Name a better companion who trusts you and will always deliver a truly interesting experience

Name a better companion who trusts you and will always deliver a truly interesting experience.

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Ranni was better than Leaf in all respects really

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Jubjub sexo

I love Leaf!

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Best punching bag

honestly, that's what makes me love her most. i love to hate her, and then when she is broken i hate to love her and the cycle repeats.

God, I wish that was me.

It's canon and she loves it

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We have to return that retard writter to his vessel


ty, op. because this thread is about leaf, it's going to die before it reaches 50 posts. if this was an alice thread, it would have reached bump limit by now. hell, even red threads would probably last longer. kek, red20

Oh no it's me

Alice threads aren't exactly a representative of quality

That's not really an achievement

Giant Leaf hugging (You) from behind! thetip

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Yes, but Leaf is still best girl. Red a shit, Node is a whore, Mabel is a hag and Alice is more of a concept than a girl so it doesn't really count.

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>Mabel is a hag
And that's a good thing

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someone please make a lc thread, i can't cope with the boardstate

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Guys I found Alice!

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rif whre alce?

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What game are you retards on about

Black Souls

>spoonfedding the guy that calls you a retard

Thank god that these games have a filter on them.

Airy, just not in the way you expected

You're the type of person who killed Varre arent you

why do you think the threads moved to /vrpg/ lol lmao

Leaf taught me that love and hate are not opposites.

I want the game to get popular so I can watch all the drama from retards outing themselves as cunnychads.

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>I want the game to get popular
No, you don't.

Io is the best companion in any Souls-like.

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Why not? I don't use twitter so I wouldn't be affected by all the awful fandom shit.
twitter WILL destroy this game

Just a really loud minority, they won't kill the game but they will destroy the discussions about it.

twitter lives rent free in your heads

Yes, and?

I use retard in only the most loving sense, retard. Do you think everyone who says they're a soulsfag or a sonicfag or whatever is actually saying they like to suck cocks like you do?
Thanks, looks like a fun concept.

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Just a fair warning, the horror elements don't really come into play until Black Souls 2. And you can't exactly skip 1 for story reasons

How long is 1?

Around 10 hours. 2 is 30-45 hours long
BS1 is pretty much a proof of concept and serves as a setup for 2, which polishes most of its rough edges. Still a fun game

What? There's plenty of horror elements in BS1 too. The world you explore is clearly very fucked up and most of its inhabitants have been reduced to grotesque mockeries of their former selves.

The setting is fucked, sure, but not as much as 2. And it doesn't try to scare you outright like 2
BS1 feels like Dark Souls, BS2 feels like Bloodborne with a few full-on horror game segments

No, it's Demon's Souls, not Dark Souls. The plot is outright the same. Cinderella is King Allant. That said, it's horror. It's just a more slow-burning type of horror, where the world is clearly decaying rapidly (whereas in Dark Souls it's decaying so slowly that it would make no difference for a mortal) and what awaits is worse than death. It's a lot more subtle about it, but the horror elements are there. The whole Little Mermaid thing is also way creepier than anything that happens in BS2 in my opinion.

Her eating your loved one? I always just threw Leaf into her maw without any regrets.

She's not just doing that. By the time you're talking to her you're already inside her stomach. I'm not even sure what she is anymore. The fact that she used to be the Little Mermaid from the fairytale and she's been turned into something like that is pretty awful. In BS2 I don't feel that any of the monsters has that much of an impact because they're all aliens and even if they look weird they're humanized to the point where it starts to feel natural for them to be like that. The princesses in BS1, especially Little Mermaid, are the opposite. What's happening in the kingdom has turned them into unrecognizable things. That's pretty creepy.


I dont get why you had to rape and kill her

I think Leaf is pretty well written and interestingly constructed especially with the context of everything that’s going on and how things are set up before, and after BS1. I think she’s the most important exploration in a way. Even if she is obviously not in the spotlight in 2

Because it makes for a better story.
Also she's into getting raped and murdered.

I want to make Leaf eat “Eat Me!”!
I want to be comforted and teased by a big Leaf!

Congratulations to Red Hood for her new upcoming game.

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Schizo made up game by anons for the purpose of shitposting.
Like those "discuss a game that doesn't exists" threads...

Ed, Edd n Eddy MMO doesn't exactly sound appealing to me baka desu senpai
Now Black Souls and Winds of Zanzibart - I'd play the shit out of those if they were real

>tfw no hag wife

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What could possibly go wrong?

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You DO use Yea Forums though, and you know what a screeching cesspool Yea Forums is with anything that gets popular. You'd never be able to discuss Black Souls here again. The danger isn't twitter, it's all around us.

I'm surprised the threads are still able to maintain their strong spoiler tags culture with how popular BS already got

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It's still pretty obscure, on the level of EYE and Project Moon. There's enough buzz to get a steady stream of new people and thus laughs from people wondering where all their Covenants went but not enough to draw the attention of the contrarian shitposters and/or election tourists that make this board so shit to use. If, say, Sseth made a video on Black Souls that'd change. Space Station 13 got fucked by the Ssethtide and we'd be no different.

It makes me happy to see that this image is still relevant after two years
t. made the version with less spoilers