6 years passed, still nothing as cool as this

6 years passed, still nothing as cool as this

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everything is wet = good graphics

Fuck this turd won't come out of my asshole, goddamn It smells and burns but fuck it feels good to take a big shit.

The ground does not look like that when wet, unless America makes its roads out of marble.
The game was also empty as fuck and there was little to do with hacking anything besides following a daisy chain to reach the right camera angle or throw up a set of bollards.

i still thing mgs5 had the graphics and still hold up nicely today. all that and it could run on a potato pc which is all the more impressive.

Doesn't this game have like 6 songs on its radio station?

Real time rendering is a disgusting meme

cyberpunk 2077 is around the corner and looks much better than that

I agree, it ran extremely well on my old gtx 550 ti, runs great on my 1050 now too obv


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>watch dogs
uuuhh hello based department?

The Vibe Check app.

It's a comfy and a fun game, and it looks alright but it's not amazing.

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At least something good came out of the game. As I remember the game released around time webms were introduced on Yea Forums. That was fun.

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man, Ubisoft has got some of the greatest game ideas but they could never do them justice. what a waste

Do you have to play as a nigger in the sequel?


LMFAO! no.

>scenery reflects
>moving assets don't
I'm sure the Nvidia and AMD fancy pants releases had some version of this that worked but otherwise it's just distracting.

Do you have the ones with the bible verses? Those were hilarious too.

all these years later and I still laugh at 'canadian' and 'anti-violence activist'

>The ground does not look like that when wet, unless America
It does.

Canadians are this boards biggest shitposters which make it even more hilarious.

my sides
That's a bit overboard for a working class trucker who happens to be a pro-Israel activist innit?