Who is your favorite H-game protagonist?

Who is your favorite H-game protagonist?

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>Mental Status: None

MC from Obasan Saga.



Hows violated princess coming along?

Pro Taggart, of course.

Nel from Town of Magic, for someone who basically introduces herself by raping you and taking your body for a joyride, she eventually becomes pretty affable and a genuinely useful and somewhat trustworthy friend (of sorts) to Celica. Just wish she said "our" body not "my" body a bit more often to complete the consensual relationship aspect. I hope future updates never ruin her character by making her go
> "Aha! This was all a long con to just kick you out forever!"

Honestly the demo felt super linear. Linear in a ACT is understandable, linear in an RPGM is not a good combo. Given who is making it, I'm pretty sure there won't be a virgin route, and Serena's going to have a worse time than even Feena or Ricca.

how do you expect me to pick just one?

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>Doormat protag
SHIT taste

I look at this character and just think of Kino from Kino's Journey.

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I'm starting Luna's game. What am I in for?

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I like Liz

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guess I'm jerking off again

All Rance Games
Immouto Monochrome
Princess & Conquest
EraToho TW and K
CoC1 don't touch 2
Girl Life (kino imo, russian game using irl porn pics)
Sequel Series
Summer Memories + (The most Kino /ss/ game ever)
SHRIFT (suprised when I found it, super fucking good game, though the porn is wonky. I more enjoy the difficulty and wack ass story)

so what happened to clymenia the sort of just disappeared after steam city

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outside of Rance, most male h-game protagonists don't really have a personality

I'm pretty sure she's just a fusion of Kino and Naoto from Persona but either way it makes my dick diamonds

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Love me some Tomboy NTR corruption

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FemMCs are the quickest way to beeline straight to watching a woman get fucked in creative and /d/eviant ways. If it's a male MC it limits a bit of that potential.

MArunomi (weird monstore loli vore game, not for the faint of heart)
Artificial Academy 2 (sorta shit, but heavy nostalgia for it)
Monster Girl Quest (more fun than you would expect)
Karyn's Prison

It's not really corruption when she practically lets the first guy she sees play with her with no resistance

what are some games with slow corruption?

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I like the build it from foreplay to eventually sex. Can't wait for Ryoka's new expansion later this year

Mischief War is a pretty godly paced corruption

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How slow? Because sloooow is Karyn's Prison

You cannot possibly get anymore slow than that. It's not possible.

Instead of making an expansion why not just take what he did right and make a new game and fixing the shit he did wrong in the last one? I'll never understand Japs when they have an awesome concept yet purposefully fuck it up with something stupid or just implement it poorly

Because I like Ryoka's design. Wished more devs would make expansions or even remakes of their h-games. There's a lot of god tier girls who deserves their own universe of porn games

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literally budget naoto

Yes and?

Based but the incest part turned me off,ogres part were the best

>not liking femMC

>Only Rance is decent
How can we fix male MCs?

Rance is fucking gay and his games suck

Juicy Yuuji

What would a Marie h-game be like?

for me it's Leaf

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You can't. Rance's character is a one of a kind. There will never be another male MC with such a fun personality.
That said, I enjoyed playing as Delta from the Crimes of Delta series. He's almost as much of a lovable asshole.

Rouga from Daibanchou is a good MC.

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>Serena is insanely hot
>gameplay is literally just button mashing
>combat rape is extremely boring and repetitive
>unique scenes are either too short or way too fucking long
>not many unique scenes in the first place and a good amount are permanently missable, even with no good reason to not be repeatable
>no CGs, most events reuse the same x-ray closeup animations
>game is a nightmare to run with scripting errors all over the place even when you get it working
I can understand why VH was so popular and influential but man it's carried hard by the girls' designs and there's so many games that are more competently done. I guess it still has a niche, the almost open-world flow of the gameplay is pretty unique, but I'm kind of shocked nobody's muscled in on it yet (though I guess that's what Violated Princess is doing).

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Why isn't there any NTR games where one of the girls is a yandere that gets corrupted

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Isn't that the plot of that shitty meta game that people whine about DDLC ripping off


What game?



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you me and her or some shit. just google MC slurps a traps cum off of his girlfriend while some girl gets cuck

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Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi, it's a VN

Ehh It's not really what I meant

Kincaid from The Adventure of Kincaid.

She's cool and doesn't afraid of anything.

Why is it so hard to find H-games with rpg/srpg combat?

there is one that is upcoming that like fire emblemesque but its.... ___NTR__

This one is SRPG and you can find a shit load of them in dlsite.

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I like the Doukyuusei protag

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Yeah that's not exactly what I was looking for the yandere is more like another player than an actual yandere plus it's a VN