I have Resident Evil 4, pizza, and the week off. It doesn’t get much better than this

I have Resident Evil 4, pizza, and the week off. It doesn’t get much better than this.

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it actually doesn't get better than this OP

Enjoy your pidzer bigman

an electric car burnt down a house in my street last night so i only got 3 hours sleep thanks to the sirens. i feel like shit and dont even want to play vidya

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Is that a red barron Supreme?

RE4 is only going to take you like 20 hours at most if you go completionist, what are you going to do with the rest of your week?

>It doesn’t get much better than this.
spending that week with an attractive gf who adores you while eating good, non-frozen pizza would be a lot better

remove the green bell peppers, include refrigerated can of coke zero sugar and it's perfect.

the absolute state of white americans

Hope you have a great night, user.

Does the HD mod work with all cutscenes and does it also work with separate ways, asignment ada and the mercenaries?

You are over halfway through RE4...are you going to play other games?

Man I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow, piece of shit day is full of meetings.

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I love pizza so much, yet I need it to be perfect to enjoy it.

Reddit thread

>getting filtered by green peppers

my man hasn't tried pepperoni with mushrooms and green peppers

improve your ways user

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great, now there's two of you


Yes but I would wait, 1.1 is coming out soon.

have a good one user
nevermind buy a rope

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pizzas undercooked and looks soggy, and no additional toppings other than what came from the box. 2/10 apply yourself.

RE4 is incredibly overrated.
Turned RE games into braindead action games.

Whoa, I'm seeing double here!

Four OPs!

You're just jealous we have better pizza than your all dough shit bread.

Wtf op go kill yourself


user you do understand that there are different time zones right?

Include me in the le screenshot op

Unless op is an ausfag it is either early morning or late at night.


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the absolute state of weekendthreads

Wojak isn't funny

got me to reply

That's pretty good. Enjoy it dude

People do this shit all the time. It's fucking bizarre, why repost some random post you found on reddit and pretend it's your own post? What mental illness js involved in this?

Hey guys I'm playing a game and eating food, isn't that worth telling you about?

At least op is playing vidya. Are (you) playing vidya?

My girlfriend has never really played video games before and I've been wanting to introduce her to it. She's a really big fan of solving puzzles so I think hollow knight might be a good choice. I know the combat can be difficult even for myself but I think she might be able to do it. If not does anyone have any good recommendations for other games to introduce her with

>Yea Forums user and redditor are having the same exact meal while playing the same game
we're not so different after all. it's time to make peace.

LMAO, this exposes what retard the average Yea Forumsirgin is.
>hey, i like this
>reddit likes this
>now i hate it
Literally mental illness

t. seething op

Holy reddit.

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all of that was on the costco combo pizzas which is exactly why I don't like it. I like bell peppers but just not green ones because they're bitter.

Why not show her one of those literal puzzle games? 1st person walking simulator with puzzles is actually comfy.

>please, PLEASE vaildate my life
why are men like this?

Post tits

There was a guy on here last week larping about how many women he's fucked and he saved a photo of some obscure pornstar and renamed it as "snapchat" then posted a webm from some amateur video claiming it's him fucking the "random girl" in the photo but some autistic user sluethed him out and exposed him. Like I know 90% of everything on this whole site is larp but it blows me away how far people go sometimes. There has to be a point where it crosses into actual schizophrenic behaviors.


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i feel you bro, there's nothing comfier than eating tasty food, having nothing to do, and playing vidya gemes..cherish this moment

Goddamnit I can't tell who's Reddit or not anymore

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> there's nothing comfier than eating tasty food, having nothing to do, and playing vidya gemes..cherish this moment
holy shit, your life must be pathetic.

actual mental illness holy shit

i have a nice job, good friends and a loving girlfriend, let me enjoy my shit in peace you aggressive cunt

Name something better without being cringe or degenerate.

We are all le reddit

you're cringe


No u

Try puzzle games?

Have fun bro.

I only came in here to post this image.

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