. would be better with hyped audience.

not joking just retarded I guess
thought it looked like one of the phases of the moon

Yeah I can see that.
It looks more like some kind of orbit indicator to me.

Don't be. It has all of the warning signs of a stinker:
Made by Bethesda, meaning it will have a shallow world, game breaking bugs, microtransactions/paid mods and awful writing.
Now ultimately owned by Microsoft, meaning that it will be filled with LGBT ideology.
It comes out this year but has not shown any substantive gameplay.
Radio silence from the devs.
Todd Howards pet project, meaning everything has been build around 'accessibility'.

It is going to be another Cyberpunk. You read it hear first. I guarantee you that this time next year (assuming it does release this year), we are going to be seeing autopsy videos on the troubled development and failure of this game.

No fucking way, it looks like modded fallout 4.

>Made by Bethesda
that's all i want and need.

I sometimes wish that I was so easily pleased.

maybe because it's using the same engine? how's that a hard thing to figure out.

besides, those are old images.

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>bump table
>planets fly out of orbit

Don't care so long as I get my space sex simulator.

same, right after TES6

You're absolutely right but people aren't ready for this conversation.

high standards made me jaded and hopeless, playing shitty games really gave me a perspective.

its gonna be a bugridden piece of shit
death to todd

>Radio silence from the devs

Porn mods.

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>You read it hear first
You're on Yea Forums user. Do you really truly honestly believe you're the first person to shit on an upcoming release by a popular developer?

But I shat on it this time!

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exactly, everyone is saying the same thing
what's wrong with Bethesda and the lack of diversity?

it just needs to be skyrim made in 2020 and in space and it will sell gangbusters.

>he thinks all pronouns won't be gender neutral in the future
poor chud, soon to be extinct

>health and stamina in the bottom right

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Its called being based.

fallout 4 was revealed at e3 and released in november. they clearly liked that approach.

and it sold like hotcakes.
they know what they are doing.

>Porn mods.
based and the only thing that can save bethesda games pilled

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Trannies don't have a future.

Trannies are the future and the future is now

bethesda have never made a bad game

You do realize languages outside of English exist, right?

English is the lingua franca

>no minimap


I'm not an autist but it pisses me off when someone install a minimap mod for skyrim

>maybe because it's using the same engine?
it's so fucking over lmfao, into the trash it goes

Don't care. Bethesda games have history of running poorly on Playstation tech. Now that they're on Xbox/PC almost exclusively? Devs don't have to waste time optimizing for the worst console ports.

and what other engine do you think they should use to make a better game?

The Series S is almost certainly going to hold the game back.

It was so successful they said they were going to follow a similar format in the future for all their games. ie Reveal game > on sale within six months

Looks nice
Gonna enjoy playing this game, just like I've enjoyed almost every previous bethesda title. Can't wait to see people on here mald about it.


are you seriously defending this?
literally anything else other than this buggy piece of shit frankensteinian engine they've been using for over a decade

Looks interchangeable with any AAA game from the last 5 years

Something that allows climbing ladders and vehicles for starters

the hud was from the first leak but this image is from the second leak, and although we know the first leak was real because of the logo it's entirely possible the second leak was fabricated based on the first

yes because you know shit about game development.

depends if temperature is a thing, the half circle might be sun exposure of whatever body you're on. or jsut day/night cycle. that seems more likely
the corsshairs could be a POI tracker, kind of like the spectrograph/audio cue scanner that elite dangerous had in it's rovers. the dots group tighter with distance and direction?
a more intricate version of the skyrim compass bar, basically.

man i'm wishing upon a star here.

Every game going forward is going to be like this, it's stupid to target starfield over it

why do you need ladders?
go play half life or mgs3 or something lol

This, I hope it outsells every weeb games in existence for the next 20 years


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ok shill

both can be done with the engine
what probably stopped them is the number of resources they needed to rework the A.I to support the mechanics.

Man, there's something about space and sci-fi that really wares me out and I get sick of it quickly, yet I'd jump into a medieval or celtic fantasy on a dime and always have a fun time, I don't know why

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no argument

>literally admits to interpeting meaning beyond reason
I'm afraid you have a low-energy brain.

>every AAA shart game
fix'd. indiechads stay winning.