Demon Souls PS3 or PS5?

I want to play Demon Souls but don't know which to play it on. I could emulate it for free on PC, or I could buy the PS5 version for nicer graphics.

Do the better graphics really make it a better experience, or should it be best to play it the ways the developers intended?

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remake obviously if you've ps5

PS5. The differences in art style (rather than graphical quality) might be a downgrade, but Demons Souls PS5 has
-better gameplay
-functional online (important aspect of all souls games) as well as tendencies
-60fps support innately
and while a lot of the art style changes are meh, they do at least have higher quality in terms of textures, lighting, fog, and other shit.

ps5 is the better game from a mechanical standpoint, and I think the improvements to environmental art outweigh the changed enemy designs. the original has a lot of dead empty hallways whereas the remake feels lived in.

OG all the way. I played demons ps3 last year and it was one of the most atmospheric games ive ever played. PS5 version is one of the most generic, boring games I've ever seen, completely devoid of soul.

PS3 also doesnt have the pay2win preorder bonus, so thats a plus too.

the art design and music is completely ruined in the remake

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if you have absolutely nothing to compare it to, then just play the ps5 version so there is actual multiplayer
i personally consider the ps3 better in every regard except for graphical fidelity, but since you have never played it and likely never will if you play the ps5 version first, it doesnt matter

Play the original, the remake is cringe.

Its literally the same game. Pick whichever look you like better, since its just a coat of paint

I like the original better, it has a more eerie, weird vibe to it, and I like it.

The remake is far more generic, but the Maiden has more fuckable lips and nicer feet. So.

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Emulate it at 60fps with 8K

PS3: handcrafted by Fromsoft master artisans directed by the GOAT Miyazaki himself

PS5: literal whos slop expensive paint over a masterwork

make your choice, OP

Emulation is soulless

You need a CPU almost the price of a pst to get 60 you dick

>expensive paint
cheap paint*

My 5900X i just got (350) runs it just fine.
Demons Souls has so much soul it has 8X the soul at 8K

>Demons Souls has so much soul it has 8X the soul at 8K
It's not the developer original vision

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The developers cant tell the difference because of their eyes anyways so i doesnt matter

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yes it is, they made the game on PC fag

if you have the chance to play both, then I’d recommend that you start with the original and have your second play through on the PS5 and then decide which is the superior game - if you don’t, then i’d take the pragmatic decision of where you have to spend less money
Isn’t the game engine capped at 30 FPS?

How many times, for you personally, have better graphics lead to a better experience?

You can get around it easy, and it works fine, i just wish RDR1 worked better.

Just play a gacha, it's an americanized game

Not OP but usually always. I'm not retarded enough to think shitty demakes have better graphics though, I leave that to based emulators.

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isn’t RDR1 like THE game that doesn’t work on the PS3 emulator?

The original PS3 version.
The new version does tons of idiotic visual and audio-changes that not only change the mood and aesthetics, but outright ruin the lore.

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The remake completely misses the point on a lot more things than just the art direction, they fundamentally didn't understand the game. Obviously the art is soulless. The music goes from unique, weird, and atmospheric, to generic orchestral DARK SOULS shit. The voice acting is substantially worse. Boletaria very recently succumbed to the fog and demons, yet Bluepoint missed this fact and made most areas look like ancient ruins.

Play the original if you actually want the original experience. Play the remake if all you want is another Dark Souls game and don't give a shit about anything that made Demon's Souls unique in the first place.

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Play the original, demake spits all over the game. Snoy should be ashamed they produced this garbage.

Original is the only true choice.
Anyone saying the demake should be completely disregarded.
Everything that makes Demon's Souls more than just some generic action-rpg is absent in the demake.

Not only does the original still have online it also has crossplay with rpcs3
Secondary trash get off my board

Reminder that Boletaria is in fact NOT an ancient, overgrown ruin. But a lived-in, in-use city, whose city and fortresses have just taken damage from waging war against the demons and their crazies.
Not some wear and tear from having been subjected to the elements for ages and ages.

But for some reason people just think they're some ancient ruins like you saw in Dark Souls.

Yeah, I'm gonna have to say the original is the better choice.

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The kigdom was quite literally founded an entire age ago by a semi immortal demigod

why do lefty trannies so invested in defending the remake?

They worship corporations and brands.
Their loyalty is with Sony and Bluepoint. They don't care about anything else.

remove that shitty bloom


Or maybe it's a good game and you're just jealous because you can't play it? Yeah, that's probably it.

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I think they both have their merits but PS5 is better appreciated after experiencing the original, assuming you can run it well on PC. PS5 is interesting for a new runthrough.

PS5. The art direction of the remake is great, game looks fantastic. Literally runs the same gameplay code as the PS3 version, and the online is alive.

RPCS3 version > Original PS3 version > Shit > Demake.

It was a good game from the start, over 10 years ago. Nothing changed.

The gameplay is exactly the same minus minor quality of life improvements.

Are you stuck in 2013 or something? A modern $99 intel i3 runs the game at 60 fps without a hitch.

And now it's even better, so what's the problem?

Could you spoonfeed a place to get the iso for the ps3 version? I want to play the original again, but don't want to dig out the old ps3.

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Forgot I had that bookmarked. Thanks.

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Nopaystation for pkg and rap files

Vimm if you want the iso

You are welcome dont forget the missing textures mod on nexus

>even better
>butcher character designs for no reason
>butcher armor designs for no reason
>butcher weapon designs for no reason
>butcher fucking music for no reason

Also, Demon's Souls has a lightning problem on rpcs3, to fix this you need enable the "write color buffer" thingie or something like that on the settings menu

Remakes like these should be considered as an artistic transgression

All DeS remake threads are the poorfag cope threads.
Really makes you think.

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Pretty sure hes gonna toggle it as part of the black screen fix

>bro you're a poorfag if you dont buy a ps5 to play a worse quality remake of a game from 10 years ago when you can literally play it for free right now on your pc

>worse quality remake
>when you can literally play it for free
Favela monkey mentality.

Yeah, but just in case he wasn't aware of the blackscreen bug

I got tricked into buying a ps4 for bloodborne im not buying a piss five for one game ive already beaten that now looks objectively worse

Thanks for the rest of that stuff too. I'd have probably overlooked the technical stuff the first time, and just assumed it's the price of emulating the ps3's clusterfuck hardware.

at what point will you admit to yourself you wasted your money
For anyone having trouble.

Demon Souls remake is a good game

RPCS3 is probably the best way if you want to play the original with the original art design. There's some work to get some of the things like resolution and unlocked framerate to work but I think it's the best version overall.

If you have a PS5 lying around and can't be bothered with tweaking shit, the DeS remake works too but imo has a lot of problems like as well as them putting foliage everywhere when they should have shown a bit more restraint

>need a PC that costs more than twice that of a PS5 to emulate well
The absolute state of sonnyggers. Desperate to think they have at least one game, but actually have none.

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