Elden ring lore thread

Elden ring lore thread

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how do they know she doesn't just fucking mean a gameshow host? lore fags always look too far into things when it's just surface level stuff.

>how do they know she doesn't just fucking mean a gameshow host?
Because that has a different word in Nipponese. Do you actually fucking think every word uses the exact same analogue in another language?


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>says vessel in english
>omg it's such a mistranslation
some of you guys are total schizos

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Vessel has holy connotations.

Parasite has negative connotations

>pic rel set is the only armor set that's not used by npc allies, enemies or bosses
Should've been the poster armor insted of Raging Wolf

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>Vessel has holy connotations
The most common thing people think of when someone says vessel is a boat. Marika is a boat confirmed.

She's hosting a gameshow on a cruise ship confirmed

based retard

i accept your concession

Malenia's juicy ass....thinkgen about it and all the lore behind it...

Cheers to the user last thread that said there was a burning Erdtree in the VM. There in fact is a painting of a burning Erdtree in VM.

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>Lands Between is surrounded by water
>Numen lands are outside of the Lands Between
It's starting to add up.
>Roderika "crossed the sea"
>Roderika reminds Hewg of a girl he used to know

marika means "fag" in spanish lol.



glad you’re not angy :)

that's maricon

Last thread some user posted japanese-only cut content that was Bernahl's maiden narrating as she traveled with him and burned herself, implying that Bernahl got as far as burning the Erdtree. Though that's all cut content, the burnt Erdtree painting in VM might have just remained as an oversight, or maybe it's just a painting of VM's goal, to burn the Erdtree down.

The Erdtree has burned before. There's ashy destroyed parts in the Capital before Tarnished shows up.

Makes sense. I was wondering how removing DD from the ER wouldn't just trigger a shattering. Turns out, it's completely separate.

And DD being shattered into fragments also mirrors the fragmentation of the ER. This fits the whole duality theme going on, where everything is mirrored in some manner.

I've beaten every souls game multiple times, gotten all the endings possible and couldnt tell you a single piece of lore whatsoever

>Roundtable fingers are Marika's fingers
>Finger reader is Enia
>Orinoco Flow
>Sail away, sail away, sail away

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The Erdtree burning is the prophecy that the prophets were kicked out and shunned for
>The flame of ruin is anathema to the Erdtree. But prophets sometimes glimpse it within the faith all the same. Sadly when this occurs their sole reward is banishment.
>Robe of exiled prophets who foretold misfortune — and were persecuted and driven from their homes as a result.
>The prophet despaired, looking up at the Erdtree, for soon the kindling would burst into flame, bringing ruin. "The burning of the Erdtree is the first cardinal sin. That is not the domain of mere men."

Whose Gwyn?
>"Some dead man."

That’s how it’s supposed to be, and it’s a good thing

The lore in actuality kind of sucks. But the themes are cool. So presentation of the themes is whats important, not necessarily the content.

>Do you actually fucking think every word uses the exact same analogue in another language?
No, but it's definitely the same in this case. Game shows are extremely popular in Japan.

Ok so ANYWAY getting back on track. We had a good timeline going, let's recap:
1. GW sends star to Lands Between which becomes the Beast/Elden Ring
2. First lord is Dragon God with Placidusax as Elden Lord
3. At some point Dragon Lord shatters the ring, causing his disappearance. Placidusax retreats into his storm to await his God's return. First Cardinal Sin - Burning of the Tree - probably happens here.
4. The Ring is shattered into shards, which are claimed by various people; Marika and Gloam Eyed Queen are known Empyreans at the time, and GEQ wields Rune of Death. Unknown what, if any, Rune Marika had.
5. Marika and Maliketh defeat GEQ, repair the Elden Ring but seal away the Rune of Death, founding the Golden Order.

YEAH fucking, just no. What are you even on?

so, who's the gloam eye queen and why did she have the rune of death

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I never got to host a gameshow in DS1 via gravelording.

i ignore all GEQ posts
they're basically all headcanon

why are there so many powerful women in this game

I don't have friends who play these games. None of my friends will play these games. The one friend I do have that plays them, is too fucking crazy about money to spend money on internet.

It'd probably be easier to ask who isn't the Gloam-Eyed Queen, it'd be a shorter list. And the only answer is Boc since we know GEQ is his mom.

because powerful women are hot

Gentlemen, a toast!
May chaos take the world!

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>Placidusax and the Ancient Dragons worship the Greater Will
>Greater Will leaves
>The Greater Will comes back
>Placidusax doesn't notice
>Ancient dragons wage war on its new followers rather than joining them
Sure yeah why not

the iron set is peak soul, using it on all my characters


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Sorry but i image GEQ as a hot woman not a demihuman monstrosity

While waiting for non-retarded responses, let's do some more speculating on the Numen
The monuments found around the eternal city show the story of probably the Numen - they came on boats, nurtured trees, had kids, and...founded an order? Hard to say what the last one is. Important is these monuments are all below ground.
There's also the Uhl palace ruins above ground in Liurnia that perfectly match the architecture below ground in Nokstella.
It would seem that the Numen might have created a civilization in the Lands Between before the war between Marika and the GEQ established the new Order, and presumably the followers of the GEQ and/or numen who just really wanted to get rid of the GW influence were banished underground.

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>That Weeping Peninsula nomadic merchant who sell Iron set, Bastard Sword, Round Shield and Light Crossbow
It supposed the ER poster boy equipment, along with the Knight set and weapons sold by Twin Maiden Husks. Also found out that Chain Mail set also worn by Lanya, so its not an unique set.

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Last panel is a meta joke where the Nox are carving the exact stone tablet you’re looking at

Too clarify and give context, the maiden should be left in Smolderimg Church by Bernahl (section 3) and suffering from eternal burning to prevent scarlot rot that she thought the flame can make her the kindling maiden for Bernahl (section 4).
But at some point she know it isn't enough (section 20) so she seek other way to burn herself.
At the end of her quest, she ask tarnished (she mistake you as bernahl) if shes helpful. If yes then she say something like "The one who walks alongside flame,
Shall one day meet the road of Destined Death.". If no then she says shes sorry but still want to be with you (bernahl).
Its all cut btw.

>nightrider set
>not fingerprint set
you're supposed to finish what Vyke started

Rate my head cannons
Placidusax was Gloam-eyed queens Elden lord
Lansseax was Vykes maiden

>Placidusax was Gloam-eyed queens Elden lord
gay and homosexual
>Lansseax was Vykes maiden
plausible and likely

Fair lady 2.0 basically

why are you in this thread, go do something else you annoying 12 year olds

>host is now a parasite
>Parasites host a party
>parasites host bed & breakfast motels
This board is full of parasites who should get a job and then kill themselves

>First lord is Dragon God with Placidusax as Elden Lord

I'm unclear as to the distinction you're drawing between First Lord and Elden Lord here. Are you just trying to say dragon god is to Placidusax as Marika is to Godfrey?

90% of that is headcanon with no items or dialogue to reinforce it.

There was als no Erd Tree when Placidusax was Lord.

The Gloam-Eyed Queen is always called an Empyrean but never called a god. That means she probably never got chosen as the Ring's host and so never had an Elden Lord.

Yea that's exactly what I'm saying. All the hierarchies we know of are 3 tier: Outer God > Lesser God > Lord. We know Placidusax was Elden Lord, and we're told he's waiting for the return of his God, i.e. his Marika-equivalent.

Okay, the phrasing "first lord" threw me off

where god go?

Primordial Erdtree was the Crucible, aspects of the Crucible all give you dragon parts and abilities. Placidusax is called an Elden Lord and his God is "fled" and he's waiting for him in the storm.
That there was a previous elden lord before Marika means power had to have transferred somehow. The dragon god suddenly disappearing and there being references to the Erdtree burning before has clear parallels to Marika suddenly disappearing after shattering the Ring.

>All the hierarchies we know of are 3 tier: Outer God > Lesser God > Lord.
It seems like that's not always the case for every Outer God. For example, the Frenzied Flame can posses the player character directly, without using the Ring or a god or demigod as an intermediary.

Yea that's a fair point, Frenzied Flame assumes direct control.

The Frenzied Flame does need the ring in order to legally burn the world down, though.

Greater Will
Formless mother
Flame god
Dragon god
Frenzy flame god (?)
Star/moon god (?)
am i missing something?

That doesnt matter because the Erd Tree did not exist as such hence why everyone waged war against it when the tree was erected/formed out of the crucible.

Its the founding myth of Marikas dynasty that you find in a lot of items.

The Blood Star, God of Rot, Deathbird God