Best of Yea Forums bread

Best of Yea Forums bread.

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kermit's screed is valid, but this thread is dumb. there are reddit boards that have all your bite-sized screencap epic moments permanently displayed and archived for your convenience.

But I want best of Yea Forums right here right now so shut the fuck up.

Based as fuck Kermit

Fuck N

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I hate how this spawned a bunch of copycats using the exact same kermit image trying to be epic

Fuck EA shills.

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It amazes me how after this image was used to BTFO people who pretend to like or dislike things based on their perception on Yea Forums's taste, all kermit is used for nowadays is just MELEE BAD shitposting

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ten years on it still rings true
except for the competitive shit i'm so glad starcraft is dead

Yeah that's hilarious...

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This. I can't wait for another fucking garbage "best of Yea Forums" thread full of nothing but post-2010 images spammed by newfags.

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This image is old as fuck but it's still true

Wait, did someone actually copy an old greentext story just to get replies?

yeah, a lot of post election tourists never read the original

Not Yea Forums but an old classic.

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Nobody makes anything anymore, it's a constant cycle of regurgitation. Then when something new is made and it's good reddit ruins it almost immediately, if not them then twitter or facebook. These threads always make me sad because no one is funny anymore, just gay.

Not a thread, but this is still one of the greatest things to come out of Yea Forums in general.

That's fucking kino and redpilled

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