It was never good

It was never good

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then why did I enjoy playing it

You like nu fun

seething zoomer living in a world in which the iconic games are still boomer games

I just replayed it
Still holds up

Literally iconic when it was released and everyone wanted to hang with the kid who got the game first. You are too young to know it though.

>nu fun

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Tripfags don't have real opinions

>iOS filename
Every time

Replayed the original trilogy recently, was pretty good

Your right.
[/spoiler] It was much better than that [/spoiler]

It was always good and it's still the best game ever made.

ok zoomer

haha that bird looks like he is having fun :)

nothing but non arguments

same goes for you

Fuckin newbie, just highlight your desired text and press ctrl+s. If you’re phoneposting then remove the slash from the first spoiler.

>nothing but non arguments

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have you considered making substantive threads instead of tanking what little board quality remains by posting low effort clickbait



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Pick a side.

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>It was never good

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I pick the one that looks less ugly.

Right, obviously

I can barely see a difference. Right though

Zoomers don't understand that you had to play it when it came out to truly understand it

Whoever puts this in greentext likes underage boys

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Much like your thread.

No filter

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>preferring visual artifacts
But why?

I know. It happens sometimes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Never understood why Half-Life got more praise than the original Deus Ex. Deus Ex was far better than half life 1. Half life 1 was shit even back in 1998 still shit now.

It’s not quite that. It’s not necessarily impossible for a zoomer to still get it even though they haven’t lived in those times. All they have to do is be detached from their own spacetime-bias and see it from an infinite chronoscopic lense.

No Filter: Reality
Filter: How my eyes see reality

I feel sorry for zoomers since you don't have any good collective memories of your childhood.
You're an empty generation, a void of pleasures, a hollow statistic.
You were born with a cellphone in one hand and a TV remote in the other.
You will never know happiness because you overdosed on it before 10 years old.
Now you shit on the good memories of older people because you're angry and desperate.
What a terrible fate.

> In the November 1999, October 2001, and April 2005 issues of PC Gamer, Half-Life was named Best Game of All Time/Best PC Game Ever. In 2004, GameSpy held a Title Fight, in which readers voted on what they thought was the greatest game of all time, and Half-Life was the overall winner of the survey.

Because Half Life doesn't really require much in the way of planning or brainpower so journalists love it

"Whoever puts this in greentext likes underage boys"

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>you like poo poo i like goo goo
wow such an intellectually stimulating discussion about art

Both of those were pc oriented retard

Why does everyone love chess then, inlcuding any vidya version of it?


Because Deus Ex was still level oriented. Transitions between levels happens via cutscenes that were in 3rd person and sometimes didn’t involve your character at all. These narrative/rhythmic elements were present in games already. What Half Life introduced was a sense of real time continuity that wasn’t seen before in the FPS genre specifically. And that made its already pretty cool narrative (reminiscent of the relatively recent events at Chernobyl which people were still worried about), even cooler.

Not to mention it had game design that’s still impressive to this day when you play it. It’s still an all around good game. And remember that came out in 1995.

I was going to discuss how they're just different genres but...
>Half life 1 was shit even back in 1998
You're unintelligent so why bother.

What journalists you stupid child?
Do you really think videogame journalism was a thing TWENTY years ago?

Fucking imbeciles at least you make me laugh.

Story was far more better, was a bit cheesy but was apart of the charm. JC was more likeable than a mute who kills everything without saying shit. They say they want you to be Gordon Freeman, but if they wanted that why the freak make the main protagonist an established character with a clear past and a name. Gordon is still based tho

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it literally was you retard, it's been around since the 80s, fucking zoomer

I played it and enjoyed it.

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so when are we getting a non VR bullshit Half Life, or even Valve game?

Dota is Valve’s best IP. Ass-Wipe can eat shit.

What do you expect me to argue about? The soundtrack? The pacing? How the weapons feel? The AI? Sure, we could discuss the pros and cons of Half Life’s gameplay, storytelling and impact on the industry at large, but that would get us nowhere. The fact that it’s been discussed quite literally for decades and you still made this thread is a testament to that fact. And that’s because trying to insist a video game like Half Life is objectively bad is retarded.
What makes the game good for one person might ruin the experience for another. It’s just going to boil down to “I like it” vs “I don’t like it”, which are two opinions of equal value, which is to say none whatsoever.
I’m gonna go play Opposing Force now, have fun trying to prove the unprovable.

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