This is by far the best country at making Vidya based on population size. its insane

This is by far the best country at making Vidya based on population size. its insane

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Benis :-D

How do they do it?

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The sign outside may say F, but I F'ing tasty.

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mee töihi

>se naama kun ei loli tyttöystävää

Remedy might be the most overrated studio in existence


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stfu finnoid

mythopoeic blood, long dark nights and

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no that's Japan

Kanna on pullea loli

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>pol leakage
go back or kill yourself you fucking subhuman trash

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What's /pol/ about those threads?

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dunno, i don't like that rovio stole the idea for their game from some flash game and won big time

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I am inclined to agree, but Sweden isn't far behind.
Where are all the Norwegian and Danish games though?

Also has Iceland ever made a game? There are so few Icelanders so if they've got even a single good game that'd be quite noteworthy.

>mobile game dev steals
colour me surprised

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/int/ you dumb nigger

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ok Pekka

You aren't up to date if you think that /pol/ likes them

if it was chinese that would not been surprise, but finnish?

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Finnish game dev here. There are a lot of absolutely garbage games that never get released or just bomb and fall into obscurity.

>implying population size has anything to do with productivity and prosperity.

because they don't include neekeri in their games

Mogged by Denmark

Any good videos out there about obscure Finnish game scene, like reviews or commentary or something? I am not a brave man, so I don't want to venture into the Finn rabbit hole by myself

There's this guy, but he only made 2 reviews and is going to move on to Lobotomy Corporation (Korean game) next

Is that the INFRA guy? He sounds way different now for some reason

this guy -> me
he -> I
is -> am

Name something more kino than late 90's and early 20's Finnish freeware scene.
Protip: you can't

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Nah, I'm a lazy fuck and wouldn't have enough motivation to do a video. The guy was shilling himself pretty openly in Fear & Hunger threads



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isoperseinen loli


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Sometimes I get to see niche forms of racism that I never would've known about without Yea Forums. Seriously what the fuck is this

finns being mongols is a common meme on imageboards
t. finn

You mean bantz you silly mutt. Yea Forums isn't actually racist.

The "meme" is much older than Yea Forums. Finnish migrants in the US didn't count as white because of their mongoloid features.

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yeah I know, but nobody thinks about it like that anymore

perfect score every time!

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>finns aren't white
>but spics and half nigs are
Americans are retarded.

name 3 games
hard mode: no mobile trash

akshually pol really does hate jews and blacks.

This. Can't really get along with people from /pol/ when they think you are subhuman commie.

I dislike polish threads about poland but very much like Finnish threads about Finland.

max payne

1. 2. pic rel
3. My Summer Car

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There's an early 20s Finnish freeware scene?

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I assume he means 2000s

Are you sure about that? American neo-nazis are all shitskinned LARPers.

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Oh, that's wild. Thanks

Baba is (You)

>Drinking with friends
>Want to play Triplane Turmoil split screen
>Can't get it to work

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Not a burgernigger, but if you assume that Finns are actually Mongols/steppe niggers then spics and mulattos would indeed be whiter than them due to white admixture (I don't think pure blooded injuns count as spics)

OP here. Sorry, posted the wrong image.

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>A finn with 2% mongol admiture and 98% Northern Yuro admixture is blacker than some half nog/spic half anglo mutt.
You're fucking retarded.

This shit's crazy, most people's idea of whiteness is about how close to the color white your skin is, that's racism 101, but sufficiently advanced racism loops around and now it's about how short your ancestral link is to Africa. Let's fucking go.

Americans aren't people.

Swedish games are only good at fleecing money with their jewish DLC schemes


There are no good scandinavian games