Tiny Tina's Wonderlands:

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands:
>vast open world full of badass loot and stuff to shoot
>widely diverse cast of multiple orientations and ethnicities
>huge class variation letting you customize the most badass builds on your own
>first person shooter with impact, super visuals, and satisfying gunplay

Elden Bore:
>linear "open" world with crafting materials you don't need
>no PoC in cast, every nonconformative orientation is portrayed as bad
>raise a few attributes, no other customization
>third person shooter with dull color scheme and sluggish control scheme

Y'all Fromshills desperate.

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wheres the porn Randy

kys Randy

There is literally no excuse for being a Fromsoft fan in 2022, but they should have just made Borderlands 4.

I don't see why she's popular

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Well, this post is funnier than any of the writing in a Borderlands game.

I dont know how you can make a loli this disgusting
See, even the porn is shit tier

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She reminds people of that annoying girl from that TV show, Bob's Burgers
It's all calculated and processed through an assembly line. People like her because she's "familiar"

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>no PoC in cast, every nonconformative orientation is portrayed as bad
And that's a good thing

>reddit spacing
>comparing to elden ring
>lying about open world
>unironically saying badass
Yeah I'm thinking it's paid advertisement, no one here talks good about borderlands

I'm not gay or a 12 year old child

wonderlands literally dropped some of the worst dlc in the franchise last week
>only new enemy is 1 boss
>have to wait 4 weeks just to fight the boss at full power
>handfull of legendaries w/ the same effects
shit is literally comparable to the average borderlands 1 dlc how bad it is

Personally, my friends, I like it. It's that good, y'all need to buy it and play

Bait your whole post is bait Randy
>widely diverse cast of multiple orientations and ethnicities
Also not that it matters that you need a diverse cast of multiple different orientations and ethnicities because it's a fucking video game it's not like it actually affects anything but you're wrong there again

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Nice cope, dumbass. Listen here, bigot, shut up. You know nothing.
Now let adults talk

>two fucking untextured grey railguns shoot out of her cunt in the second vid
>yeah that'll do it for the cumshot scene


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she looks kinda cute here

Genocide all gays and trannies

Did he suck the PP?

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Imagine if we lived in an alt timeline where Borderlands didn't have an ugly art style and you got to level up attributes AND perks like diablo 2.

holy based


Very nice.

If I wanted to look at freaks, I'd go to the zoo or circus. God hates Fags.

You're a bigot and should seek help.

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I hate Tiny Tina she's poorly written like everything else in Borderlands 2

Borderlands games were never good.

Wonderlands was the worst game in the franchise, so it makes sense.

It's not. I wanted to like it, but it was so, so, so fucking boring.

It's almost like the post is a CTRL-V carefully crafted to irritate (You) into replying.

Is Randy allergic to success? Battleborn released at the same time as Overwatch, this thing competes with ER. Why does he keep doing that?

Fuck you

>doesn't believe that randy pays shills

oh look, its reposted again. so this really is the latest discord tranny attack on elden ring? comparing to game thats not even close to similar? i just cant comprehend the point of devoting so much time and energy to hating elden ring. why is it so personal? what is it about elden ring that triggered you SO hard? and even after the countless objective failure, you still insist on reposting. i pity your family that has to deal with you in real life.

What's the difference with BL3? Why not make a BL4? Nevermind that, just fix BL3 because the performance is fucking abysmal

I thought she was pretty fucking insipid even by borderlands 2 standards, honestly.

No one is surprised your samefagging from the previous marketing thread you made. Sam Winkler dangles his balls on you, and you feel compelled to praise him? I feel sorry for you

Meds. NOW
You bigots are so confused, that's just sad

Eldenshills on suicide watch

Tiny Tina:
>non japanese
Disgusting, I wouldn't even pirate the shit

Has this game even cracked yet ??

Character creator lets you make cute catboys so im giving it a try

Randy, if you're here I advise you to say something like 'Based & redpilled' on your twitter, if you do that Yea Forums will popularise your game for you

She isnt

Damn I cant remember seeing same user coping this hard for a shit vidya before

It used to be a fun challenge trying to spot the redditor or the Twitter tranny but now it seems like you just expose yourselves. Why does Elden Ring have this effect?

You are retarded if you don't think this is a meme/shitpost

Oh, look who is trying to save his game and posting from the depths of his mansion.

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>can't stop xirself from mentioning reddit at every turn
redditor spotted, take the reddit cock out of your mouth for one second and breathe, there's still time to get those upboats

Randy...you need professional help my man.

Yeah like a professional marketing team instead of a room full of diversity hires

Can you use a different image next time, this one gives me eye cancer.


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It’s too obvious to actually be a shill at this point right? Even the file name is the same every time.
What the fuck inspires this kind of ironic shitposting dedication? Sure as shit isn’t the actual game, borderlands has been fucking atrocious since 2.

because it generates replies, people get high on bumped threads.

both are literally just boring shit I've seen thousands of times. Open world games is an automatic red flag to me anymore

Yeah, they suck. Street Fighter for me

It's on epic so I'll just wait for it to be free

>shilling randy bitchfords tired franchise
>r*ddit spacing
>crying about elden kang
When you kill yourself faggot you should live-stream it here.

They couldn't make her more ugly if they tried.

>widely diverse cast of multiple orientations and ethnicities
Here's your problem

borderlands are cringe as fuck, i literally cant stands its "humor"

The sad thing is Wonderlands probably really does have more diversity in its open world than Elden Ring

Fuck off Randy Blundermemes is the most reddit IP in existence.

Agreed, elden ring must do better

And that's a bad thing!