The very first unskippable achievement you get while playing the game

>the very first unskippable achievement you get while playing the game
>25% of people who own the game dont have it
And this shit happens in other games as well.
For example I play Total War and like 10% of players have actually beaten a single campaign.

Who the fuck are these people? "Honest Pirates" who bought the game just to support the dev and havent touched the steam version because they've already beaten the pirated one?

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>For example I play Total War and like 10% of players have actually beaten a single campaign.
I never get past like turn 20-30 because some meme bullshit always makes me restart, same reason I have thousands of hours in gsg and have never finished a game, these games always go to shit after enough collective random chance inevitably makes something fucking stupid happen.

>because some meme bullshit always makes me restart
Like what?

For example I play Total War and like 10% of players have actually beaten a single campaign.
I've got 200 hours in TW:W2 and I've never beaten a single campaign, Vortex is boring, Mortal Empire is a sandbox and the victory condition for a campaign are literally irrelevant, I take a campaign as won when I complete the objective I set to myself from the start or stop playing if it gets boring.

Ok, I get Total War, you lose your favorite army or some other bs happens and you feel like restarting.
But what about other games?

card farmers

Taking gsg as an example
>go to toilet
>accidentally click as I'm getting up to go
>this unpauses
>get invaded while I'm on the loo
>come back, see my whole plan is fucked from one accident, hours wasted, restart
Or for something from Total War that I imagine everyone has experienced
>just want to consolidate position instead of rushing to conquer everything
>multiple factions waste all their money and stacks trying to take me down while their homeland is ransacked by others
>this means I invariably lose important leaders, cities, and armies and some other faction gets to blob into easy territory

>honest pirates
>mod only players
>people who have yet to find time to play the game but tought they would be able to
>collectors that don't actually play games
>people that don't really care for the game but got it as a gift or as part of a bundle

I have an easy fix for this, and you don't even have to stop being retarded
Step 1: reload a save

sounds like you're just shit m8, TW is not very hard even on Very Hard

reloading a save in total war? that's like 5 minutes on my toaster

steam achievement stuff doesn't activate unless a person starts up the game once

Well it varies on genre. Any game that relies on "strategy" I will struggle to finish because before I make it to the end I'll always think "I should've done this instead" or "I wish that ridiculous AI action didn't happen".
Obviously anything short-term like FPS games or RTS games are fine to finish for me. Generally speaking I find it much easier to finish any game that has "levels", especially if what you do in one level doesn't affect the next.

Doesn't work for gsg because Ironman for achievements, autism compels me to keep it on.
And often in TW you don't realise a problem until many turns after it becomes unavoidable.
Yes I am shit and lose on Hard (for example in Rome Total War I have absolutely no idea how to deal with even the shitty German pikes, my game basically ends whenever I need to fight those guys) but that is besides the point.

For me it's not about losing your favorite army, but rather the fact that you quickly get to the point where you CAN'T. I don't know about 3K/Total Warhammer endgame, but with possible exception of Shogun 2 with its convoluted Realms Divide mechanic, since the AI is so inept, every turn that passes gives you cumulative advantage. At some point it doesn't even matter that the AI gets massive bonuses, it has fallen behind so far behind that it cannot provide a compelling challenge, and finishing the game would be just a matter of tedious micro.

if you think that;s bad.

>25% people don't have the achievement for HITTING START AT THE MAIN MENU FOR THE FIRST TIME

the PS3 trophy version has a witty comment of "How many game journalists do you think will not get this?"

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total war gets boring when you steamroll everything and it's just a matter of 50-100 turns to make your way around the map killing everyone

Who the fuck ever actually finishes a total war game?
I've been playing them since Medieval 1, probably have 100s of hours in the series, don't think I've finished a single one. I don't even know what happens, do you get a cutscene or something?
I get to the point where I've effectively won, the point where I'm the biggest faction by far and none of the AIs could put up any resistance even if they weren't retarded, and then I move on.

At least part of it is because if you play the game while Steam is offline, there's a chance that it forgets to sync your achievements properly. I remember having the achievement for finishing HL2 Episode 1, but not for fighting one of the (required) bosses because Steam went offline when I did that.

To be fair, Neptunia games are trash.

75.8% is not that bad for the most ironicweeb-core game imaginable.

Yeah they start the game and hear the horrendous English voice acting on the title screen and immediately close the game. I almost did the same thing

Could be people that can't run the game.
They open the game so they get inserted into the "Achievement pool" but since they can't run it proper they can't play it so they are stuck in the 0% completition group.

you can change to JP dub

>Who the fuck are these people?

People who bought the game on sale but never touched it.

No shit fag it defaults to English on the first start

Has there been a fan translation yet? The script is garbage.

The voice acting in Neptunia is trash no matter the language.

I haven't played 60% of my Steam library because I lack the motivation to game.

I don't like total war games when you actually have to dominate everything. The start and mid game is much more interesting than the late game. Turns take so long in the late game

> Who the fuck ever actually finishes a total war game?
Chads like Henry Cavill.
I've beaten the game with all factions (except Bretonia, because I hate horsefucker factions), and all the DLC faction campaigns.

The first and second game has a retranslation mod. They mostly cut out the really bad memes by the third game

I get games in humble bundles or steam sales and then never play them

>but that is besides the point.
Well don't call it meme bullshit when it's just 'I'm fucking stupid'

Why are they/you even buying those games?
And like another user said - the cheevo only counts the people who actually started up the game.

Is that nier automata? If so, I got it as a gift and haven't had the time to play it yet.

What the fuck
TW has a very low IQ entry barrier for a strategy game. If you can't handle it, I'm fucking sorry

Because the game was very cheap and it looked interesting so I bought it and then forgot about it or lost interest.

Yea Forums has constant steam backlog threads up until these "WOW HALF THE PLAYERS DIDNT KILL THE FIRST ENEMY??" threads and then everyone pretends they've 100% completed every game they've ever touched

There's people who bought the game on sale and it sits in their backlog. People who got gifted a game that they have no intention of playing. Also other shit like
>For example I play Total War and like 10% of players have actually beaten a single campaign.
Could easily be explained by people playing a ton of it but because the last couple of turns are so boring since you're so powerful they never finish and just start new games. For Total War I got all the achivements because I'm a sperg but now I hardly ever finish a campaign anymore because I can't be bothered to wait for my 20 elite stacks to cross the ocean and go auto-resolve every battle.

>For example I play Total War and like 10% of players have actually beaten a single campaign.
I got Total Warhammer from the humble bundle and started it up and made a max number of undead fight a max number of orcs and then I got bored and uninstalled

Forming Satsuma Republic in Fall of the Samurai is kinda sorta meaningful until the end.

Beating a total war campaign is the most boring shit in the world. You know as well as I do exactly what it's like, eventually you crush all opposition and become completely unchallenged but you still need 20~ more regions to get the campaign victory, so it becomes a complete boring slog with zero challenge just grinding out the rest of the map to get the victory screen while you make infinite money each turn, have infinite armies, and have virtually no possible way of losing. I have 0 interest in playing a game that's unlosable and that's every single total war campaign after you get past a certain point, and that point is long before campaign victory.

I played Darkwood recently and only like 7% of the players made it to the second half of the game.

No, I think it's Remnant: From the Ashes

why do these threads have retards pretending they play and complete every game they buy? nobody does that, not even Yea Forums autists lmao

NWN tutorial

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because Yea Forums uses videogames to cope for other areas of their life that are lacking so if they pretend there are thousands of games journalists being "filtered" by the first jump they can feel like their pretend game accomplishments are worth more