Slow, unresponsive and nearly entirely unreactive combat system

>Slow, unresponsive and nearly entirely unreactive combat system
>Deep as a puddle RPG mechanics
>Extremely low enemy variety
>Utterly generic items
>There's about 3 types of dungeons that they reused for the *entire* game
>The biggest of these dungeons is about as big as Elden Ring's shortest dungeons.
>There is nothing anywhere near the scale and depth of Elden Ring's legacy dungeons
Did boomers really go crazy over this game back then?

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hello zoom zoom.

but yes, you have to understand, skyrim was a hit purely because of the novelty of the open world. the actual game itself is atrocious, but open world games like it were still pretty rare in those times.

>3 types of dungeons

more like 5 , there is more variety of dungeons than Elden Ring, that's not saying much though.

>The biggest of these dungeons is about as big as Elden Ring's shortest dungeons.

now you are just making things up. Play Elden Ring instead of just looking at twitch streamers, you v/tranny.

Skyrim is lackluster, but it's far more detailed and believable world. There's illusion of scale, the cities in Skyrim are your "legacy dungeons". Riften blows the fuck out of Leyndell copypaste job. Not to mention places like apocrypha and shit.

Leyndell is a massive, multi-level citadel with tons of buildings, all completely open world.

Skyrim "cities" are single level, 6-10 buildings and every single building is its own instance and requires a loading screen

Leyndell by itself complete shits on the entirety of Skyrim, and that's just 1 out of 7 legacy dungeons. That's not even counting the mid level dungeons either.

You are a turd eating, mentally ill bethesdrone boomer.

>>Slow, unresponsive and nearly entirely unreactive combat system

the only good thing about souls games, and not always true. R1 spam is as viable as your 200iq tactics.

>Deep as a puddle RPG mechanics
still more than ER. Souls games are closer to hack n slash than RPG.

>Extremely low enemy variety
Like in ER

>Utterly generic items
ER is full of useless items. Some of the best items you get at start of the game and then never find anything better, like Brass Shield. Crafting is stupid system , just an excuse to put collectibles in the empty world.

>There's about 3 types

Catacombs, caves, mines, with copy pasted sections, assets, enemies , bosses. No environmental storytelling at all, they dont make sense at all.

>biggest of these dungeons is about as big as Elden Ring's shortest dungeons

that's most retarded statement you made. There are ER dungeons that take 5 mins , or take long because OFCOURSE "LOCKED BY SOME CONTRAPTION" and you need to do retarded resident evil puzzle. There are very long dungeons in skyrim, especially dwemer ruins, and there are bigger areas like Blackreach, apocrypha, that other void place, etc. And yeah cities.

>nothing anywhere near the scale and depth
any large city, dlc areas etc.

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>a game with thousands of NPC's with unique voiced dialogue and proper questlines
>a game where you have five people to talk to and everything else tries to kill you on sight
Don't pretend you don't know the difference.

>Skyrim "cities" are single level, 6-10 buildings and every single building is its own instance and requires a loading screen

Made up completely arbitrary standard. Is loading screen some deal breaker to you? If its separated by loading screen it doesnt count? That's an ignorant position. There's a reason there are such loading screens. Honestly id rather have those than long ass loading screens ER has and bad optimization problems. Skyrim keeps it clean and performs very well on ancient technology, while Dark Souls put every platform on its knees because of an ugly swamp area.

Skyrim city includes everything that is in it, that should count as one area, which includes Ratways in Riften,etc. In leyndell you cant even open any door of any of 100 useless copypasted houses. Why are there even knights there? What are they protecting?

Rather have 10 different buildings with different people living there and developer's personal touch, than 100 copypasted houses, that only serve as a background to fake the game's shallow scale.

Skyrim is more of a fantasy world simulator than an rpg. Good open world games were also pretty rare in 2011; it was really only bethesda doing them.

You people on here can be so incredibly detached from anything real or true it's staggering sometimes.

literal mental illness.
take your meds

Good idea, user. It's been quite a while since I've played the best game ever made. Think I'm going to do it right now.

Caves, dragur tombs, abandoned forts, abaondoned dwemer ruins and?

and mines.

I remember back in the day how my friend showed me skyrim (I was still playing PS2 JRPGs and didn't know anything new relative to the times) and it blew my mind how good it looked. In fact, some time later I was even more impressed by the fact that it looked that good on the 360 and that the game was only 4gb or so
I have to say the world and just walking around with that music was top comfy and I don't think many devs even nowadays can say that about their games

>Skyrim is now considered Boomer-core
Help I want off this ride

>Slow, unresponsive and nearly entirely unreactive combat system
this I have no opinion on, you add animation for racism to combat it makes it slow, you allow for people to make fast movements it becomes unrealistic, your taste in combat type is your own
>Deep as a puddle RPG mechanics
this is a consequence of normies and casualization of the franchise, its greatest success and greatest weakness
>Extremely low enemy variety
skyrim is a very small game, and the fact it takes you a good 20-30 hours for this to bother you or even to notice it, is kind of a good thing
>Utterly generic items
they fill the world with items, il;l go into this below but its a big complaint of mine too
>There's about 3 types of dungeons that they reused for the *entire* game
most dungeons in a realistic rpg are going to be caves or ruins a bit bland to be sure, but what else are you going to do
>The biggest of these dungeons is about as big as Elden Ring's shortest dungeons.
look at daggerfall, holy fucking shit is it fun for me to go into a dungeon and pop out 8 hours later, but jesus christ is it frustrating to navigate normies not going into the game to play an adventurer in the adventurer guild will be put off by these
>There is nothing anywhere near the scale and depth of Elden Ring's legacy dungeons
no comment as I have no idea

the biggest failing of skyrim is this, my level 1 blacksmith skill makes the same quality iron dagger as a 100 master with the best forage. the game NEEDS variety in quality, imagine being equally matched with an enemy level and strength wise, you both have an iron sword, but who wins comes down to one iron sword is lighter, thus faster and also sharper because a master made it. the game 100% needs randomization in its systems like this otherwise loot is just tedious and boring to get.

look into the daggerfall's guys next game, its hopefully going to be what everyone wishes and elderscrolls game to be.

skyrimsisters??? i feel like killing myself now...

And despite all that, it hasn’t been surpassed yet

elden ring is a better action game, skyrim is a better open world sandbox

skyrim has way better lore and worldbuilding, which is actually reflected in the game.

A bunch of my friends have skyrim in their top 10 games of all time and also defend fallout 76 so anyone who says skyrim is one of their favorites I know exactly how retarded they are.

For real though, from drones bend ass backwards to explain why there are no friendly npcs and towns in game.
>the souls games are like that
>its dead world

Its not , the lore in game literally says it is not like that. Melina says you shouldnt be chaos lord because there is beauty in the world and people live and have births, but the world doesnt reflect that, its all madness and monsters for you to kill. NPCs talk about Raya Lucaria as if its place of learning and there are civilized people , but all youre met with are crazy souls people that attack you on sight, burger king people. The lore and the world design is incredibly dissonant.

>He hasn't taken the accessibility pill yet

>Wander around in cool landscape
>Its comfy
Skyrim is a good game

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The biggest issue is enemies scaling with your total level rather than your combat level. You either go full combat and steamroll through everything or you level some other skills and get oneshot by deathlords

Skyrim is a much better game than Elden Ring

if we had elden ring with the lived-in feeling of elder scrolls we'd be onto something

I hope the next installment is even more open for players, no restrictions of any kind for gameplay.
One stat is more than enough.

Leyndell is also an empty hellscape with nothing to do but slay enemies, much like the rest of elden ring.
Skyrims world is a lot more thought out than elden ring and arguably the best open world to date, and I'm tired of pretending it isn't.
There are new things being found in Skyrim to this day, but most things in elden ring were found before the game even came out.

>my level 1 blacksmith skill makes the same quality iron dagger as a 100 master with the best forage
they make a basic dagger and then the master blacksmith can improve the dagger. Do you think a master blacksmith would only make masterpieces?
The lower quality items have their uses.
Would you give a knife that can cut reality to a farmer?

>Deep as a puddle RPG mechanics
The sad thing is it still btfo's every other open world in this respect.

Skyrim is still the best overall game I've played in the sense that I would recommend the game to anyone. It's not my personal favorite but I think almost anyone would enjoy it unlike some of my favorites like the Souls series or the witcher games. Elden Ring fails in comparison as an open world game because despite being an open world, the play route is mostly linear. Skyrim you can hop out of the tutorial area and go literally anywhere and have an adventure.

>muh legacy dungeon
I don't understand why you people keep using this word as if it's a groundbreaking feature of the game. What you called "legacy dungeon" is just a regular stage of typical soulsgame, on par with things like Anor Londo or Lothric Castle. What they added in this game to fill its empty open world, ironically, were 3 types of dungeons reused for the *entire* game, cave, mines and catacomb.

Seems like you dont go to the Cloud district very often

Zoomers be like
>old games are old
And that’s honestly the limit of their intellectual capacity

>Elden Shit troons hating on Skyrim

I unironically would rather play unmodded Skyrim then do another playthrough of Elden Shart.

Honestly, I keep having this hunch that Elden Ring was not supposed to be like a DS4 and have a more lively world, instead of something grimdark, we would have a story more involved with politics and war. Imagine if the story was set up in such a way that you could choose which elden lord you could fight for or which if you could have chosen between Malenia or Radahn, also a meaningful town or hub would have been so much cooler than just a place that is so disconnected from the world that it isn't even on the map (I know Roundhouse Hold is somewhere near the tree if not inside it, but come on).
Instead, you get a schizo plot about how you need to get the shards of the great rune and you need to get 2 or more before you can enter Lendeyl because the two finger forbids it according to Gideon, then Malina along with everyone decides to say "fuck the Tree and the Two Fingers", then Gideon for no reason tries to kill you because no one can be elden lord even though that was our entire motivation. What a fucking shitshow of a plot.

which side you could have chosen between Malenia or Radahn for example

Sounds like Elden shit to me LOL

No it isn't, and that is because
>insert flowery language and gushing praise
That is basically 9/10 of the elden ring threads.


>Slow, unresponsive and nearly entirely unreactive combat system
no, the fact that it isnt a disgused rythm game doesnt mean it is bad.
In skyrim your actions have consequences and you cant just roll throught everything. You have alot of freedom and choices in combat. Your postioning realy matters. It isnt like elden ring where you can just roll lmao anywhere. The combat depends on the encounter in skyrim unlike where in souls games there is little difference in lv1 fight in a open field and a late game boss aside form the spectacle and power level, you roll through the attacks and attack when there isnt an attack from the enemy. It is more strategic instead of reaction speed based rythm like small tests than the souls games have, so you have to think about the combat instead of pressing the roll button when you are given signal to like a rat in a skinnerbox, you are even given a pause screen with most of the normal screen visible to able to think and strategise as much as you want at any point of an encounter.
Bethesda has masterfully translated the specifics of each combat encounter from simple systems and stats from the times of dnd into real time 3d and have shifted the burden of them to you, so you are able to use them to you wish.
To get into the specifics. If an enemy is using a small or onehanded weapon you can bait an attack and backstep it. If an bandit is swinging at you a power attack with a greatsword you can run past the attack. Or in a more general state you can interupt their power attack with a shield bash or stun them with it for a bit, that usually costs alot of stamina so it cant be spammed. Well if lets say a wolf is attacking you randomly in a open field you cant realy do much, but that is because of the nature/specifics of the encounter, as each fight is usually different.
You can also the terrain to your advantage.

it's a bethesda game, it's not meant to be a hardcore experience
it's a casual game that you can play a little bit of each day or whenever your schedule allows without any online bullshit or commitments

Why people keep saying this about open world? There were plenty of open world games before skyrim. Even the previous TES games...

Black reach

you can use different elevations, take cover, obstacles or even objects(way more in vr with mods).
And that is not even getting to what you can do with magick and shouts.
Skyrims combat is more reminicent of the days of dnd, despite it getting for some reason complains of casualisation compared to most fantasy games released in the last decade.
Maybe because it isnt streamlined and its depth makes the player have to think, contraly to the aforementioned.
Well you can ignore all that and just swing and maybe block and chug potions, that is on your end(besides difficulty at some point will catch up to you), however this game isnt like other games where you get healing items automatic at spawn like elden ring(you can make them, but that requires ingrediments) and they usually dont heal you several times over, you have to get them, you could do that type of healing too, but it requires you to use restoration magic and have enought magicka and it depends of you level in restoration.
There are also all kinds of poisons and potions, but their effectivenesss depends on your level in alchemy as it should, sadly it is ignored by most players, because to make potions you need the right ingredients for the specific potion you are trying to make which needs you to know the recipe for that potion which you need to get by either randomly finding it somewhere, buying it or experimenting with different ingredients and gathering ingredients for the potion.
And now I have adressed your first two points.
Are you going to use sophistrcial flowely speech to discredit me or those screenshots, but please keep them away to not ruin the discussion.

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The TES games before Akyrim were open world but had major flaws. Skyrim is near perfect.

All meaningless in the presence of soul

high quality posts

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the game is kino as fuck you are just a tard
its not a "masterpiece" but more like a infinitely fun eurojank except made by mutts

Name a game that has 200+ completely unique, carefully designed dungeons and rewards that are useful for every single build at the end.

You demand the impossible and whine when you don’t get it.

>someone criticises skyrim
>well you see
>someone criticises elden ring
>blow it out your ass

people shit on skyrim from day one

>no spears

>You demand the impossible and whine when you don’t get it.
This is the thing that bugs me about the "wide as an ocean but deep as a puddle" complaint. What game is as wide as an ocean but also as deep as an ocean too? It doesn't exist. Except Dwarf Fortress. All games are as deep as a puddle. The width is the only thing that ever changes.

>install Skyrim again for the first time in years
>as soon as I escape the dragon with Hadvar I try to kill him because I want to be a psychotic character that kills for no reason
>turns out you can't kill Hadvar
Fuck this game

>>as soon as I escape the dragon with Hadvar I try to kill him because I want to be a psychotic character that kills for no reason
I love when people make out this means the game objectively sucks. Mass Effect never lets you kill any important NPCs. Dragon's Dogma never lets you kill any important NPCs. Final Fantasy never lets you kill any important NPCs. ALMOST EVERY FUCKING GAME NEVER LETS YOU KILL ANY IMPORTANT NPCs. It's normal game design, not some embarrassing failure.

Elden ring lets you kill any NPC at any given moment


It doesn't, there are zones where weapon is disabled.

Action games can have crazy replay value even if they don't have a lot of content or being "as wide as a puddle" but then be as "deep as an ocean" gameplay wise if the combat is deep.
Also, the people probably making this complaint are people who enjoyed morrowind, which is objectively more of an RPG than skyrim is.

>Action games can have crazy replay value
No, they can't. I play them once and then never play them again. I cannot even fathom people who do things like replay Bayonetta a dozen times. I don't care if there's seven thousands different moves in the game. That's just a bunch of different fancy animations that all achieve the exact same thing.

Skyrim was successful only because americans have brand loyalty and muh bethesda. It's one of the most uninspired game, both in design and gameplay, I've ever had the misfortune of playing .

Here's your "legacy dungeon" with illusion of scaleppffffttthahahahahahah

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>No, they can't.
Yes they can, deep combat can easily carry a lacking amount of content, you personally not liking to master a game does not mean others can't ever replay them again, many people replay those games more than once. But if you are going to be so stubborn and miss the point, then multiplayer games can technically have an infinite amount of content by the sheer amount of outcomes that can occur because of the reaction different people can have.

>you personally not liking to master a game
Dude, people have even "mastered" Skyrim. Some autist obsessing over a game's mechanics doesn't make a game objectively good nor inherently replayable for all us normal people with functioning brains.

Isnt Skyrim like 10 years old?

Skyrim had settlements and npc's to talk.
The entire population of ER can fit inside Whiterun.