These are the current most popular multiplayer FPS games right now, which one should I play?

These are the current most popular multiplayer FPS games right now, which one should I play?

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I only play cs during the operations
Apex gets old after a few games and getting the locked characters is annoying

Play a gacha instead, must be more fun than any of those games

Wait for MW2022 and Warzone 2 at the end of the year.

In the meantime play Apex, and Warzone as they're free.

What went wrong?

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So many great games, what an incredible decline compared to now.

I never played DayZ before, is it still good? Happy to see that it has a healthy playercount.

>UT 2k4
>Quake 3 Arena
>CoD 2
I want to go back.

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Zoomers have shit taste.

Quake Champions is better than all of these.

Modern Warfare is being played more than Vanguard?

zoomers have no saying in what they play or how they play

Who the fuck actually plays Valorant? I haven't talked to a single human being online or off who has.

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>most "popular" on trannywitch
lol, lmao


>overwatch at number 7
I thought that game was dead?

eft if it wasn't a hackfest made by russians but as it stands none of them

instead play darkest hour ´44-´45


High schoolers

csgo rejects and underage

people too shit to play Cs:GO so they play gimmick Cs:GO

>Halo Demo

That was my shit

Out of those games Apex for sure.

But I can't fucking play that shit for the life of me. Getting practice in is tedious because of the nature of BRs and I'm a boomer who is absolutely not used to aiming projectile based guns OR ADS style competitive FPS, I never played the CODs growing up.

Oh give me a fucking break. You think a 14 year old is going to load up a UT2K custom server to play with three middle aged fucking boomers who are going to insta kill them the second they play?

Fads come and go

those are the all time state i presume, hence why there are also DayZ on the list despite being pretty much dead

This battle royale fad can't go soon enough.

you really think they install valorant only to get insta killed by middle aged boomers? they all play fornite or some other BR where the stakes dont matter at all and everyone's a winner.

Does it really matter? What is BR doing to your taste in vidya on a personal level? If you like FPS games then your taste isn't that refined to begin with.

They do, because everyone plays ranked with friends who know how to play and get carried to whatever level and pretend that they're good, too.

I like Valorant but Riot's dumbass rootkit keeps fucking with shit I use for work.

>If you like FPS games then your taste isn't that refined to begin with.

How the fuck is overwatch still #7

FPS games have been mediocre for well over a decade. Only exception being Titafall and that's never ever coming back.

I agree.

This list is watched, not played. The actual player base of most of these games are small as fuck. But for some reason, people are addicted to watching streamers play them.

not that guy but its literally click on head or click on head with extra steps or click on head with bullshit. I also play fps (csgo/tarkov/valorant)

All that does is prove how fucking boring those games you mentioned are if you think that's what all FPS games boil down to. Play more FPS games, jesus christ.

No one plays Valorant, this list is retarded.

If something is popular, but you never heard it spoken about, it's most likely chinks and indians playing.

Natural Selection 2.

But most of those games would be utterly dead by today's standards. 67K players is like 20% of Lost Ark, and only 19 games even have more than 1K concurrent players.

Or click in front of head with projectile weapons, or click on ground to rocket jump and then click on ground near head, or collect armor and then click on head.

>by today's standards
Maybe if they were all forced to have matchmaking. Fuck today's standards. If there's enough people playing to lobby up and play a game at any time of the day, it isn't dead. Depending on the game, 500 players would be enough to be comfortably alive.

For me it's Halo Infinite but of these, Apex

overwatch is dogshit
cod is cod
tarkov is well tarkov
valorant is just cs go with with spells but with a actual anti cheat
apex is pretty much titanfall with spells
IMO apex and valorant are the best ones to play
cs is unplayable most times because unless you are using a third party cilent

NA cs is dead so mostly cs go players who got tired of valve's shit

>Game is game
>Game is game
>Game 1 is pretty much game 2 which it actually is
the fuck you saying?

>Top game only got 60k player max

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>I don't play video games
okay pal that's enough edgyness you need to go back on your meds son


I hate what this place has become

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bros, i fucking hate hero shooter bullshit....

>Have yet to touch a single one of those cancer filled games.

>o-okay..l-listen here buddy! (heh that'll get him)

If Battlefield was done right, in the classic military setting as we know it, it would be somewhere between 5th and 7th place.
At least in the top 10.

i don't like any modern fps so none

I think the genre is fimally over for me

Source is just such an old engine. It's already been blown wide open. Too many cheaters. Valve isn't doing anything about it. This is happening in Apex too since that's also a Source game, but it matters less there.

funny how you say that and bf2042 gets the "OH NO NO NO NO" treatment

I never do that stupid shit. My favorite modern FPS is Quake Champions, which is infinitely more dead than BF2042 even.

>hero shooters
>battle royals
>the worst cs game and its shitty hero shooter clone
it's a shame because i like objective based class shooters but i guess that genre doesn't exist anymore. tf2 was always a joke and has been a farce for many many years. where's my et successor? i loved dirty bomb but that died due to the way it was monetized as well as balance changes that fucked the pace of the game

There's no hope for class based shooters
they're a thing of the 2000s and even then
it's not even hero shooters call them what they are really
moba shooters
complex bullshit for the sake of it even if it makes the game worse
despite the fact that i play valorant and enjoy it
there's tons of bs

>Who the fuck actually plays Valorant?
Chinese people.
>I haven't talked to a single human being online or off who has.
There's your explanation.

Yes they do, and they overwhelmingly have shut tastes

Better load up the next cartoon coloured F2P game there. Zoom zoom.

What happened to FPS games? This chart is literally the worst timeline

This list has to be fucked right? Fortnite still tops most FPS games.
Yeah it's not reliable

I play Valorant, I'm a big brain Omen main

there's no reason to make anything with a risk
so why bother putting out anything with actual effort

time to load up tf2 and be unable to actually play it then. BAZINGA

Zooms are a failed generation. Stop defending their degeneracy

Sure you do, kike

>Pure Uncut SOVL

The visual manifestation of the fall of the West

Thanks, Zoomers

I don't get how valorant and apex legends are so popular.

Rogue company is a lot more fun. Apex and valorant just feel like a bland formula

No one would go for a game like ET nowadays. The main draw of that game was the intense focus on teamwork, and the lack of ammo/health pickups in the map (forcing teams to have competent Field Ops, Medics, and Engineers) would filter everyone's ADHD-riddled mind. If you added a team deathmatch for those people to play, everyone would just play that instead and the objective-based modes would be DOA. Gaming is completely fucked, and casuals ruined it.

>Bright faggy colors
>waifubait characters
>piss easy

No everyone left Fortnite awhile go. There was a little hype when they removed building for a mode

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