Drops on PC

>drops on PC
>forgotten about almost immediately

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no one asked for this game

nobody cares

>shittiest port in the last 7 years

Because it's on the storefront that only like 20 people use

Same as Horizon and nuGod of War.
Turns out that Sony exclusives are just not very good.

> 2 years later
> no news about part 2
It's over

Turns out it's a really shitty game. Repetitive button mashing combat of particle effects out of the ass. The level design is ripped straight out of FF13 and so is the corny ass fanboy pandering writing. The narrative goes nowhere and game ends when the original's intro tutorial ended.

Played FF7 after Remake and man I can only imagine the disappointment of long-time fans.

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and it'll keep happening as long as square enix keeps releasing garbage ports that force you onto timmy tencent's shitty trojan horse

I liked it but I'm not a jaded whiney baby

Peecee nerds got enough indies and 9 year old games to replay thank you very much.

nobody uses EGS.

>incomplete "game"
>fake Remake
>nonsensical fanfiction plot

>go to egs
>not even featured on their store front

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Wait, did you think PCfags actually played games?

Yes despite you recycling this unfunny meme.

It turned out about how I expected it to considering how modern Square is compared to the old days. I will give them some credit, the game looks decent for the most part, the music was pretty good, and I really liked the idea of getting all the outlandish enemies into the remake by turning them into bosses/minibosses since they'd be weird otherwise. But the super linear level design and all the padding shit in it just makes me never want to touch it again. Plus I have no idea what they were thinking letting Nomura fuck up the story with his autism. They said they changed shit around because everyone knows the story beats and twists and shit, but all we wanted was a faithful adaptation. I don't really have high hopes for future parts if they even ever come out considering they're taking forever to even announce part 2.

>getting 40-50 fps
>have fucked up sound just because the engine doesn't like my old ass cpu
i hate ue4

PCtrannies don't play games

Wake me up when its not on EGS and not a shitty port.

They do nothing but

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I mean Square can make the Timmy Tencent money and if they move to steam they get a second wave of revenue.

I agree. "PCfags actually plays games" is a an unfunny, tired meme.

>PC's first $70 game
>god awful release because the rajeesh patel team they hired cant use DX12
no shit?

they shouldn't have fucked up the story so much

people probably dont know it got a pc port yet.
just wait until it gets a steam release.
>game gets EGS exclusivity
>streamers stream it on release day
>chat asks how they got early access
>this repeats for a week
every time

>forgotten about almost immediately

did YOU forget it instantly op?

>Idling on menues for clout
Next you're going to tell me that watching someone else play it is the same as playing it yourself.

if you took away fortnite from consoles half the playerbase on console wouldnt be playing kek

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>humongous file size so not even worth a quick pirate
No shit.

I've finished 58 games exclusively on PC in 2021, despite having a full time job. Yes, I keep a list.
How about you, snoy? Did you play even 10?

>watching movies is playing games
consolepoors, everybody

>I'm not a jaded whiney baby

youre in the wrong place. Yea Forums is fulled with brooding losers that hate everything


It just means the real round of dick sucking will happen once it launches on Steam.

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kill yourself

Why do you have a list

>look how meta and self depreciating I am
Kys in minecraft

b-but user, don't you know only aaa exclusive count? nothing else exists.

pc and egs exclusive aren't the same thing faggots

I'm honestly surprised we haven't seen Kingdom Hearts HD on Steam yet. It's been over a year already. I expected the contract to run out by now.


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I played the shit out of it. Played it through 3 times. Exhaustedd all content. Haven't done that with another game for many years. Loved it. Want more.

It made me play FF7 again too. I'm just completing a 90h run. Spent about 3 hours setting up my party, equipment and materia for the last night for the final run down into the northen crater.

I've just been fully immersed in FF7 for the last few months.

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Thats not a guarantee anymore.

And there would still be infinitely more than the number of PCfags who plays lol

>I KeEp A lIsT
lol why to out yourself as NOT playing shit bro

>watching movies is playing games
See, I told you you'd just make that argument lol

How about you make me, little baby boy

>Kys in minecraft

proving my point. what an absolute loser social outcast incel

>keeping track of all the games you play
You’re either an autist or have OCD

I'm not defending Sony at all here, I'm just explaining the method to their madness
>Sony sells their exclusive game to EGS
>Sony receives MASSIVE CASH
>even if EGS fails to sell the game, Sony has already been paid
>even if EGS sees financial losses, they still have Fork Knife to fall back on for endless money

It's all fucked. Corporations never lose.

Year long waits are no longer guaranteed anymore. Timmy will pay whatever to keep them exclusive if it means taking even a small fraction away from Steam.

>rest of the list is sports games
nah. theres a reason why everyone hopped to PC, because its where adults with money are. catering to mouthbreathing sports tards and children isnt good money for everyone else
sony supplies almost half of Fortnites revenue (no surprise as they are majority children) so snoys definitely arent playing as many games as PC chads kek

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Your existence makes me feel better about my own desu

Please stop talking in memes.

are you going to shoot up a school soon?

Yeah Part 2 is doubtful to even happen at this rate. Fans didn't really like the Rebuild take on the story. For me, it's Nomura desperately trying to ruin the little legacy of Sakaguchi in FF7 by turning it into a full KH-like clusterfuck.

You've obviously been thinking about it. You tell me.

Yeah man. The OG was way better.

i think you might. kindly share your address so we can warn people

OG was ugly as fuck, great game if you dont mind your eyes bleeding

EGS does not make profit, according to its investors it also won't make any profit in the foreseeable future. At this point I am convinced that Epic lives off of stolen data alone.

The character models are ugly but almost all portions of the game can now be fixed with PC mods.

Don't forget the story DLC and epilogue that's only on the PS5. Squeenix shafted first adopters.

>once it launches on Steam.
I don't see it happening, much less it selling any kind of respectable numbers. It's a singleplayer game that's been out for years, everybody has already absorbed the story one way or another and knows much of the game is just corridors. Everybody also knows the port sucks balls.

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keeping a list is a great way to go through games as it keeps you motivated, underaged retard. it isnt just games but anything in life.

Plus, people are starting to see that it's a game left to rot with no part 2 in sight.

Steam app ID leaked with Epic release
>Last Record Update 20 April 2022 – 02:11:54 UTC (5 days ago)

Well luckly for us you've proven to have shit judgment.

for real, it's so shit I had to make rules for myself before playing new games, one being that if a game locks its hard mode behind completion, Im going to skip it outright. suffering through 40 hours of forced walking segments and combat that lasts 10 seconds at most just so I can play on hard and not baby ez mode lmao fuck them

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>EGS exclusive
I also heard the port was really bad, too. No thanks. Not even taking my free copy tim bought for me, got too much stuff to play.

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