How to gaming?

How to gaming?

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It looked fine in step 1. Artist tried too hard to make it stylized after that.

>draw a hyper realistic cat
>draw a sketch
>removing all coloring from the sketch
>add coloring using solid colors
So for games
>100% the game
>restart and beat half of the game
>play through the tutorial on another save file
>beat the game

i liek cats (this post was sponsored by toxoplasmosis gang)

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That persian is like "you get all that bro?"

maybe its a guide on making simplified cats
cats dont belong in school

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hehe meow

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they are learning

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my university is filled with cats and dogs. Last week at analysis and small cats started mewing in the back of the class.

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Remember that Australia is a death world full of random things that can kill you in moments like funnel webs, dingoes, taipans and kangaroos....and they're all getting hunted to extinction by cats. fucking house cats.

>How to gaming?
Step 1: create a proof of concept demo
Step 2: create a single level from start to finish with art assets, sounds, and music
Step 3: create development tools and interface
Step 4: make the rest of the fucking game

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Actually I feel that step 1 is more stylized while the later steps are simplifying it.

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Mmmm, taxioplasmosis seasoned fish

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Do Americans REALLY not let their cats out the house?

thanks for the actual laugh, spat my drink out

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nah they do,its aussies that dont because "muh endemic wildlife!" or some shit
just know that whensomeone complains about cats wiping out a bird species, its most definitely an aussie

I did when I had them. Someone has to eat the rats and squirrels.

If I take my cat even near an open door she starts freaking out, god forbid actually taking her outside.

No. I live in an area full of coyotes, and even then almost no one keeps their cats locked indoors all the time. Hell, my cats spend so much time outside that they're basically strays.

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I took my cat out (to a park) on a leash once.
He spent the first 40 minutes yelling constantly at the sky like a demon, then slowly waddled over to some bushes and then passed out

>let my cat outside for 5 mins
>next week my apartment is infested with fleas
So. Much. Diatomaceous earth.

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We are not but willing participants in their calculated and vile game (the toxioplasmosis parasite, not cats)

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>(the toxioplasmosis parasite, not cats)

>cat wants to go out and practically sprints his way there the moment he sees the door open
>moment he actually gets out, he just stands around scared as shit
Fucking cat

You mean they just walk around the hall or

They're inside pets

yes, and the administration is not doing anything about it

My cat likes to hang around the garden and sunbathe around the pool but she wont leave the property,
You can leave the fence door open and she will come up to it and sit on the edge staring at the outside
Must take after her owner or some shit

That administration would become very unpopular if they did

cats are based now??

i would never have an inside cat cuz that means dealing with a disgusting litter box.

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post it

>let cats out
>they get gored by the local pitties

I think it's a siamese

Letting a cat out puts your cat at risk of injury, disease and bringing pests like fleas and ticks in with them. It also fucks up the local environment because cats are invasive and kill huge numbers of birds.

You're a shitty owner who doesn't care about your cat or the sanctity of your home first and foremost, and as an aside you're also an asshole responsible for lots of dead birds.


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lmaoo check this pussy nigga out

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its not so bad, the sand helps cover the poopies and the cats like to bury them
i prefer cleaning a litter box to wiping my own ass desu