What will you name your island, Yea Forums? *Thinking face*

What will you name your island, Yea Forums? *Thinking face*

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Nigger island


The Island

Princess Beach

rocket launcher

Ive always named it after Kerning city from maplestory

10 characters or less. Learn to read.


I always named my town Brill after the starting town for the Undead in WoW. I always thought Brill was a rather comfy name for a town. With the new game being an island though I'm not to sure.


>braindead racist can't read


Change it to “Brine”, like the type of shrimp.

I was thinking of naming my island Pelican Island after Pelican City from Stardew

Do you have to name it right on the spot in game? It’s gonna take me a million years to think of a name

thats why they're telling you now

I like this, I might steal it. Brine Island sounds cool.

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>10 characters of less
Well, i guess i get my wish of calling mine Twatshire.

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more importantly, what suffix will you pick?

Isle e621





Better read some books user

furfag nintendяone playing a squarely children's game is mentally ill and discussing an absolutely pointless matter on how he will name his "island"
no surprise here

Here's a (you) because you seem to really want one

>he thinks you can be racist to animals

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I was huge into Kirby when the first one came out and named my town Cappy in reference. I have kept up the tradition in all AC games.

I was thinking of naming it Yggdrasil Island because it fits

Mata Nui

My sister did this in Wild World.

... Bridget?

Pen Island

I'm a novelist. I'll probably be a sperg and name it after my fictional island.

Gaynigger Island?!

Poopoo island

Oh, good idea. Wacko Island for me, then.

Pen Island Dot Com

I want to name is something cute like MapleSyrup

Ok now this is freaking epic fellow channer

Butt Pirate Cove?

If you're really so curious you can buy my books faggots.

Epstein Island

The Cult


Does The Flaming Adventures of Captain Rainbowbeard and his Seamen come with a nondescript book jacket? I'm a crossing guard so the only time I get to read is when their are kids around.


coolguy island

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I always call my towns Aniville, so this island is going to be NewAnivile





I'm pretty sure that residents will say island my default.

Little Saint James

I think coolsville sucks

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Didn't laugh until I saw the seething redditors in the replies.


this but unironically






This and I will only accept brown villagers

i cant fucking decide im too good at coming up with names

You didn't come up with those names, you stole them from already existing towns.

If you don't name it Pen Island, I'm sorry, you're fucking gay.

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The Village

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true, but it doesnt change the fact that i cant decide