Story > Gameplay

Story > Gameplay

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For an RPG, music > art design > story > gameplay. That's why I play Dragon Quest games. For most other genres, gameplay is king.

>Story > Gameplay

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I would rag on you but these days I really need a well designed world and story to keep me engaged since I find most gameplay padded as shit to be "difficult".
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First: stop staring.
Second: I respectfully disagree! I enjoy a good story but I wont push myself through a game just for the sake of it.

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>Story > Gameplay

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I've purchased some RPGs just because I liked the battle music.

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music > world design/world building > visual direction > story > gameplay


Coomers > gamers

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This is a mandatory requirement in RPGs. Otherwise your game is dead in the water

Persona is another good example of this. The game is really enjoyable to play, even if half of it is literally going to school and taking tests.

Sounds all right to me lad, assuming you're still talking about Dragon Quest-like RPGs. I can understand any combination of preferences for why people play them. When I was younger I even really enjoyed the gameplay itself instead of considering it a boring drag. However, the boss fights are usually still engaging if you're not overlevelled.

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Yes I totally agree with that. Persona 5 is the only one I've played, and I was drawn to it entirely by the music and the gameplay videos I'd seen which all looked and sounded wonderful.

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If you think story is more important than gameplay just go read books. Even the trashiest airport novels tell better stories than the "best" videogame stories, most of the time.