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How are you supposed to counter poise?

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gravity sorcery

That design looks so stupid, it's a shame it's the best armor in the game. The coolest looking armor (Godfrey's) has like 0 poise or defense.

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The other issue is the poise thresholds are so high and only a scant few armor sets are even able to reach those breakpoints. Not even talking about equipload minmax efficiency.

I just hate the fact that I really dig the look of a lot of the light armor like the Nox sets but it's pretty much physically impossible to use them because you can't get enough poise that way. At least in DaS1 you had the dog ring. But the bull goat ring in ER is a percentage increase so it doesn't do shit unless you already have fairly high poise to begin with.

Remember when everyone was saying poise was useless?

Any invaders have a good madness build or pure faith build? Especially focuse on dragon incantations? I need help making a build. My character is at lvl 90 right now

Why risk melee when you can one shot nuke the host and his phantoms from afar with huge aoe spells? It even destroys people camping in rooms.

You stack poise

It's simple, I don't summon anyone wearing veterans or bullgoat.

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Well, it's kinda both. Poise does work, BUT you need incredibly high poise to actually achieve anything. It'd be like if you needed a giantdad getup in DaS1 just to withstand medium-sized weapons. So you REALLY need to stack poise to get any real benefit, and anything less than that is basically next to worthless, hence people thinking that poise is useless.

I don't have any issue with this current system other than that I wish there were more high-poise armor options that didn't look like dogshit.

Also being light doesn’t seem to make rolling as much better as it used to, so medium is really always worth it

Ok I think I have a pretty food one right now but I think it's a bit mana hungry. Maybe I should remove some vigor for mind. Right now it is Prophet class, 40 vigor, 19 mind, 22 vig, 28 faith, 45 arcane. I have the faith talisman and silver tear mask. So far 3 for 3 but I think I basically need to kill them before they get close to me

AFAIK it's the same system from DaS3 where "light roll" is really a misnomer and it's just the same i-frames/recovery frames/animation as the normal roll, but the distance is slightly increased. Pretty much zero reason to ever target

It's not like poise even really matters anyways when they changed it so you can't get more than 1 hit-stun in. Either you hit them once and they get stunned, or you hit them once and they don't get stunned.
If they do get stunned you go for multiple attacks in a row hoping to punish them for not rolling away immediately after the first hit. If they don't get stunned, you are now in a hit'n'run fight and shouldn't be trading unless you're about to win on the next hit.

So many host try to rush me when I spawn lol

It's just nice being able to tank through spam while doing a heavy attack, guard counter, etc. I don't want a return of the first dark souls' PVP system of "first one to get poise broken gets stunlocked to death, the end"

I fucking hate poise so much. Everyone is running the same ugly sets because of it.

3 for 4 now. When will they actually nerf rivers of blood, moonviel, and phantoms?

That's not an issue with poise, that's an issue with the amount of sets that actually give enough poise being so few. Particularly if you want to reserve the headpiece for something that has a special effect like a stat boost

Well there is very little "stunlock" in ER unless you go to very specific weapon arts. Instead you get hit once and you are either stunned or you can immediately roll away. Poise is nothing more than "does someone get interrupted and incapable of doing anything other than panic roll away".

So we've just gone back to faggy tryhard DS1 PVP by default, where toggle-escaping is the default. Toggle-Escaping was forbidden tech absolutely nobody but the sweatiest faggiest streamers used. You just swapped either hand on the d-pad when you were hit and you could escape stunlock if timed right.

Pure Faith
Ash of War on weapon: Storm Stomp
Giantsflame Take Thee
Flame Grant me Strength
Golden Vow
Dragonbolt Blessing
Swarm of Flies
Wrath of Gold
Placidusax Ruin
Barrier of Gold

Combo spells:
Bestial Sling
Catch Flame
Honed Bolt
Lightning Strike
Bloodflame Talons
Magma breath

You have a lot of options. I think pure Faith is deadlier without Madness spells as a crutch. Catch Flame + Magmabreath against overly aggressive players and Storm Stomp > Placidusax Ruin as a finisher is nigh-unreactable. Giantsflame Take Thee while free aimed and buffed appropriately will oneshot players.

is the pvp and summoning worth buying the game for? or should i just torrent and solo it myself?

>wtf no passive poise? this is a problem!
>wtf passive poise? this is a problem!

PVP, you'd have to be in the right mindset, since invasions are janky. Duels are even worse because of meta builds. It is still enjoyable, though. Summoning and co-op in general is incredibly fun.

Sometimes I can combo theodoraxs magma, sometimes I can't. I can't tell how I do it other than usually when I do combo it I a just spamming catch flame beforehand. Not sure if that is always helpful in pvp since I can't move.
Do you do pure faith or faith arcane?

Im gonna get it then. After i complete DS1 DS3 though. Dont wanna spoil myself with elden ring

I'd say it's worth it just for PvE.
Making PvP builds is optional

Last one, how are invasions at level 100? I definitely feel like I need more fp than lvl 19 mind gives

There are two types of combos. One is the normal one, where you still see the dragon head, but the start-up time is much faster. If you are having trouble with timing, try Bestial Sling instead. Catch Flame is a little bit quicker. Practice it on an aggressive mob. The other one is the buggy invisible cast combo. Running Catch Flame > Catch Flame > Magma breath/Theodorix's is invisible and can be chain casted into itself. Do with that information as you will. It feels cheap, but when you're invading you're probably facing something retarded like 2x Naginatas, anyway.

Performance-wise, I think Faith/Arcane outdoes pure Faith until you get up to 150, then it's about the same.

Invasions are aplenty past Leyndell at that level. 125-150 at the Haligtree is a lot of fun, because the mobs are fucked. You could back-up your save and experiment. Bestial Sling hits like a truck. Do not underestimate how quickly it can rack up. If you take a liking to mindgaming with it along with combos, consider the Cinquedea as a sidearm.

>skipping DS2 and DES

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>Performance-wise, I think Faith/Arcane outdoes pure Faith until you get up to 150, then it's about the same
Even if you aren't focused on dragon communion spells?

this aow is op as shit or maybe people cant dodge it? I'm not sure but it wrecks people and you even get a free hit after the combo

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Yes, because you still have an incredible amount of Incantation scaling to work with on Faith/Arcane build, while having the freedom to use weapons like Naginatas/Nagakiba/Rivers of Blood and so on. It's more versatile. Erdtree seal doesn't overtake a Faith/Arcane build. A 30/50 spread for Faith/Arc using the Dragon Communion seal outdoes every other seal in the game until around 75 Faith, wherein the Erdtree seal overtakes it. An 80 Faith build has a much limited selection of weapons than a 30/50 Faith/Arcane build. A more glass cannon approach with 18 STR/22 DEX for the Nagakiba, while having a split 45/45 at 150 will have 336 scaling on the Dragon Communion seal at +10. Put it on your right hand and use whatever seal that has the bonus of your choice on your left. Even at a mid-tier spread of 25/45 nets you 304 incantation scaling at +10.

bestial sling

BHS + Guts sword poke spam.

I don't want to do melee since I am currently in mid level and can't sepnd points in melee (lvl 90) but if dragon communion is still better than so be it. My character is focused on dragon communion right now anyway. Just role-playing wise I was thinking of doing madness too and wasn't so sure about that school of faith

Not really, maybe if unwanted invades were 1v1 against people with greatrunes active. But the game though you'll still get your money's worth guaranteed.

You mean when the game released and everybody had under 61 poise? It's still useless against any enemy with a great weapon until you have over 100 poise, so yeah it's largely useless and only useful in pvp because you can trade a single hit and then your poise meter goes on cooldown. Also rats and dogs lunge attacks ignore poise so people were getting stunlocked by them and saying how trash poise is.

how much poise should I have I thought 56 was good enough

looks good for invasions but serious duelers would scoff at it. invasions are where the fun is anyways imo.

its one of those things thats hard to dodge if theres latency

I don't do duels because I am the cheese master, the regular swings on the CGS are great for hitting multiple people though gets me so hard

Sewers my favorite place so far to invade but I havn't made it very far into Mountaintops. War-dead catacombs my favorite dungeon to invade. I might try to ones where it has the same layout repeated to confuse people, I think Auriza Side Tomb.

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I finally broke down and made an sl125 character for invading. Invasions at this level are annoying as fuck though

51 is enough to tank a 1 handed not great weapon hit, 56 to tank a 2 handed not great weapon. Most people power stance not great weapons though and i dont know how much you need to tank a power stanced not great weapon L1 but i heard it was either 61 or 67, then there's the fact that certain attacks in a chain do more poise damage than others so it complicates things even further. If you want to poise a great weapon 2H hit you need 101 poise.
The most agreed upon number is 61 though.

>How are you supposed to counter poise?

By not pvping past level 30. Seriously, its a fucking shitshow. Nothing but ganks and massive meta cocksucking tryhards. Early level invasions are the only ones that feel like true invasions.

>he didn't join volcano manor

>fucking around with the alabaster lord greatsword all day
this thing is so much fun now that it's been buffed, holy shit
the WA comes out about twice as fast as before, the range is ridiculous and passes through walls and even most ceilings, and even the damage is pretty good
the weapon itself sucks a fat one but oh well, at best you take a swing or two right after you yank someone over into your face

this and the onyx lord greatsword got absolutely mad buffed with 1.04
however i bet they'll get forever ignored

Isn't that ash just gravitas?

it's gravitas but BIG and also does about twice the damage
it's only slightly slower than gravitas post-patch
seriously just try it out, it's fucking stupid huge range
i've killed so many people through walls or around corners

>invade at stormveil cliffside
>pull out that weapon
>use the skill at a weird angle
>it "drags" people off the cliff
Hilarious every time

i had some beautiful shit where me and the host were fighting on top of an elevator
button gets pressed, he doesn't like where things are going and rolls back off, i pop the WA on the way up and it drags him right down the hole

i'm trying to pump end so i can alternate between alabaster and onyx to catch people off guard, onyx has a smaller range but does way more damage and knocks people on their asses

>dexfags are the ones who use the most poise
Really makes you think.

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INTchads where you at?
What are the best pvp sorceries?
Adula feels weaker since 1.04

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>It's another lionel set wearer with a frost greatsword, crouch R1 spamming
change the channel.

Finger Severer
Dont bother PvPing
I just uninstalled today, PvP is horrible at ALL soul levels
If you invade under 100 you get a host and 2 overleveled phantoms that will 2 shot you
If you invade above 100 you get dedicated gank squads because no one co ops through the game except to gank or do bosses

Only thing worth doing is duels and then you get tired because thats just sweaties and ugs pokers with bhs
save yourself time, dont pvp

Imagine playng PvP in a fromsoft game after Dark Souls 2

I like to be in ganksquads and bully reds
Hopefully we get a dedicated gank zone like the ringed city

slicer and magic glintblade are the best. everything else feels pretty good for pvp.

>wait outside Malenia's with host
>Invaded by Bloody Finger VIGOR CHECK !
>full bull-goats and powerstanced giant crushers
>one-shots us both with one jump attack
i know you're here, you motherfucker. wt ring u got bithc?

Thou shalt not pass

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i kneel