Who else is boycotting GTA 6?

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Fake. Rockstar would never be this based

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And blacks aren’t I guess.

GTA San Andreas needs to banned next, it promotes black on black crime!


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>Literally posting youtube comments

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I’m 100% in support of LGBTQ+ rights, my sister is lesbian, wife is bisexual, have a trans cousin, but removing this content is fucking stupid The whole franchise is a fucking parody of life. Are we not allowed to joke about the alphabet people anymore? As long as it’s not in bad spirit, who gives a shit? Same with , that flag is literally the flag of a failed nation and a bunch of LOSERS but removing it completely from the game? What the fuck?

Forgot pic

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Yes? What’s the problem here? You think the NPC’s encouraging this behaviour are irrelevant? I wish they were, but unfortunately they represent the fucked up world in which we live.

it's okay to make fun of gay people in the game tho
gay people definitely aren't ever killed for being gay
just those poor trannies

Billy Idol is british, and this is him in the 80s. This is considered the “rebel flag” to a lot of people, a symbol of rebellion, it’s even popular here in canada, it has different meanings to different people. Yes, completely stupid.

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I thought drag was separate from trans, and drag was more a joke thing gay guys did.

And blacks of course. They should remove the fat CJ dialogue too, it’s harmful to plus size folk. I really hope no one continues to support this company.

It is, but people don’t even understand what they’re complaining about, as usual.

People will cancel rockstar for accurate depictions of crossdressers but not because they've released the same game for ten years

Did you expect to find anything intelligent in youtube comments? Did you really feel the need to run to Yea Forums to post the random retard shit that looms in such places?
Somehow even worse than twitter threads. Are news comments next?

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None of you people ever boycott anything.

I recall every single game that gamers bitched about before release was gobbled up by those same faggots. The numbers clearly show those retards bought it.

These same people also do not seem to understand that their constant complaining about it is encouraging them to buy it anyways. Youre getting out smarted at every turn

If you’d kindly scroll down you’ll see I posted multiple instances of Rockstar censorship, this isn’t a thread about youtube comments, it’s a thread about R*, I used those pictures for the “lolz” and to showcase how moronic the people who support this are. Your failure to understand this is your problem, not mine, Please kill yourself.

>I’m 100% in support of LGBTQ+ rights, my sister is lesbian, wife is bisexual, have a trans cousin,
the reddit exodia

OP here, yeah I agree, I actually won’t be buying GTA 6, at least until it’s discounted, maybe not at all, I just hope people will grow a spine and not continue to support garbage like this, it’s the only way to stop it from happening, stop using your wallets.

I haven't bought a western video game in ages. The direction the industry is headed shows how little "voting with your wallet" helps.

I see we're following the native American route of pleasing a minority group (but actually just a small subset of it living in California) by completely removing it from all cultural output

Because other idiots still are, we all have to commit in order for there to be a change

Were you expecting Rockstar, Blizzard and Ubisoft to start calling you begging you to buy their games? Voting with your wallet means not participating in a bad trend by buying into it, not turning the tide all by yourself

10/10 bait post
>retarded social media post screenshot with high positive engagement
>was posted recently
>popular game series
>brief subject line (bold text) caption to capture ADHD Yea Forums userbase's attention
>insincere concern troll call to action
Seriously, this is master class

I’m boycotting/pirating because I know GTA6 will be posed.
Nice reverse psychology though, Cockstar shill.

I will now boycott your game

I wish this alleged tranny genocide were real.

Reading all this shit is just a reminder why I and so many people have a problem with trannys

Yes, that's the point of an echochamber.

I know my post offends you because you support censorship but please support it in your own thread

>Come on anons!! You’re going to support the removal of harmful trans stereotypes r-right?

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dan houser "retired" because of burnt out apparently yet he decided to make a new studio shortly after for some reason, you just know he left cuz he was pressured to get woke





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my biggest complaint about this shit is simply how astroturfed this outrage is, those NPCs have been in the game for 10 years and nobody complained except for some obscure NGO nobody heard about. And now with the new release they are pandering to a demographic of people who wouldn’t have bought the game in the first place and make retards seeth because of some minute change that doesn’t affect the game in the slightest

Treating trannies as equals is transphobic.

>Are we not allowed to joke about the alphabet people anymore?
Some people think so.

>we just wanted to be treated like everyone else, like humans

>it wasn't okay
it was though and still should be

Can shoot and kill blacks but these people think they deserve more, honestly can't wait for the diversity wars

my family isn't as a freak show like yours, but my lesbian sister hates this kind of shit. I asked her if people using gay as an insult offends her, she said "no I say it all the time."

good job boycotting a rockstar game lol

>game looks like the same shit visually but more pozzed and removing anything even slightly offensive to the freak community
and europeans will eat up this same exact game for a third time

the company known for parody is now a parody of itself

post it

>trannies seething that they're never in games
>game has trannies and dragqueens
>you can kill them just as anyone else

>that profile pic
like fucking clockwork, they don't even try to hide it anymore.

Reminds me of how in RDR2 you could kill any person in any town EXCEPT killing was turned off at the Indian reservation and even your horse was slowed down to like 0.25x speed. Rockstar knew Chads would post videos of the white man raiding and slaughtering the red man and that’s the wrong kind of fun, only killing cishet white civilians is OK.

the industry is too big to fail now, plenty of retards and investors to help garbage break even

Everyone else on the internet support trans rights, people irl don't care; how do you cope with being an outcast in the matter?

twimblr isn't everyone, dude

is saints row reddit now?


youtube, twitch, reddit - everyone I see defend trans rights...

17 followesr literally who, half of them are working on
twitter.com/DarkPages_Of and friend of twitter.com/enriquerios_3

Underage faggots trying to shill their twitter. I live in mexico and i wish they would doxx themselves one of these days.

This is the funniest thing out of all this woke shit, it's gotten so extreme that rockstar, the company whos foundation is producing parody media of American culture, has now turned into the type of company that could be in one of their games as a parody in previous releases.

when real life becomes the joke and the (((people))) in charge want you to take trannies religiously seriously, it makes it kind of hard

>hit regular people with cars
>totally fine
>hit some abomination with a car
>reeeeeeeeeeee transphobia
>I actually haven't even noticed it until someone told me I should care
Why are the mentally ill like that?

Artistic vision is dead if you make it and it doesn't conform you must change it otherwise we will do moral grandstanding on you until you do

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a rainbow boot stamping on a human face—forever.

Are you even allowed to criticize "trans rights" on any of those sites? Then there's your answer. In an unmoderated, uncensored, wild west type scenario everyone would go back to shitting on those mutants. Trannies can only exist because of the internet. They are only found on the internet. They are the first "internet" species who sit around moderating discord rooms and reddit subs trying to control the flow of information.

>drag queens = trannies now
Dont drag queens get pissed when they're equated to trannies?
I thought it they were similar to cross dressers. They know that they're men but partake in femininity for entertainment or arousal or some shit.

Imagine hating yourself so much that seeing your kind is offensive and disgusting

It wasnt even an offensive caricatre just men wearing women clothes

It's alright, that makes way for new blood to be counter culture. (since GTA is now mainstream current culture)
in the pursuit of money big companies go mainstream which opens up a market opportunity for smaller companies to be the niche edge counter culture.

... at least that's how I hope capitalism functions.

what's up with all the bigotry in this thread? i thought Yea Forums was a trans-friendly board

Brainlet take
“Counter culture” was financed by billionaire banksters to disrupt the existing culture. Now that they old way has been destroyed and replced with degeneracy they are not going to finance culture that goes against themselves

They're american

what the fuck is gta6 even going to look like in this culture of being afraid of everything

Just zoomer humor, women and fags everywhere.

>in the comments, one viewer voiced these chilling words of encouragement "you're doing God's work."
This is your brain when you take the internet 100% seriously. You read a meme shitpost on YouTube and respond to it like it's an actual death threat.
The absolute state of normalfaggots, holy shit. Smart phones and facebook were a fucking mistake.

Where do I sign up to kill trannies?

And this is British

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what are we even left with to make fun of...

oh the whole game you'll play as a spunky woman who cracks jokes on conservatives and christians...real heavy hitting stuff..

Same with South Park.

Reminder to all the chuds ITT that /qa/ fucking lost

I'm just counting the days until that episode about Kyle being trans black and his dad being trans dolphin gets banned.

the only hope is gta6 is a cyberpunk sized disaster and we never have to hear about it again

>implying that they dont already have that banned
Look up with HBO Max paid for it and then see that they've banned I think that episode and many more

Sad you’re not gonna love to see the PS6

>Everyone else on the internet support trans rights
Clearly not everyone since Yea Forums doesn't.
>people irl don't care
And do you know those people personally? People don't want to lose their jobs or be center of attention for saying they hate trannies.
>how do you cope with being an outcast in the matter?
Where do you think we are? This place is for the outcasts, something you are not. And besides, only the west support trannies. Places like middle east have strict laws against LGBT faggotry, and punishments they have can go up to death penalties.
Deletes content that doesn't go with their agendas. There's a reason why people call it "Jewtube"
Same as YouTube, delete stuff that doesn't go with their guidelines and ban streamers who are not "politically correct"
Even kek
Reddit is an echo chamber and bans everything that doesn't go well with their agenda. You won't find anti tranny posts on reddit so easily because reddit jannies just ban anyone who offend LGBTfags. Only few places on reddit with little moderation you're able to make fun trannies.

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The only thing retards cried about CP77 is muh bugs.
Double that for console retards but who cares about them.
Rockstar is competent on the technical side. GTAV and RDR2 were already boring as fuck, GTAVI, aka GTA Online 2 will be he same.

they can only live in place where nobody can see them so they have to defend it and fight for it

>The only thing retards cried about CP77 is muh bugs
>the only thing
>only thing
I'm sure people absolutely never complained about the fact that your choices and actions in the story as well as your background in the story never actually affect anything because you can choose any ending you want regardless of your backstory making the entire beginning part absolutely fucking worthless and just a railroaded tutorial or the fact that you can't actually explore any fucking building like they said you could or the Metro System or that there's an entire like 10th of the map that's taken away or that the children are just adults with shrunken bodies and 60% shrunken heads

Yeah, nobody cars about this shit.
You are actually retarded if you think anyone will ever make 3 games in one to accommodate your "muh choices" myth.