I just beat the base game in solo, what an incredible experience ! Is Iceborn as good ?

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Iceboner solo is a grueling experience, full of pain and sacrifice but if you endured Lunastra's fun house of map wide novas then you have a chance.

Yeah user iceborne is great and has an incredible final boss. Would recommend you play with others once in awhile too though, it adds a lot.


Lunastra is the variant of Teostra ?
Teostra was probably the hardest for me, but still fun.
My friends do not play MH, what a shame.. I will maybe try the matchmaking if this is realy too hard. But i don't to play with people who cheese every monsters.

Oh dear, you still haven't fought Luna? Yeah, she is the variant of Teo she is about twice harder than Teostra if not more.

Iceborne is incredible. I strongly recommend it. However Clutch Claw takes some time getting used to. Remember to use mantle to tenderize and to always stagger before you wallbang a monster.

I don't recommend matchmaking though. Most of us are already running endgame armors that trivialize any non-endgame monster.

The game has just begun. Consider the base game as a tutorial

Just join a discord server for MH user you'll find people regularly there

Yeah so this is my next mission, any advices to beat her and not get rekt ?

>I don't recommend matchmaking though. Most of us are already running endgame armors that trivialize any non-endgame monster.
Yes i'm a little bit late...

I may considere it if I realy struggle on Iceborn!

Its not about the struggle though. Ice borne Monster are meant to be fought with a party and not solo'd unless you have endgame gear

>any advices to beat her and not get rekt
Learn to superman dive, is absolutely necessary to not get melted by her nova and NEVER stand in front of blue fire aside from that use the same tactics as with Teo.

Lunastra will give you a taste of how MHWIB fights feel like because she is as strong as some IB monsters if not harder.

Iceborne solo is fun, if you didn't solo fatalis you didn't beat the game.

Iceborne is where the real game begins.

yeah its great, you get 2 new very good areas, new very strong moves for each weapon, bunch of more new monsters, bunch of variants of old ones.
It lasted for me about twice as much as base game did.

I see. I will probably give it a try alone, since i enjoyed my solo experience with the base game. But I believe you, most people seem to say the same as you.

Thank you, i take note.

Sound great !

Hey why didn't you thank my post?

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Soloing Fatalis is almost easier than doing it in coop

>retards that go for chest completely ignoring the head
>always go into third phase with super powerful fire breath attack
every fuckin time

Damn you must have had extremely low expectations to find base world to be an incredible experience, base world was absolute dogshit and the only thing that saved it was iceborne

base World was incredible. Iceborne is even better. Get fucked.

>absolute dogshit

your opinion is literally dogshit.

Oh yeah, even though I enjoyed base World it's Iceborne I remember the most. Played it solo all the way and loved it, it's more difficult but way more satisfying too. It doubles World's playtime easily, good stuff.

>he starts charging up the fire of death
>3 of us rush into the wall safe spot
>some retard comes late
>he gets left outside becaues of a slipt second close
Every time

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The only people that found base world to be good was normie faggots that never played a monster hunter before

Clutch claw completely soured Iceborne for me. Apparently they "fixed" it but just making it's effect last longer doesn't change the fact that it isn't fun to use in the first place.

What was your post ? Every post so far are encouraging and caring, and i read them all!
But thank you to care about it, is that ok ?


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Then it served its purpose well.

So if i listen to you, I will probably find Iceborn even better, so that's a good thing. Sorry for you if you did not ejoyed the base game.

>The only people that

trying to talk for everyone while you are clearly the only one that thinks this.

so brave.

speak for yourself faggot, i played 4u and gu and i liked mhw, go fuck yourself you jaded nigger

Good to ear you did Iceborne in solo, that give me hope!

Can i run this game with a 1050ti?


How much fps?

60 at the minimum. It ran great on a 970.

Nah fuck off

It is absolutely possible even though it's more difficult than base World. If you have the opportunity I'd still recommend partaking in multiplayer for the "raids" like Kulve/Safi that are presented like multiplayer missions, you can technically solo them but I think it's more fun with others, they have their own easy matchmaking.

You gon' git BARIOTH'D

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It seems like you haven't even played the post game quests. I suggest you playing those first because you'll lose a lot. Do all the quests that remove the HR caps up until tempered Kirin quest then do all AT quests. They're definitely worth it before doing Iceborne.
Iceborne is definitely better than the base game. They fixed the clutch claw somewhat which what most people complain about. It seems some say that Iceborne is hard to play solo but I think otherwise.

>filters every soulsfag

So long as you absolutely understand that tenderizing is best done with temporal and that wall bangs are done when monsters aren't enraged and that bitch slapping them first is needed for greater control. It took me too many hours to get this.

Just break his wings bro he will slip like a retard all the time.

>So long as you absolutely understand that tenderizing is best done with temporal
I don't remember using baby mantle that much and I can still slap that monster constantly

Ok thanks for all those advices, it seems that i have a lot to do before geting ready for Iceborne, but it's a good thing since i enjoyed every steps of the game so far.

>Temporal mantle
>"Just cheat bro"
>To wallbang
>"Just cheat to cheat even easier bro"

>It seems some say that Iceborne is hard to play solo but I think otherwise.
Just learn to wall bang, you'll literally do 2/3rds of the monsters HP through wallbangs, it is overpowered.

Tenderizing exists to counter balance mantles. It's not cheating the slightest. Both mechanics are in the game to balance each other out.

>you'll literally do 2/3rds of the monsters HP through wallbangs, it is overpowered.
Have tendies who claim this even played the game?

>i enjoyed every steps of the game so far
That's quite unusual for a solo player. Even I will get bored of MH without my friends. But since you're enjoying the game, good for you. You're nowhere near the difficult part of the game though so if you want to play with someone, maybe you could post your room here. I've never seen a room in Yea Forums yet and it's been years since I opened MHW so it could be a good warm up for me.

That's an exaggeration. Also, wallbangs are only strong if you pair it up with mantles. Without that, it would be hard to pull a slap on a monster's head, let alone aiming for a wall or a cliff.

>2000HP from wallbang
>Another 2000 HP from it being stunned on the ground for an hour
It's probably more than 2/3rds.

Wallbangs scale to monster HP. You absolutely do not deal that much in early MR solo. Play the game next time fag boi.

Try harder

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>Two overpowered abilities "balance each other out"

All Worldsperm need to be put on med dripfeed.

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yeah it's great, base game was good and ib is even better!
what weapons have you enjoyed the most so far?

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Dumb bing bing nigger. Tenderizing is a prerequisite in just about every hunt. It's a barrier added.

You can shitpost on any other MHW games anons but just not here. It's unusual for someone like OP to unironically enjoy a game in Yea Forums nowadays.

Whatever you do, stay away from R*se. They butchered MH to pander to bing kiddies who want to spam the powerful spider-man wirebug skills on minimum cooldown.

>MHW games
MHW threads*. whoops


Honestly the only thing I really hate wall bangs for is the stupid Alatreon fight. It turns an otherwise ok and intense fight into something retarded and not fun

>having damage numbers on

The cancer is attacking itself now?

Why though? Even if I wanted to, it's hard to pull off a wallbang on him.

Did you do The Witcher and FFXIV quests OP?

Iceborne is even better than base World, you're in for a lot of fun

As long OP is having fun playing video game.

I think that's his point

You should instead just max out part breaker and go for the head with your weapon. The wall bang is way too strict with Alatreon. It's not worth the risk.

shut the fuck up you retarded cunt

For me? It's Lance.

What do you know of that word, useless casual? You're like a toddler playing with the wrapper to a great game.

I know because I'm not jaded enough to hate people playing video game.

Just don't bother with it? They intentionally designed it so that it's not practical to wall bang him most of the time

But you are jaded enough to hate people playing video games properly?


risesisters... we got too cocky

Tenderizing is an extremely fucking shit mechanic, one of the worst I ever seen in a videogame.

When I ever said that?
I said if OP having fun with whatever setting he play, damage on or off then its OK for me.
Dunno why you sound so mad about this, never once said bad thing about damage number, on or off.

I can't remember if it was gated by HR, but I recommend doing AT Nergigante at the very least before starting Iceborne, OP
It's a fun fight with a unique theme, and a really nice sendoff to base World. Doing it now while you still have high rank gear will ensure the proper difficulty