What are you going to play tonight user?

I will play a bit of Farcry 5, listen a bit of Nier automata OST so I can sleep tight forever

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Trying to find something to ease the pain

Even if corona goes airborne, it will still take a long time for the world to "end."

thank you, jesus

Even if corona goes airborne it won't cause anything remotely resembling the world's end

>go to sleep
>black screen
>"Corona virus infected all of the 195 countries. Try again?

You know what? For once I dont wanna play games. If the world ends, I wanna spend that time with people I care about.

>Virus that is killing less people than the common flu
>Literally only used and hyped to control the stock market

After all, the only person who can sympathize with you and understand you, is you.

Exit your videogames a bit and see how fast it spread on the last 5 days in the west

Reinfection exists, also the virus never leaves your body
Enjoy your airborne aids retard

>Reinfection exists
Actually fake news
All the questionable cases has not been confirmed

► China 80,282 (2,981)
► International 14,098 (240): S. Korea 5,621 (35) Iran 2,922 (92) Italy 2,502 (79) D. Princess 706 (6) Japan 319 (6) France 212 (4) Spain 202 (1) USA 132 (9) Hong Kong 103 (2) Australia 50 (2) Thailand 43 (1) Taiwan 42 (1) S. Marino 16 (1) Philippines 3 (1) Germany 262 Singapore 110 Switzerland 93 UK 85 Kuwait 56 Bahrain 52 Malaysia 50 Norway 48 Netherlands 38 Sweden 35 Canada 33 Iraq 32 India 28 Austria 27 UAE 27 Belgium 23 Iceland 20 Vietnam 16 Israel 15 Lebanon 13 Oman 12 Macao 10 Denmark 10 Croatia 9 Greece 9 Algeria 8 Czechia 8 Qatar 8 Ecuador 7 Finland 7 Belarus 6 Mexico 6 Romania 6 Pakistan 5 Portugal 5 Azerbaijan 3 Georgia 3 Russia 3 Brazil 2 Egypt 2 Estonia 2 Indonesia 2 Ireland 2 New Zealand 2 Senegal 2 Afghanistan 1 Andorra 1 Armenia 1 Cambodia 1 Dom. Rep. 1 Jordan 1 Latvia 1 Lithuania 1 Luxembourg 1 Macedonia 1 Monaco 1 Morocco 1 Nepal 1 Nigeria 1 Saudi Arabia 1 Sri Lanka 1 Tunisia 1 Ukraine 1 Argentina 1 Chile 1 Faeroes 1 Liechtenstein 1 Poland 1

Need statistic about common flu killing people in murica alone?

Should I eat 4 flintstone vitamins then?

>Virus kills really old or malnourished people

Sometimes I do wish the world would end so you retards would get killed off

>really old or malnourished people

29 year old doctor dies after 4 weeks

27 year old dies, no underlying disease

Kinda funny that an elderly man with the virus was cured

madagascar already closed ports
its over for corona

tomorrows my birthday

gonna be practicing some good old planetmans for the OP the bois will be doing after the patch

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>Third world shit holes

Yeah no

So what next after tomorrow? Will they dig into their archives to find another epic get?

>march 5th
god damnit, my birthday's on the 7th

Hey, in South Korea (the country with 0.6% death rates from coronavirus) around a half of the dead people had mental illness
Fearmongering schizoids are in the higher risk group, i'd say.

>oh no! digits on a cambodian basket weaving fourum repeated! We're doomed!
This 5 says we're all getting our waifus tomorrow.

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Fear mongering is a time honored tradition, even here

nah, you need this 4 first

Because it got loose in a mental ward

Failed, load last checkpoint?

if 3 WW3 in this year

Save state

Save state

Funny, since there will never be another conflict like WW2 ever again. It'll be nothing but drones bombing the shit out of everything.

>society collapses because chinks just can't stop eating bats
what a way to go

On March 5th time is going to be reset to 1988 January 1st.

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Humans are no more a resource for conflicts, humans are just score points

My droid armies will put an end to that
Third or so time in a millennium that China ruined the world with a deadly disease