Why are gacha games so popular among NEETs?

Why are gacha games so popular among NEETs?

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I for one am a fan of japanese shadman

neets value anything that doesn't value their time.

What changed?

They're designed to appeal to the NEET sensibilities such as myself.

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i see anime feet, i click thread

This is not an anime feet thread though

It is now

She resembles a glass flower vase

They're free PNG collectors, you fucking retard.

They love wasting their NEET bux on cute anime girls

Why does jalter turn me on so fucking much? Only mordred comes close to making me this fucking hard

Cursed thread...

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This is your average gacha poster on Yea Forums. Any questions?

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The fanart is popular for some reason.

is this the thread where we post sexy gacha girls while we flirt with other anons (male)?

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the only gacha that matters is Dokkan

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substitute for the desire to have a girl "belong" to them.

please user, I don't want to coom anymore

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Ready for anni monkeys?

Why yes is this the thread, how could you tell?

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yes actually, made for all kinds... ALL KINDS of cock

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Jesus, that's some good feet

oh really? good to know, saw the neet thread yesterday but i fell asleep, it seemed like they were having a lot of fun flirting with each other... nice boobs by the way, how are you doing sexy?

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They are stupid and easily lured in with tease.

God, all the ladies in this thread look so very EXQUISITE......

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Go away

>the average gacha poster is a tub of lard
i'm shocked

Why I'm doing just grand thank you. Been really enjoying these threads over the last few days honestly. And thank you for the compliment, My king's breasts really are divine! Love your ninja by the way, what does she do?

Only lard in all the right places.

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neets dont have any luck with real women so they retort to this desperate garbage

its all a part of the sexless adult male phenomena

b-bejita dono what are you doing in a moeshit thread? did gokuchads exiled you again?

glad to know you're doing well, i'm new in here so i hope to have a good time and have fun with other neetbros, oh asagi? not much, just working for the government and getting fucked by literally everyone on her free time, she's fun

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That's quite alright, new or not I hope you get to have a nice time here. I guess things are a little slow right now but that's alright, not gonna lie being a badass, sexy ninja sounds like a pretty sweet gig and all that free fucking only sweetens the deal. Gotta put those good into good use, am I right?

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I see feet or ass....I nut.

Dokkan has never mattered

that's alright, i know how it is in here, especially at this hours, and yeah being a sexy ninja sounds so cool, well taimanin is mostly a porn franchise but there is a "sfw" gacha game in which none of the girls get fucked, its like a little action adventure game killing monsters and shit, ala ninja gaiden but way more simple, even without the fucking, controlling a bad ass sexy ninja is really fun

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Who assed?

That sounds pretty nice, it's not often that you see a gacha out there that's more geared towards action really. I know it's on steam but is there a difference between the mobile version and the steam one? Like exclusive content and stuff. I really should give it a try sometime, I just find it a bit funny that a franchise known for pretty it's porn is trying it's hand at being a regular game, not that I have an issue with that.

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>confirmed to have account seeds
no lol

Account seeds?

When you begin an account on dokkan the game determines if you'll ever roll certain characters or not. You could have a seed that prevents you from ever getting a specific character no matter how much you dump into the game. Dokkan is the only one busted for it.

They are "free"

I'm bouta.....

Wow that sounds kinda fucking illegal

dead thread

yeah i guess they got some inspiration from fate/ tsukihime *wink wink* i've only tried the steam version but as far as i can tell they're pretty much the same, you can use a pad on the steam version if that's your thing, also a cool thing about this game is that you can "buy" girls and most of the skins with the in game currency, the gacha is only for supports and weapons, and super rare skins i think

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Most of the lewd posters were nuked in a previous thread.

I'm going to jack off to these feet.

That was unnecessary information

'Bouta what?

How bad is the grind in terms of getting characters with free currency? It's an interesting system by the sounds of it but I'm guessing the skins you can get with the free currency are nowhere near as good as the ones in the paid gacha, right? I was skimming through some reviews on steam and some of them say it's p2w although I'm not sure what they meant by that.

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Your existence is unnecessary.


We only exist because I do. The moment I stop existing the universe ends.

You cannot change my mind on this.


Neat reminder

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they actually are pretty good looking i think like 90% of skins you can get with free currency, of course, it's grindy but what costs the most are the girls, skins are not that much expensive, if you focus on one girl (they let you choose your first for free) you could boy a lot of skins of her in no time, if you wanna do several girls though, you gonna have to have a lot of patience or use actual money to accelerate the process, but you can try with one girl and see if you like it

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i wish it was easier to gift NEETs rolls on gacha games

is it true that all gacha players are cucks?

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Already have both anniversary LRs. No dupes though.

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So was Rin aware when Ishtar possessed her body? Is there any of her still left in there or did the goddess's stronger soul snuff out the other?

Whenever I see threads with images from the 'notorious' artists like asanagi, kagami, fishine etc. I always wonder 1) if they do commissions from gaijin and 2) if they'd do weird/fetish commissions. I feel like one of them doing my fetish justice would be worth however much it would cost.

I'd like to hope so. I always try to post good images for anons, my only regret is that my collections aren't large enough to account for everybody.

Sounds good, I'll give it a go sometime. Although I doubt story is what's really important for that game so the gameplay's gotta really stick for me. The reason why I've enjoyed FGO so much because I actually really like the stories and characters, it lets me put up with the less than stellar gameplay sometimes although I know they're working on that in JP at the moment.

Cucks are gay and cringe. A real man embraces the gachaslut life to please his fellow bros.

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>Cucks are gay and cringe. A real man embraces the gachaslut life to please his fellow bros.
are you sure you don't want to cuck your master for someone with a better cock?

>why are people with no money playing it
total mystery

Sounds made up

we are reaching levels of cucking that shouldn't be possible

It is and Akatsuki/Bandai would have been in gigantic legal trouble in Japan if it was true.

Attractive women. Something that's systematically eliminated from other types of entertainment and game genres.

Then have both

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There is something off with her feet

Stirrup socks are an emerging fashion trend, mainstream shit for normie women, and it's 100% the doing of weeb footfag coomers. Remarkable.

this user knows what's up... no need to be a cuck when i could be my waifu instead, everybody wins

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No. I'm quite sure on that. Not my style because I find no appeal in that stuff.

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i rather spend my money and time on smoking meth than filthy gachas


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I guess