Gets called out for being chinkshit

>gets called out for being chinkshit
>over time Yea Forums changes their tune after the release
What about genshin impact that won you over Yea Forums?

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but, it still gets called chink shit, only difference is it's called fap bait chink shit.

Tried it, it's garbage

I transitioned, unironically

Because after a while the people who call it shit move on to other things and the only ones who remain are the ardent shills

The chinks are falseflagging again.

If anything I've gotten harsher on it over time, since the game itself is ok, but I can't stand the fans
I just have no need to spend time sitting in Genshin threads shitting on people over it

Don't suicide too quickly, they're still punching the numbers for last year's cases.

Nothing. Its another game to add to the lost of "Yea Forums recommended and it was awful".

Cunny and adventure. And emergency food

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I have never and never intend to play Genshin Impact and the girls absolutely do not appeal to me in the slightest they all just look generically uninspired similarly to Azur Lane how the girls just look uninspired compared to Kancolle

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oh look another poor bastard that's going to die of covid soon

Changed my tune? Nobody on this board has ever played gacha or ever will. It's 100% bots or people who are too stupid to qualify as human and you fell for it.

boomers lost

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I'm the opposite, I really enjoyed Genshin at first, but lost interest when I realized the game has stuff you can just miss out on if you don't play at certain times.

Its the Overwatch of Gatcha. People almost purely play for the porn.

Isn't that every gacha

if you enjoy this game, you have a mental disability.


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shit game, also for people who thought the game couldn't be hacked and everything was server sided.

All lies, everything can be hacked.

Played it for 3 weeks and I dropped it.
Got Venti and realize this game is shallow as fuck.

at last you are vaccinated

I just like anime and good video games.

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Venti's feminine penis

I almost caved and gave it a try, then they started censoring the girls and shrinking tits.

>Good video

Now post her censored version.

I like the ZR but not the colors so I still use classic

You just don't like good games or anime, you wouldn't understand.

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i played for 3 days, and then deleted the email associated with the account so i couldnt log back in.

I don't play gacha shit. The only game I can think of that won me over is Dungeon Travelers 2, thought it was going to be retarded weeb shit and it turned out to be retarded weeb shit but also a pretty solid dungeon crawler.

Give me one good reasonable explanation why she has to be dressed up like a whore.

She is poor

All webms and pics are just coomer bait revolving around the chicks.
I havent seen any actual gameplay.
Proves that anyone playing this shit is a coomer and the gameplay is not even worth showing.

It's anime dude

Most Mona webms are gameplay oriented

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nah it's garbage

she's a Fontaine's prostitute who pleases old men for money, duh

I tried the game when it came out and found it boring, one full year later I thought I'd give it a go. Got 300 free pimogems due to update and used them in a roll, I got Sayu. Instantly I fell in love, something about rolling around and swinging a giant sword rub me right. I used sayu as my main dps throughout my entire time playing, even though I couldn't ascend her because the only place to get crystal marrow was on inazuma.

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Wow, so good. Moving a few centimeters and then freezing. What is this Balan Wonderworld bullshit?

you are so mad

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Chinese guerrilla marketing and coomerposting didn't change anything. It's garbage gachatrash and always will be.


The gameplay's alright, but not really worth making webms out of either. A lot of just climbing around and doing the little environment puzzles.

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worst is it still make a shit ton of money from the mentally ill (yes, gachafags are mentally ill for psending money on this trash).
what is really scary is there are a shit ton of mentally ill people buying characters that will dissapear in 1 or 2 years.

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Just ask for it bro

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Most gameplay clips people make are like whale or technical showcases that wouldn't mean anything to a shitposter like that.

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I am not super sure what this is trying to show besides particle effects.

Two billions now, bruh...

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Man I sure love the writing in this game. It doesn't just put out a few sentences and the event is finished like other games. They really put a lot of time into the writing. It really adds flavor to the game and the lore. The absence of a skip button is ingenious. I love Paimon's cute remarks and some of the silly dialogue choices you can make. I love how all the npcs tell you their life story to really immerse me in the world. I can't wait to see what future areas will bring. Maybe instead of 90% of the dialogue being unnecessary, 95% will be? To think I could have read several crappy books but instead get to experience the world of Genshin Impact.

holy kino

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Things that didn't happen

It's pure clown "gaming" and I will never understand it. It's a permanently online gacha that will disappear one day and all of your characters will go puff. Only the underage or the very mentally retarded defend trash like this. And the gameplay isn't even impressive, so this is doubly bizarre to me.

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so.. according that that pic, genshin made TWO FUCKING BILLIONS OF DOLLARINHOS in less than two years?
Jesus fuck... the fuck are Ubisoft, EA and the nips doing? Why havent mayor studios done a genshin clone to dethrone it?

Just try it, you'll probably like it then you'll understand.
Your argument is like asking, "why go to a concert when it will just end?" but retarded since this game is free.

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But I did.

Xingqiu's thighs.

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I don't know if it's shit or not, but I might give it a shot when it's finished. I refuse to play early access games.

Why exactly would you want anyone to follow this kind of gaming trend?

>the fuck are Ubisoft, EA and the nips doing? Why havent mayor studios done a genshin clone to dethrone it?
A genshin clone costs a shit ton of money. It's not THAT easy to make and honestly I dont think its worth competing with genshin for now.

>implying western studios will make a genshin clone when they are currently busy with diversity and inclusion in their business.

She's a water wizard who turns into water to travel fast. That's why she has to wear some kind of astrology wetsuit. If she wore normal clothes she'd be soaked.

China won.

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It's not early access, all you're doing is missing out on stuff. You'll like it when you play it in however many years though, that'd be a lot of content to get through.

then explain Ayaka's sprint to me and why she is using a nip dress and armor?

It's not in early access? The game has been released for over a year. We're already in version 2.0 even.
look at how many character banners you've missed, user...

>It's not early access, all you're doing is missing out on stuff.
Treadmill gaming? No thanks.

Ayaka was the first character the devs made, she's their waifu and they wanted her to freeze water so you would never have to swim.

Mona came way later.

ayaka is cryo (ice) and she's a literal japanese princess

Suit yourself man. Don't regret it later on.

My problem with genshin is that your webm is all the game is. You swap characters, build energy, and combo bursts. And then just... do that for 1000 hours. The game has no depth to the gameplay aside from "how much money can I spend on this banner to have more stats?"

>gacha chinkshit
>censored gacha chinkshit
Miss me with all three of those.

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What the fuck, this is eye opening. After all these years of hearing it called a Breath of the Wild clone and seeing gameplay snippets, I thought it was single player game. I didn't know it was a gacha. I'm definitely not gonna play it now.

nah, eat shit bugmannig

>The chink developers couldn't be bothered to make a swimming animation

The game is fairly generous for f2p if you play a lot, but yes its gachashit.

I don't know what you think depth is but all games are just a sequence of button presses. Swapping characters in Genshin is a hell of a lot more fun than most other ARPGs for me.

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Nice bait but characters do have swimming animations, this is just Mona's ability that turns her into water. You can use it to quickly get across bodies of water faster than swimming, which is what the webm is showing.

lol gta 5 online has less effort yet makes more money

>relying solely on reruns of popular characters because newer characters sales suck

Killing teammates in coop is fun

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"Breath of the Wild clone" was always a shitty marketing ploy. The two aren't comparable at all other than very surface level stuff.

I cant believe people are playing and spending money on this nongame just because of FOMO

I don't actively play the game but I roll on every character and weapon banner to increase my account value.

They're mainly about exploring the world, it's just that Genshin has way more on top of that. More story but no shrines is the biggest difference.

It's free to play.

Hey man, you can play what you want, but in my experience gacha games do their damndest to milk you out of your money by wasting your time unless you pay up. My backlog is too big to be bothering with that shit.

Its just gensharts needing to market their garbage

You're the one with bad taste playing gachas here mate. This is a top tier game unlike whatever garbage you've played(and is in your backlog).

I care as much for the story in gachatrash as I do in porn flicks. That is a really poor selling point, especially when GI isn't even that good by anime standards.

It's still chinkshit, anyone who actually plays it is braindead.

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>wahhh my booba not big therefore censorship
the state of Yea Forumsirgins

Who asked?

You think that change is being made for the sake of the artist's vision or something? What exactly do you think censorship is?