Pokemon in 2022

>Pokemon in 2022


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Is this the result of taking on American artists? Or is this new generation of Japs just that fucking bad?

Honestly it wouldn't even be so horrendous if it didn't have the stupid fucking coifed flame-hair.

Would be so much better without the fucking hair


Why does this look like a LGBTQ+ Pokemon? I just cannot unsee.

as long as its not bipedal fursuit, i'll love it

It's a horn, simp

Because Ballio turned out to be legit right guys?

So is this pic true? I see that a lot of people think it is

Because you need to dilate, nigger troon.
>butterfly wings + washed colors = tranny
rent free

Cat will be a bipedal musketeer and duck will be a fashion model with implied tits.

This is bipedal and has a stupid haircut

Imagine being mindbroken over a tuft of hair meant to look like a leaf.

>Is this the result of taking on American artists?
Did they start doing that in gen 3 or 4?

We won't really know until they show it themselves

It spews fire why the FUCK would it look like a leaf?

And yes it looks like shit my dude.

do we have the weed cat's second

This will be another case of "faggot makes a fake leak, then a video follow up explaining how he did it"

I think it was Gen 5 but it may have been Gen 4.

In Sword and Shield the westerner James Turner is the art director.

Coromon doesn't have faggot zoomer haurcut discount fairy charizard.

Do people forget that it was leaked alongside these abominations? That's putting aside Ballio already looking weird, but there was no way the rest of these could be real Pokémon in any sense of the word aside from maybe Rowlet's first evolution. Even if the one in OP is fake, it at least can pass as a newer Pokémon.

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>realizing we'll have to wait 3 days before the game releases before some spic with a fucking strategy guide slowly starts to leak info and blurry sideways pics off the third stage evos by forcing people to have to join a discord so he can have his 10 minutes of twitter fame

I'm already fucking mad just thinking about it and we're over half a year away from it.
You know it's going to happen like fucking always. Fuck these morons

why the gay overdesigned elements?

Ever since Pokemon moved to 3D models, they shy away from details expressed via geometry. Most models have to be simple and round and quick to make. Details and visual noise are therefore added by using nonsense color patterns because textures are easy.

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Then it wasn't the Americans.

Because the Pokemon is based on a pepper.

Someone can't be stupid enough to casually leak this right?

Abominations? Yes. But they are better than the official ones. They look like monsters.

Primarina and the other two were leaked in the same way.

Can someone give the definition of "overdesigned" and explain why people's eyes and brains seem to be incredibly sensitive regarding Pokemon?

this is literally reskinned totodile

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Monsters can look like whatever the person making them wants them to look like.

>Can someone give the definition of "overdesigned"
Excessive details on a simplistic shape.
>and explain why people's eyes and brains seem to be incredibly sensitive regarding Pokemon?
It's in the shadow of the first three generations monster design.

Also muh plushies and plastic crap

This has to be satire, right? Or has everyone gone fucking insane with throwing "woke" around like a hooker at a business party?

In theory, not always in practice.

So Sorry

That's literally the reason why it's the biggest franchise in the world. You think the games sell for shit? It's all the plushie and plastic crap that makes the big bucks, and that's why they now design the monsters from the ground up with plushies and plastic crap in mind so as to not consume too much material to make or be too hard to make.

Now point out all of the "excessive details" on the Pokemon in the OP image.

Definition of monster

(Entry 1 of 2)
1a : an animal of strange or terrifying shape a mythical monster a sea monster … visualize this scaleless monster, eight or nine feet long, sprawling in the shade by the side of the mud pools …— W. E. Swinton
b : one unusually large for its kind That truck is a monster. That's why I was born in my grandmother's house—a grand, brick Federal monster of a house.— John Irving
2a : an animal or plant of abnormal form or structure
b : one who deviates from normal or acceptable behavior or character an immoral monster
3 : a threatening force the same monster—Destiny … that rolls every civilization to doom— W. L. Sullivan
4 : something monstrous especially : a person of unnatural or extreme ugliness, deformity, wickedness, or cruelty a cruel monster of a father
5 : one that is highly successful That movie was a monster at the box office.

>2a : an animal or plant of abnormal form or structure
So yes, all Pokemon are monsters.

>Someone can't be stupid enough to casually leak this right?

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The former.

Which Chinese Zodiac is that supposed to represent?

>Now point out all of the "excessive details" on the Pokemon in the OP image.
I don't think it's over-designed. I just don't like the makeup or gay hair, it looks like a flaming homo.

not sure why you are trying so hard to be outraged, it's a typical pokemon design. You tertiaries make the most ambarasing show on this websites.

>Disliking a design means people were "mindbroken"
Two towers weren't enough.

Genwunners can't comprehend any Pokemon that isn't based on a dinosaur.

>So yes, all Pokemon are monsters.
Or technically very few of them are, if you look at it in the context of the Pokemon world.

I really don't see anything here that deserves so much hate.

What kind of dinosaur is Diglett?

>another Fire/Flying type


I'm not buying this game, what the fuck, Turner.

It looks like So Sorry.

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>these abominations
user, they're better than a fursuit, a tranny and Tony Tiger™.

You shut your bitch mouth, Primarina is great.

Some journos understand trends differently than others, I guess.

What's the deal behind that? All I've heard is it's some turboautist's OC that he pays literally thousands to shove into Kickstarter games.

>so sorry exists
thanks for reminding me

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Imagine being an >[Alolan starter]fag

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What a low bar and a joyless legalese perspective you have. By your standards, Tony the Tiger and Buzz the Honey Nut Cheerios Bee are acceptable pocket monster designs.

>simply say "yowch" to a possible leak of a pokemon design
>"not sure why you are trying so hard to be outraged"

You know very well you and most people would be finding any kind of excuse to bitch on those designs if they were the real ones.

You bet.

>after trans ponyta we got a faggot godzilla

Sure, but not as many people that bitched on the real ones, since they fake leaks are better designs.

>programmed to associate a common set of contrasting colors with trannies
Lost cause.

Don't forget the trans ayy lmao that's literally a worse Gardevoir.

so when the fire starter isn't just a guy in a fursuit, we get this shit? I can't even remember the last time I genuinely liked the design of a starter pokemon

For me, it was the Snivy line.