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a space multiplayer dogfighter like battlefront 1/2 or star fox

>male protag wakes up with amnesia
>a girl proclaims to be his sidekick
>they go on adventures and it turns out the protag is actually a pretty popular hero knight guy
>no one knows who the girl is though
>partway through gain your memories back
>turns out the girl is actually your witch nemesis who fell in love with you
>you lost your memories in your last fight
>she owns up to it and acts exponentially more lovey dovey with you
>you thought you had the full picture now
>way later you gain memories you had no idea you lost
>the knight lost his daughter to an indirect attack by the witch
>every single action he took was in dedication to killing her
>no heroism or good intent behind his actions, just whatever would most logically lead to her death
>fully intended to brutally murder her before he lost his memories
No clue how it would end or even what the gameplay would be like. Doesn't even have to be a game

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megaman legends 3

Tenkaichi 3 mixed with God Hand combat but faster paced

Just a beat em up game
nobody makes good beat em up games anymore

It'd be pretty cool if the adventures lead you to reclaiming your memories and gaining knightly powers ala Metroid. You do this by defeating the witch's old minions, that have since moved on to have their own agendas. I guess she goes along with this in an attempt to atone for her past, but doesn't know how the final revelation will make the protag feel. Then you wrap it up with a big moral choice and two distinct endings. I'd play that shit on RPG maker.

that's a story, not a game

Flying broom witch delivery service (like kikis delivery service) gameplay like crazy taxi but flying like ace combat, you get bonus points for pulling of sexy tricks that you modify by unlocking Sexier outfits and tricks, you use time magic to freeze time and take good photos of yourself, you have different stats that affect things like mana allowing for more use of magic, charm affects boob and ass size, speed is max speed and acceleration, int unlocks higher grade magic and endurance affects stamina which limits carry weight and amount of contracts you can take in a run. you post sexy shots of yourself to promote your businesses social media to attract more contracts. One day I'll make it I play it in my dreams when I do too many mushrooms and its very fun.

niggers in space

Demon souls 2


You forgot an adjective.

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Monster Prom but porn
So Star Wars Squadrons

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you're a manager of a fast food resturant, its a roguelike inspired by FTL. you only can chose your employees and what positions to put people on and what shifts they work.

I just want an adventure game that I can couch co-op all the way through with 4 people. Outward has a million flaws but the simple fact that I can go on an adventure with my bro start to finish immediately bumps it up from a 3/10 to a 7/10 at least.

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Literally just Vanquish 2

turn based shooter game set in a zombie apocalypse with a randomly generated city for you to explore and loot, factions you can aid for rewards, and am emphasis on a fuck huge selection of irl guns with appropriate attachments, ammo types, etc.

Creating old rune factory no gay marriage, and only play as male with female marriage candidates. With big Titty hags and Loli characters included. Less farming and more dungeon crawling experience. Also add rivalry relationships back.

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i will now wishlist your game and possibly consider buying it when it's on sale for $5-10

That's my dream, man but. I am working with my roommate to make coomer bait monster girl VN. Not full on furry but 1/3 monster 2/3 human. If it ever gave me a good check or funds I'd would definitely like to manage a team to make my dream game come thru.

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S̶t̶a̶r̶ ̶W̶a̶r̶s̶ Cosmos Battles CRPG

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Corruption of Champions but with fully 3D modeled characters and weight gain mechanics.

Idk about anything else yet but the main menu will show the current player character and dynamically change depending on your gear and progress in the game. Also, if you hover over "new game" while already having a character, the character will look sad/worried and if you click it, he'll ask you if it's really what you want.

I have an idea for a game where this smug mesugaki loli brain controls people and makes them do her bidding and has like this evil shadow government. The MC has super powers and beats and fights his way to stop her. During their confrontation she shows his gf behind her, the mc's whole relationship, life and him getting into vigilati work was because of his gf who was brain controlled by the loli the entire time.
The MC's whole world stops and doesn't know what to do. Loli reveals she knows all his kinks, fantasies, hopes, dreams etc and she was viewing it all, MC loses it and joins the loli becoming her slave as she's technically his gf and he loves her by proxy.
You follow another MC this time to the top and similar shit happens everything the mc has was orchaestrated by the loli and even fighting the previous mc. The cycle continues of finding out more about the world, what the loli controls about you and the world. You follow more and more MCs.

And it turns out that the loli causes suffering as too much happines is detrimental to society and you'd get a mouse utopia ( Since she can control people, she finds it that it's in people's interests to control both evil and good in the world. Over the course of the game it shows how the mcs caused more harm with their actions and questions whether or not to stop the loli if possible at al, also whether or not the mc is still brainwashed the entire time into stopping the loli as she needs a threat too.

OK but does it end in rape correction or not?

no she rapes you

Damn brat..!

I was thinking of this girl where she mind breaks this kid and then kisses him saying shit like I know you want me sexually and other shit and just breaks him completely.

forgot pic sorry.

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Spooky ghost investigation game that has you investigating various locales for spooks, but with more of an investigation focus than just pure horror. Idea is to try to figure out the forgotten history of a locale, person, or event that happened by drawing out the answers from the spirits that linger. You accomplish this by sussing out what makes the spirits respond and using various technology to help you.

souls like set in medieval japan. The whole Island was invaded by yokai znd hou're a ronnin-monk-onmyoji dude that try to save japan

RPG where you start off as a newly licensed adventurer setting out to make your mark on the world, arrive in a town thats too empty, discover from survivors that a dungeon appeared and quite a few of the residents went in/got taken in by the monsters. You then descend, level by level into a procedurely generated dungeon, fighting all sorts of monsters, all the while gathering loot, resources, magic, etc and saving the townfolk that you encounter.
Eventually, once you find most of the people and the businesses start reopening, you can then explore an open world with multiple cities, towns and villages, doing quests, dungeon-diving in other smaller dungeons, that sort of thing.
Depending on your actions, you can save everyone, doom everyone, do nothing, that sort of thing.
I honestly just like RPG's with decently designed dungeons and a wide array of enemies to fight to be honest.

literally nioh

X-com + Necromunda
Rune Factory x Touhou
Soulslike set in Mordheim from Warhammer Fantasy
X-com the bureau but it's the x-files
First person rpg set in eithier Glorantha or Tekumel

>you play as a tree in space
>namely, anaxagoras from ES2, marshall of an empire of ent people known as unfallen
>the unfallen are a generally peaceful folk
>however anaxagoras is something of a gamer, and his unhinged psycopathy and enjoyment of war as a sport has him the perfect mad hound to send on less friendly neighbors
>you fight cravers, biomechanical supersoldier termites, in aerial/space dogfights and on the ground combat missions like starwars battlefront, but because you are a fucking tree you can use huge weapons and a bayonet on your rifle can destroy vehicles, let alone cravers
>you are given several missions per chapter which you only need to clear a few to proceed
>as the campaign progresses, the empire's tech improves based on the missions you cleared and you unlock new weapon/ammo/bayonet types and even stuff like jetpacks and grafted power armor

>I honestly just like RPG's with decently designed dungeons
>procedurally generated
>decently designed

eh, I just like dungeons user, whether their pre-made or generated, doesnt matter to me, as long as theres plenty of variation in design and enemies, it works for me

>implying i'd give away my million dollar idea that easily
nice try jew

Super Mario Warriors

>Luigi (Story Unlock)
>Peach (Story Unlock)
>Toad (Story Unlock)
>Toadette (Super Warriors Bros. Unlock - Clear World 1-Castle)
>Yoshi (Story Unlock)
>Donkey Kong (Story Unlock)
>Wario (Super Warriors Bros. Unlock - Clear World 3-Castle)
>Bowser (Story Unlock)
>Bowser Jr. (Story Unlock)
>Kamek (Super Warriors Bros. Unlock - Clear Level 7-Castle)
>Boom Boom (Super Warriors Bros. Unlock - Clear Level 5-Castle)
>Rosalina (Super Warriors Bros. Unlock - Clear a Star Road level)

>Petey Piranha
>King Bob-Omb
>Big Boo
>Giant Bowser

>Story Mode - Play through the story of Super Mario Warriors. Bowser has amassed an army larger and more dangerous than ever seen before. Prologue involves rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser. Midpoint revolves around splitting up into teams consisting of Mario & Peach, Luigi & Toad, and Yoshi; to cripple Bowser's bases and gather information on how to even out your strength vs. Bowser, running afoul of Kamek and Bowser Jr., rescue and recruit Donkey Kong, and also a brief clash with Wario. Epilogue revolves around Princess Peach leading the Mushroom Kingdom to Star Road make a wish upon the Star Rod, then finally taking the fight to Bowser's Army and beating Bowser. This then leads into Bowser's Story where Bowser has figured out how they beat him thanks to Kamek and steals the Star Rod for himself, then decisively defeats the Mario Bros. and the other heroes and has essentially won. Grand Finale starts with Bowser taking Peach somewhere unknown and imprisoning the rest, but get inadvertently freed by Wario, find Bowser's locations, and finally decisively defeating him.
>Super Warriors Bros. - Oh no, the princess has been kidnapped, battle your way through eight worlds to rescue her. There's also a Star Road map whose levels can be unlocked by gathering Stars in this mode and Story Mode to unlock illustrations - with each illustration unlocking a level based on that illustration.

More Bosses that I couldn't include in the main post
>Gooper Blooper

DLC Characters
>Daisy (Lost Levels Pack)
>Waluigi (Lost Levels Pack)
>Baby Mario (Yoshi's Island Pack)
>King Boo (Luigi's Mansion Pack)
>Diddy Kong (Donkey Kong Country Pack)
>King K. Rool (Donkey Kong Country Pack)

ok how about a point&click game ala tokio twilight busters but in 3d japanese style. the whole game being centered in mystery case. horror and spooks surely comes in

a game where you play as a yandere hunting her rivals so she can get her senpai to herself, she'll also have a personality

An RPG that takes place across multiple time periods, but the further into the past you go, the more primitive the graphics become and vice versa. For example, let's say the game starts with SNES style graphics. You go into the past and everything is now NES. Go even FARTHER back and everything is now IBM PC. Go into the future and you have PS1 w/ intentionally crappy voice acting. Go even FARTHER into the future and the game looks current gen. This would also affect gameplay, for example while in IBM time you would fight by manually typing out your actions a la Ultima or Wizardry, going into current gen would make the gameplay real-time, etc.
Thoughts on this idea? I don't have any ideas for an actual plot, this is purely an aesthetics/gameplay idea.

>Monster Prom but porn
God yes please I want to fuck Vera so bad.

Games are built on stories stupid. No story makes it a test demo to show off your talents as a dev

vagina simulator, rhythm game in which you have to make various dicks cum, supports onaho accessory and multiplayer competitive matches where you try to make each other cum and the first one to cum loses

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- Sakura Wars + X-Com (Yeah, there is Powerdolls)
- Reuniting the old Telltale squad in order to make a game about City Hunter, and one about You're Under Arrest.
- A fucking Usagi Yojimbo game. I am ready to give my ass to Todd Howard for that.
- A crossover between Gabriel Knight and Cognition.

- 90's Mighty Sword Bisexuals. An old dungeon crawler (style Legend of Grimrock , but I prefer something like that Slayers videogame for PC-98), characters from many 90's eroges and not.

You play as the latest of a species of militant plant dragons to be born with a rare genetic weapon literally attached to your body that allows you to drain away the mystical life source. from the world around you, as the past incarnations of the gene weapon were all great heros you are given land to govern and are expected to conquer a vast stretch of land. It's a bit like mount and blade but for vegans. You build settlements for your people and send troops to the settlements of the natives. All while managing an army and exploring the land and various crypts and dungeons etc etc etc. You eventually discover that your people are in fact part of a much larger empire that has come to conquer and reclaim your land, burns down the capital and having to fight countless others who have the same mutation before at last killing the emperor and claiming the throne and his royal bloodline weapon or something.

>No Mario RPG reps
Mario Mandate Moment

I am actually making my videogame idea but I have another one I'll probably never get round to:

Dungeon Keeper but with monster girls

>1st person RPG
>the size of daggerfall
>no fast travel
>dungeons even larger and more labyrinthian than daggerfall
>dwarf fortress level of autistic simulation and proc gen
>able build cities like df
I'd play this game until the end of time

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all females in the world became cat girls, i have to have sex with them in the asshole so they survive. its called world simulator.

No he's right. That particular story isn't even well suited for a game.

stealth puzzle action game where you play as a nigger getting out of jail

A cyberpunk game that is actually good.

It takes place on the moon. Divorced from any earthly context. The city is huge but there is a ceiling. Say 10miles high. The buildings reach just as high. The story goes that all the residents of luna are criminals from earth and their descendants who are pawns of earth megacorps making products for earthlings. All the while living in squalor. It’s always nighttime. In your adventure you’ll meet super cops from earth who are six times stronger than you and can super jump. You were born on the moon so you can’t jump as high. You can leave the colony to explore the moons surface. In a spacesuit of course. Eventually you can choose to expel the earth corps, go to war with earth or join the earthlings.

You have access to all sorts of vehicles. Cars flying cars boats and spaceships. Ground vehicles are cheap. Flying cars are very expensive. The better your flying car the higher you can climb. Boats are luxury items reserved for the wealthy. Spaceships can fly outside the dome.

Weapons are kinetic and laser based. Guns are hard to get initially. You need to rely on melee and homemade weapons initially. Earth soldiers use laser weapons. You can only get laser weapons by killing an earth soldier or joining the earthlings. If you acquire a laser weapon early on. You’ll have trouble finding ammo. And it will be too hot for you to fence.

The setting is another corporate war has broken out. You’re background is irrelevant. You’re just trying to survive another day.

You can buy apartments and shares in corps. Your actions have an affect on share price. You can also buy and sell and use drugs. Guns. Prostitution is an option too. But every illicit business has a downside. Say you make space meth. You’ll have to compete for territory with other rival gangs. You can join a gang but it will cut your profits. You can only leave a gang by killing everyone. If you get too big you’ll draw the ire of corrupt authorities. Selling guns marks you for death by earth forces. Unless your rep is high enough. Prostitution brings the ire of the morality police.

You start off at the bottom. As a lowly nobody. You’re first mission is to survive a riot. You get recruited into criminal gangs when you arrive at your designated residence. You don’t have a choice in the matter. You are required to help the gangs. You work your way up. Eventually meeting other gangs and getting offered better work. Unless you manage to kill the gang outright. Then you get a killer reputation and are sought out by the more violent gangs. Certain neighborhoods are off limits to you unless you get permission to enter.

Cybernetics do exist but they’re expensive.

I got to this part two days ago.
Got me a boner.

There isn't a need to put Mario RPG reps in it.

Cardcaptor Sakura Game

> Start the game by releasing the Clow Cards, leaving you with 1 of 3 choices. The other 2 fly away as well. Cards here are random, thus making the game have a good replayability.
> Freeroam the city of Tomoeda to gather the rest of the Clow Cards. Concept of "open city", where all the action takes place on Tomoeda, but you can see all the city as soon as the game starts.
> Card abilities can help you reach locations in the city. (for example, Fly Card to reach the top of buildings)
> Tomoyo's different outfits could give bonuses to certain Clow Cards you decide to use. (Like, an outfit could give The Freeze Card more Ice Power, but render you weaker VS Fire Attacks) You decide which outfit you wear everytime you go out in Tomoeda.
> Each battle, when you fail to gather a Clow Card, there's a chance Syaoran swoops in and gets the card instead.
> Each card has an evolved form (Sakura Cards instead of Clow Cards)
> Near the end of the game, battle Syaoran for complete control of all the Clow Cards.
> Final Battle is against Yue, then Clow Reed himself.

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I had a lot of really vivid, wacky dreams lately and wanted to make my own Yume Nikki or Omori clone game out of it in RPG 2k3.

>The character will sometimes rip themselves in half in the dream, waking up after.
I think I can work backwards from this into some 2deep4u imagery that YN games feed off of

>One of the segments was a school of some sort, with crowds of silhouettes except for flashes of another person that appears in the crowd who runs off before you can get to them.
The implication I think was that the character was/is obsessive over somebody and was seeing them everywhere they go, or expecting them around every corner. Again, this was actual dream logic so I'm not sure.

I wanted to base a lot of the explorable elements and areas off the weird, spooky, lonely, quiet vibes I got as a child from first nations history sites growing up on the west coast, but change it just enough to not be obvious.
So the dream entities and imagery were loosely based off first nations myth. A killer whale, a raven that steals the sun, longhouses, empty villages, beached fish, red and black artwork, totem poles, dances, that kind of stuff. Kind of like the weird Aztec imagery in Yume Nikki.
This would make the bulk of the game, gathering objects and effects in normal YN fashion, until something caused your character to rip themselves apart and wake up.

The ending was very vague because LMAO dream logic but it involved meeting the other character seen during the school segment after much effort, for them to just rip themselves in half as well.

Uplink like hacking game, where you can do jobs for different factions, maybe even getting exclusive software and missions. Just like Uplink you would have banks, internal servers but also phones, hacking someone's computer so you can access some internal server and stuff like that.