Why is Asuna so smug?

Why is Asuna so smug?

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le netorare face

She knows I'm fapping to her

Oh great another cuck bait thread
BAfags are worse than FGOfags

God, Jap porn is so fucking revolting. The girls are always doing this gross "presenting" shit. And then when the guy gets involved it's this awkward groping by a spaztard like he doesn't have a clue what sex is and is just trying to wing it.

Because she loves pleasing various men

you will never turn generic smug facial expressions into cuckshit, faggot.

>le QoS girl

asuna is a giant whore, its just a fact user

Smug just adds personality to an otherwise bland girl.

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Paizuri slave

Fine I'll say it: NIGGER PENIS


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Go ruin another thread with your sub-human fetish.

Go bless another thread with your patrician fetish.


this is a blacked-cuck thread and you’re saying that here?

Asuna rimming black men.

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Poor man’s Mystearica Grants

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Mind if I post superior Blue Archive girls?

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she knows I'll keep sending her my paycheck even though she is taking the BBC

FUCK I missed it already

Please do

losing my kiss virginity to asuna right after she does this!


i take a lot of blacked NTR art and professionally change the skin colour of the black guy to normal skin colour because you cannot deny that this kind of NRT art, while being 95% drawn by koreans for some reason, isnt insanely hot. but i just dont like black people so i edit it to become better

Thank you!

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>my Nero thread gets deleted instantly but this thread is still up


luck of the draw

how do I stop wishing for this body
imagine the sexual potential of pleasure you could experience with a body like that
I want to lose my mind to overstimulation

Massive cutie

Mods and jannies are tsunderes for NTR.

Absolutely, her pastel pink hair perfectly compliments her light, soft skin

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one of you go make the new bl*cked thread already

asuna is already here, just bang her with your niggy bros

isn't it bedtime for america already

the mods are literal faggots supporting a faggot fetish. just leave the site. I'm done with it. there is a 99% chance that a picture of a white women with the title "Samus!" or something will have zero video game discussion and just be filled with blackedfags but every single time the threads never get deleted. meanwhile they you have 50 reply real video game discussions and just because the op picture is something outside the realm of video games the thread gets deleted. it's just retarded and a waste.

that's a good thing tho???
the fuck is there to talk about videogames?
what is your favorite bing bing wahoo?

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You're correct both threads should be deleted on sight. They aren't talking about vidya at all even if the girls come from vidya.

Chibi sex?

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Based beyond belief.
I want her to spit in my face once she finishes.

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>flashy her booty like that
rape correction is what she needs

gacha shill thread are made by seanigger though, its the most type of game after lol, pubg for thirdworlder monkey since its free

Fucking Hanako, tempting me to spend my elephs to 3* her

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What a fucking whore holy shit.

She's worth it

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okay? what's that to do with american cucks?

I think there's a difference between shill threads and cucked/blacked threads because the latter tend to be secondaries

dem japanese sex symbol

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>I want her to spit in my face once she finishes.

yeah thatss true, im from sea and i will take any of these threads as i can get im not picky


That's the spice.

vidya butts

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It would be obvious if this was a shill thread. It clearly isn't, it's just yet another Asuna cuckthread because /blacked/ and other retards latched onto her.
Go into a genuine BA thread and you'll see that no one gives a shit about this whore.

But she might come spook me in my rolls for limited 3* instead.
Plus I'm waiting for her in a nun uniform and/or swimsuit

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blacked and ntr are very popular in thailand, malay and philippine , viet love interracial but with white people

I'm well aware

That's fair. Good luck, user!

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Come on anons.

Why is lewdposting on Yea Forums million times hotter than straight up porn posting on NSFW boards?

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she isn't just has alot of ooc art

Yea Forums anons are cuter than any other board

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I don't know but I wish I had tits

god she is so evil...

>ooc art
faggot look at she is a smug whore in the game

I wish you had tits too so I could suck on them.

Lewder crowd and late at night threads are great.

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This place is not dead

Because you're an attentionwhore?

yeah... must be nice to be a 2d thick fucking slut with fat tits

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It's a butt waggle like how a bunny does, that doesn't mean she's smug retard

>that extreme smile
What is wrong with her

Unironically no cuckposting, i wish i had a fun stacy gf in casual style like her to spend time with.

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because she can't wait to get home to play with her 2 shota friends.

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unironically worse than blacked, kill yourself

Okay I'm out

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those heels are built to be cummed on and in


She likes being touched.

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Those hands should be darker

me on the left

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next thing you'll tell me her L2D isn't canon either

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>Having that slasher smile while doing laundry
Man she is creepy.

I know you don't play the game retard-kun, don't need to make it obvious
If you did you'd know that she's the opposite of smug instead of pushing your cuck narrative

Be honest with me bros. My penis is 4 inches. Will she give me a chance?

Wanting an NTR situation to play out is a shit tier fetish as it is envisioned by and for the morally perverse.
What happens here is as such, a twist of the moral values. The person who is at fault for cheating is not and should not be the non-cheating side but the cheating side.
Also, by fapping to NTR you are willing to associate sexual pleasure with emotional masochism, which in turn makes you less likely to enjoy a healthy relationship IRL.
>inb4: seethe, cope, etc
Just face it. You're literally killing your own brain, with those shitty tier fetiches that will only do you harm in the long run.

There's always an audience on Yea Forums.

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lol no
4 inches flaccid and you're black probably, but otherwise nope

she'll give you a chance to jerk off in the corner while she gets pounded by a BBC


Why she always smiiles like an evil bitch?

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Why do you discord kids love this girl so much? Does she actually c.uck the MC?
Are there even any blacks in her anime or are you guys forcing that too?

implication and/or teasing is sometimes hotter than the real thing

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She knows what feels good since all eyes all on her while she's surrounded by her dark-skinned partners

Yes shes a good girl

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I would love that

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She is just asking to be raped

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i love cham22 so much. definitely a new favourite of mine


I bet she has a brown pussy and loose anus from big black studs.

will dominate you gently and call you a good boy when you whimper and cum

I personally prefer Akane and this pic is a good example why

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Don't worry, she doesn't stand a chance against those veiny snickers.

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>doesn't stand a chance
nah she is a smug slut that takes it all like a champ