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what's the reapers fucking problem? i just finished the leviathan dlc so the reapers are pretty much ANOTHER rebel AI?

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i dont' remember. just play the games. pretty sure their problems were explained there at some level

by the end of me1 the plot is a wash, just play 2 and 3 for the decent third person shooter gameplay and turn your brain off

>what's the reapers fucking problem?

I'll try to be as polite as possible for Yea Forums standards.
1) In the original release the writers didn't plan ahead beyond ME1 so when ME3 got rushed by EA they simply retconned everything and nothing made sense. The plan was to give the Reapers some higher cause, literally beyond human comprehension. Source: Sovereign's speech on Virmire. They needed to end the trilogy abruptly, thus the last mission and endings were completely nonsensical.

2) In the following DLCs they went for damage control and attributed the existence of the Reapers to a much more ancient alien species, which completely nullifies the mystery buildup in ME1. Basically the Reapers are just dumb machines, and them being dumb is canon. Source: "synthetics seek perfection through understanding". They can't extrapolate or apply logic on their own. They need to farm organics and their inventions with try-and-error in order to achieve enlightenment themselves. This completely contradicts ME1 again.

Somehow the DLCs made things worse. You can't correct a wrong by doing another wrong. Sadly they lack the financial will to correct any of this and they'd rather work on the new ME4 to cash in on the fanboys because, they know, they'll continue to buy garbage even after Andromeda.

All that said, Garrus best girl.

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Wrong pic. I'm not mad...

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I see, thank god me2 is my favorite because barely has a main story, mass effect is about characters and dumb fun adventures a la star trek.

Thousands of cycles of galactic societies couldn’t take on the robot squid lel

>rebel AI

The leviathans explicitly tell you they aren't, they tell you that the Catalyst is doing exactly what they made it to do.

The Catalyst is stupid too.

You put more thought into asking that question than the writers did writing the reapers.

The allure of the Reapers was that their motives were a mystery. The minute they were explained they were reduced to a retarded and unoriginal skynet trope. How were they defeated? With a deus ex machina that the writers pulled out of their ass because they were too retarded to climb out of the hole they were digging for themselves. The culmination of the entire series is a conversation with a star baby that tells you that all of your decisions have lead to the apex of the trilogy: choosing between 3 colors.

The reapers don't deserve any modicum of your brain power. They are beyond your comprehension, because they are incomprehensible garbage.

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Mass Effect sequels should not have continued the Reaper plot, they should have just been different, loosely connected space adventures. Reapers should've been considered sufficiently dealt with in 1.

>hey man whats the deal with the reapers
>Oh, so all the shittier races in our galaxy made AI and it dicked on them, so we made the reapers to put an end to that.
>Okay but the reapers fucked up your shit too? How'd you fumble that bag
>Well you see, when the whole galaxy bends to your whim, it's real easy to get complacent

the leviathan you speak to outright says his species thought themselves better than everyone else, and that making an AI to handle this AI problem wouldn't backfire. Except it did.


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"In that instant it betrayed us. It chose our kind as the first harvest. From our essence, the first Reaper was created. You call it Harbinger."

How fucking dumb do you have to be to miss that the AI rebelled against the leviathans, when he outright says it betrayed them.

Mass Effect like Dragon Age should've been a one and done deal. Imagine how much bullshit we'd be spared if that happened.

everyone says that yet they planned for a trilogy since the first game was in development.
there's no other way.

A Reaper-centric main plot was doomed to be shit, ME2 was right for largely ignoring it.


It makes perfect sense for the Reapers to find alternative strategies once they've been defeated by Shepard in ME1. They underestimated him. Heck, the guy even sacrificed a whole star system just to fend them off.

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Doesn't matter if it "makes sense" for the Reapers to do, it's impossible to make into a good Mass Effect game plot. Better off saying you delayed the Reapers by a billion years and leave it at that, then go off and encounter other weird galaxy shit in the sequels.

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Yep, the Leviathans noticed that every civilization eventually gets fucked by AI. So they created an AI to solve that problem, kek

>what's the reapers fucking problem?
i thought it was some bullshit where they went around wiping out the most advanced races 'for the greater good' and just assimilated whatever race was top tier at the time (leviathans, protheans, etc.) to learn how to be more efficient at each subsequent cycle. then humans came along and rebel against the cycle so they try to make a giant robo human that you fight at the end of 2.

They should have made it like the ceph from crysis, with reapers being an advanced civilization harvesting younger civilizations for their tech and unique discoveries.

Wiping all life in the galaxy for them would be the same as a gardener killing dangerous or useless species
of plants (krogans, batarians, vorcha) while harvesting and seeding the more useful ones (humans, salarians, turians).

Why in the fuck did they have to try to explain the reapers? How about the galaxy bands together to defeat this unknowable threat and the final act plays out like the final act of 2 where survival and galaxy state depend on preparedness and relationships. Still, it is the best game franchise ever and after BioWare finally kicks the bucket we’ll have to settle for a decent Bethesda game every decade and millions of live service turds.

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>page 9

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Is any of this confirmed, such as stand alone ME1 that then got spun out by boardroom fags into a trilogy, or is it all speculation?

It does however make sense, looking back, that Sovereign struck terror into me thanks to his incredible looming super-intelligence and not a programmed AI.

The claim that it was not planned is a bit think though, as they admitted to cycles of harvesting in the first game, which tells me they wanted some big spun out lore and a murky plot with alien motives. I mean shit, it ends with a warning that the threat is still present and Shepard is gonna fight for our future. They must have had SOME reason in mind for harvest cycles.

It's not wrong but not entirely true either. Bioware already had a plan for ME3 when they made 2. The Reapers originally culled organics every cycle because organics caused the mass effect field to go out of whack and threatened the universe. The whole Tali's dark energy subplot was foreshadowing this.

>play original trilogy
>"you know, maybe Andromeda isn't as bad as I remembered"
>play it for an hour
>drop it
>time goes by
>play original trilogy
>"you know, maybe Andromeda isn't as bad as I remembered"
>play it for a handful of hours
>drop it
>time goes by
>play original trilogy
>"you know, maybe Andromeda isn't as bad as I remembered"
>force myself to play it for a dozen hours
>drop it

I've tried playing as my favorite class, I've tried playing with a class I hadn't touched before, I tried making an asshole character, I tried playing in a challenging difficulty. I fucking hate this game but for some god forsaken reason my love for the original games keeps me coming back to it. I'm a battered wife, Yea Forums

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No, the Leviathans didn't create the Reapers like the quarians made the geth; they created the Catalyst, and gave it the order to figure out a way to preserve their thralls life at all costs. It's unknown how much time went on between the Catalyst's creation and its execution of the very first Leviathan to create Harbinger, but given the cosmic levels the Leviathans cycle was working with, it could've easily been centuries of the Catalyst alone trying and failing at coming up with ways to preserve lesser organic races until it came up with its final solution: Synthesis. But that was something the Catalyst wasn't able to achieve on its own, so it started doing the next best thing to "preserve" organics: turn their genetic material into paste and stuff it inside a Reaper consciousness, this (((preserving it))) as well as breeding new Reapers which will help in future harvestings.

What's his name?

You colossal retard

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Not even an AI, but literally a faulty VI.

chad image

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>Tali's dark energy
I don't recall this at all, but I will have to take your word for it on the whole thing. It sounds from the fact that Sovereign teased it that a sequel (if not a trilogy) was indeed planned from the beginning though. The ending is basically "tune in next week".

What confuses me is what Catalyst used to war with the superpowered squid Leviathans. He could not harvest them using mass effect fields, unless he constructed these machines on the edges of the galaxy in secret for thousands of years and then launched a strike. How did the little guy do it?

You're giving wrong information. Bioware didn't "have a plan for ME3 when they made ME2", Dark Energy literally never ever left Drew Karpyshyn's head

>I don't recall this at all
You recruit Tali on a planet where the sun is about to explode. The quarians sent her there to find out why. This subplot is never again mentioned.

>This subplot is never again mentioned.
Because it wasn't well thought out.

i might be the only who likes andromeda, i get why it got shat on when it first came out but the gameplay is good.

>what Catalyst used to war with the superpowered squid Leviathans
The specifics don't matter, the idea is that this god-like species, the only apex predator of its cycle capable of brainwashing anyone and everyone, failed because of hubris. This is what a lot of anons don't realize when they make fun of "an AI they created to stop AIs from killing shit, ended up killing them xd": The Leviathans literally couldn't fathom failing, because they had never done so before and they sure wouldn't start now from their pov. It's why they straight up tell Shepard that, technically speaking, they succeeded with the Catalyst because it is doing exactly what it was designed to do.
Do you remember after defeating the Shadow Broker, how Liara notes none of his systems are password locked because he was so egotistical he never expected anyone to attack and supplant him? Even though, you know, that's exactly what he did with the old Shadow Broker 60 years beforehand? This is *exactly* the same case. The Leviathans lived for who knows how many millennia, never having to face any hardships because they were so above and beyond any other race. They considered themselves gods over their thralls, free from their flaws and problems. Thus they never considered they could fall for the same problem in time. How could they?

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Funny posting best posting

Absolutely not, the gameplay is mind numbing
I could take any amount of shit characters and story if the gameplay was good (which is why ME3 is the one I replayed most)

Less "rebel" and more "badly programmed". They have a task, they obediently perform it, it just wasn't a very smart task to give to your master AI.

>squids so smart they retarded


Mass Effect 2 fails because of Mass Effect 3. They didn't need to focus on the main plot, they needed to show development of everything but the reaper story in ME2, and that development should have been used in ME3. But instead everything done in ME2 is thrown out, making it all seem wasted.

The problems of Mass Effect 3 started when they completely threw out the prospect of conventional war, and sped up the reaper invasion through the Arrival DLC, which was written in parallel with ME3.

>They didn't need to focus on the main plot
The fuck they didn't
>they needed to show development of everything but the reaper story in ME2, and that development should have been used in ME3
Are you a retard? What places do you visit in ME2?
>Freedom's Progress (desolated)
>Purgatory (destroyed)
>Korlus junkyard
>a financial district and office in Ilium
>a hidden ship on Hagalaz
>random human colonies
>Derelict Reaper (destroyed)
>Collector Ship (destroyed)
>Collector Base (destroyed)
>Heretic Station (destroyed)
>Collectors (beaten)
>random unpopulated planets in the middle of nowhere
ME1 establishes that Reapers invade by directly attacking the heart of the galactic community, ME2's "seedy underbelly of the galaxy" approach ensures that nearly all the locations and worldbuilding from ME2 can NEVER be relevant when the Reapers arrive since the invasion won't be set in what ME2 established. And most of these locations are destroyed or played out.
For fuck's sake, ME2 does slightly set up Tuchanka and Rannoch and -big surprise- ME3 actually makes some of that work because it doesn't have to pull new things out of its ass with all the other locations ME2 avoided.
>The problems of Mass Effect 3 started when they completely threw out the prospect of conventional war
You mean what ME1 established by needing an entire fleet to defeat a single squid?
>and sped up the reaper invasion through the Arrival DLC
A Mass Effect 2 DLC, which you don't get to ignore in your retarded "Arrival is actually part of ME3" falseflag which you've tried before in these threads

>Mass Effect 2 fails
Well at least you accept it

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>596882506 (You)
Don't you get tired of posting the same wrong argument every thread? You're just fishing for (You)s at this point

Hopefully they'll fix all the little bugs in the next game.

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The shooting is kinda fun, but the story and most of the characters are beyond saving for me.
The worst thing about it is how much of a beta Ryder is, especially when compared to Shepard. Nothing Ryder says ever mattered to anyone and has no effect on anything ever. It's always just
>be nice
>be nice
>be nice
>be nice(sassy)
I supposed I understand that they wanted to do something different but fuck me, that was not it.

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Based and calibrated.

I don't think I love infiltrator anymore. I don't know where to go either.

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One never stops loving Infiltrator, user

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>You mean what ME1 established by needing an entire fleet to defeat a single squid?
The equivalent of shooting arrows at a helicopter. Technology advances, and given enough time and resources, military fleets could have matched and destroyed reapers. (They do this anyways during priority: earth)

Your complaint that they didn't develop any story/world outside the terminus systems should have been seen as a massive opportunity to the writers of ME3. Leaving so much open in ME2 left plenty of opportunities open for unhindered use in ME3. But it was WASTED.

Mass effect 3 would make more sense if the Turians were actually able to defend palaven conventionally in space combat, but were still in need of robust ground forces (krogan). The turian hierarchy working in secret to bolster against the reapers would make sense, and it also makes sense that we never hear anything about it in Mass Effect 2. The citadel is not the same entity as governments of the galaxy.

The takeaway from mass effect 2 should have been: If a prepared Shepard and crew could defeat the collectors, then a united and prepared galaxy could defeat the reapers. Not just politically united in an ivory tower, but technologically, tactically, economically. That's what mass effect 2 was alluding to. And the whole purpose of Cerberus in ME2 was preparing humanity by any means necessary, going on a ghost chase in the terminus systems at the smallest possibility that reapers may be involved.

I'm going to start Andromeda soon.
Wish me luck.

>both Shepurd and Kasoomi are invisible