Mine comes this week

Mine comes this week.

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it's for me

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got mine 3 days ago but noticed it had a dead pixel so beware. luckily they will send me a replacement.

How big is a dead pixel on a screen like that? I'm getting two different ones anyway. Hopefully one just comes with the quiet blue fan.

Has anyone that ordered on day 1 still not received theirs or is it just me? I don't know how they're going to get through the last 9 months of reservations if they are still working on people who are day 1.

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mine got delayed till Q4

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valve is still working on day one orders for all regions and models.
for 256gb (excluding eu) they're still working on the first hour
for 512gb (excluding eu) they're still working on the first 20 minutes

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i'm sorry to hear that

Not sure why anybody's impatient to get one with all the software issues. I'm more excited for software update info than order queue info.

Enjoy long load times and stuttering.

Did they overstock the 64GB model in the EU?
You fill it with roms. You're not putting them on your internal SSD, are you?

For some reason, a lot of games load faster on the SD card. Either way, they still bloat your SSD with the shader caches from every game on either storage regardless.

I honestly didn't notice until my second day using it. In most cases it's hard to notice but knowing that it's there would drive me insane so I RMA'd it anyways

What the fuck lol, if it takes them 2 months to get through the first few minutes of pre-orders, how the fuck do they expect to get through the last 9 months in less than 10 years? That production ramp up would need to be exponential.

I got mine a month ago and just sold it to some sucker for 150% of what I paid for it

Maybe they're banking on the semiconductor shortage mellowing out.
The shortage is fucking INSANE right now. My company manufacturers a microcontroller board for appliances. The whole assembly used to cost like $8. The core component used to be $2.50.
That same component now costs $55. And, because we are contract locked in pricing, we have to continue to sell at our original retail price of $20. Straight up losing like $40 per unit we sell.

Mine came in September.

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they said that they were expecting the cheaper models to be the most popular when the opposite ended up happening, so they probably overstocked 64gb for all regions

I reserved mine in the first five minutes and still waiting.

Based Beyond Belief

>near-silent fan
>exceeds expectations hugely
>excellent, intuitive UI
>no superfluous controls
>analog triggers
>back buttons still allow for customisable controls
>1080p screen
>half the size of the deck
>half the PRICE of the deck

lol I got me one of these when Gaben's lies got too much for me to stomach. Cannot recommend it enough

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>can barely play ps2


Why would someone do that?
Just go on the internet?
And tell lies?

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>sticks not symmetrical
instant trash

>buttons shouldn't take priority over secondary control sticks
You're hitting levels of cope that shouldn't even be possible.

I like asymmetrical sticks

same. Does Q2 have shitty fans or something? Should I scalp it for profit?

How's the battery life? Is indiegogo the only place to order one?

>shipping soon
how soon???

>Is indiegogo the only place to order one?
unless you want to buy a scalped one, I think so.
>How's the battery life?
Honestly, phenomenal. Seems to be about 8-10 hours of DS game on one charge because the fan doesn't need to be on and it doesn't need to be in high performance mode. Playing PS2 in HP mode with the fan on smart mode, it seems to get more like 6 hours.

>when Gaben's lies got too much for me to stomach
ask me how I know you're a shill

>just a few more weeks to finish up the UI, everyone!
>UI is unfinished months after release
>there is no stick drift, it's just a software issue!
>now ensuring people can buy stick replacements for that...software issue
>SteamOS 3.0 will be available for download with the console's release
>you can install windows on it, of course you can!
>still no workable audio drivers, no plans for any
>devkits went out with quiet fans, lumbered paying customers with the shit ones
>fans are a software issue!


>retarded end user cant change simple settings or read

The stick drift issue was quite literally a software issue that's been fixed.


>just change settings bro!
>that will fix the GPU issues bro!
>you don't understand bro!
>the fan is your problem bro!
>don't RMA bro!
>that's what GPD WIN wants you to do bro!
>you're playing into Chinese hands, bro!
It was not. You could work around it by changing the dead zone on the stick, which would make it massively less responsive but mask the issue.

lmao. keep telling it like it is. steamies can't comprehend how "lord gaben" can do wrong.

>shader caches
Maybe it's faster through SD because you have the IO load split. Shader cache on ssd game data on sd, instead of doing both on one IO.

>just change settings
Imagine thinking this is too hard.

mine was in RMA hell for a month
can't wait to send it back to Valve when it breaks again

Did you not consider just changing the settings? I hear that works. Learn to read, maybe? ;^)

>It was not. You could work around it by changing the dead zone on the stick, which would make it massively less responsive but mask the issue.

It literally was. They had set the deadzone incorrectly with one of the software releases. They fixed that.

>they fixed that

In that same topic he mentioned that it was occurring only in Apex Legends and not other games. Try again.

What’s the key for maximum comfy here, a Bluetooth headset or some simple earbuds?

I had to pick between this and the deck.
This thing emulates all the games I care about, I play on consoles, and I don't need to worry about a fan that sounds like a jet engine. One of the best purchases I made recently hands down.

I play PS2 games all the time on mine. Stop spouting shit.

itt: chinkshit cope

nice proof tho

who ask

Hoping for the mail today.
Are screen protectors worth it?

I didn't have to choose, but after a few days of using the odin, it became very clear to me that the deck was no longer required. I have used a friend's deck and it feels so useless after playing this. Just a massive, clunky monster with a horrible whiny fan.

Felt like going back to an atari lynx from a DS, to be honest.

>occurring only in Apex Legends and not other games
>Oh, and dusk too. But NO OTHER GAMES
>...until you point them out..

why are decklets so disingenuous?


earbuds, bluetooth has bad audio latency

Why is it so chunky

where is it?

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Shipping soon.

Thank you GPD Chinks for constantly bumping steam deck threads, your presence is appreciated.

Lost Legacy is coming to PC. Personally I liked it and would like to replay it for Deck.
Wish there was a mod to cut Nadine out though

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>Runs Borderlands 2 barely better than on Vita

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Shipping on Monday and Thursday usually happens the following Monday or Thursday in my experience which makes sense since it covers the grace period and it's on the same days where they move the queues and inform people of their orders. It's not a bad system but the only problem is how backed up and slow things are for anyone outside the EU as shown in .

anyone playing obscure japanese hentai games on their deck?
how's the experience? is it tedious to setup?

Depends on the engine the game runs on.
For most stuff you just run it through lutris with wine-ge and it just werks unless it's a game that needs a japanese locale, in which case there is a different setup process.

>near-silent fan
Deck with the blue/future ifixit fan is silent too. Basically anyway.
>no superfluous controls
How the fuck are touchpads "superfluous" for RTS, shooters, web browsing, etc? Not having them just limits how useful the odin is.
>back buttons still allow for customisable controls
And so do that Steam Deck's
>1080p screen
It can afford it because it's a weak android handheld intended for ancient games and indies.
>half the size of the deck
>half the PRICE of the deck
And half the performance too. Seems fair to me. Deck is already 1/3rd the price of competitors that actually match its performance levels.
Yes. Any game made in the past 20 years will have you looking around constantly. Asym is trash for shooters, open world games, you name it.

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