Real ads in NFS payback


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There were real Vizio ads in Burnout Paradise, so?

just turn your brain off bro

I am surprisingly ok with it. Yakuza does the same shit and i find it immersive.

where the fuck have you been since like 2003?

Perfectly fine with it
It's immersive, i loved when Pikmin did that shit

>what is Rainbow Six Vegas
>what is Battlefield 2142
>what is Need for Speed: Underground 2

I honestly prefer real ads in those games, problem being that they're always lazy with fake ads and the same thing is plastered everywhere like nothing else exist.

We got too cocky plasmabros!

paradise had retarded dynamic ads

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actual zoomer thread

ea has always done this.

you ahd bruger king on older nfz and even barak obama ads


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The product placement in Homefront is so fucking bad
>first level is fighting through a White Castle
>another level is fighting through a®

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Why the fuck are you even still playing payback?

NFSU2 was stockfull with product placement. The Cingular shit still stands as one of the most atrocious product placements in gaming history.

First thing that came to my mind, also didn't you get your ingame messages on Verizon™ phone or some shit ?

because in heat cops are annoying as hell and drifting is super hard

Happened to me in Racedriver: GRID (2008).

room doom doom

>NFSU2 ads
You rang ?

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>another level is fighting through a®
there's an internet level? that's bad ass

To this day, Pikmin 2 is the only game with good product placement

no shit, how you think they pay the bills lmao

i remember stumbling into an ad for that denzel washington train movie in saints row 2 and getting real fucking confused

Don't even play NFS prostreet if real life ads bother you this much.

I'd be okay with consoomer ads like this

But not political shit like this.

Granted, in that games pro-race envoirement it felt more natural.

lol seething

*turn off and never turn on again*

I'm not even in US so these ads wouldn't apply to me due to regional differences, but I hate ideologically charged messages that go out of their way to influence you, in videogame of all places.