Are remakes ever better than the original? Maybe REmake, but I still think RE1 is superior

Are remakes ever better than the original? Maybe REmake, but I still think RE1 is superior.

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never played the original but from looking at footage I'd be surprised if Ys III was actually better than Oath in Felghana

Unironically SOUL and SOULLESS

Could he have made that right guy any more generic

RE2 has aged like milk but the remake is a masterpiece

Ys: the Oath in Felghana
Tales of Destiny
Odin Sphere Leifthrasir
Sword of Mana
Metroid Zero Mission
Ocarina of Time HD
Wind Waker HD
Link's Awakening 2019

These pictures go from funny to depressing real fast when you look and see just how many there are.

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>Link's Awakening 2019

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I cant wait for Halo 2 anniversary on PC will be my first time and i have heard its pretty much one of the best remakes.

343 will fuck it up in some way tho

Realism is SOUL because it prompts you to put effort into it. Being stylized is soulless because there's no effort required

>Wind Waker HD
enhanced port =/= remake

Thats like no improvement at all. Its like the same level of art but with more time.

Posto more of the sad/bad ones

That one isn't like, leaps and bounds, but it is an improvement.

At least they tried, which is more than can be said of the sad people on Yea Forums who shit on them

Remakes that are better than the originals
>AoE 2 DE
>Pokemon HGSS
>Dark Souls 1 Remastered
>That's it

I got LA on release in 1993 and it's the first Zelda I ever beat, one of the first games too. 2019 is better, deal with it

I dunno the art threads here are savage enough you can get real feedback and really improve over time.

You can just put in "Draw this again" on dA and select Most Recent for scores

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name ONE artist that actually gained SOUL over 10 years. ONE.

>Being stylized is soulless because there's no effort required

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How the fuck do i prevent this from happening with my artstyle?

>How you want your art style senpai?
>Just fuck my soul up

This isn't that bad though. Better anatomy, more dynamic character poses, more detailed designs, better coloring. For someone I assume is an amateur hobbyist doing it in there free time, this is fine.

left looks like metzen's old starcraft art

My art never had soul anyway.

Draw bowls of fruit and muscular people

>Realism is SOUL because it prompts you to put effort into it
>just copying something existing

You might as well be a phone camera then

>want to learn how to draw
>Unsurprisingly suck because I've never practiced in my life
>Get depressed looking at my own art

I have seen a bit of improvement over the last month but Jesus Christ my own lack of skill disheartens me to no end.

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one third of motivation is maintenance

keep trying

This is why I wish I started drawing when I was young and didn't give a shit about things like that :(

I'm so fucking incredibly shitty at art, but I'm absolutely relieved that I am improving. My biggest fear isn't that I'll never be great, but that I'll never get better.

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Draw boxes and 300 hundred straight lines varying in length every day before you even think about drawing a human.

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It's not. The Genesis and Famicom versions are the best but they still aren't very good.
>Odin Sphere Leifthrasir
Cheating since it essentially comes with the original as well.
>Sword of Mana
Wrong as fuck, goddamn. All it has going for it is beautiful sprites. GB and 3D are both superior games

Aside from small details and nitpicks, Rebirth is miles better than the original.

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Actually left is better because of better colors. Right has shit shading and looks filthy like it was found in a sewer and then scanned.

but its not a fucking remake you dumb retard

Heiankyo Alien GB > Heiankyo Alien.
Considering the original is a calculator game, it's not hard to beat it out.

Holy shit, so this is what you guys mean with SOUL vs SOULLESS. I think I finally get this meme now.

That's me, but also with next to no time and motivation to practice. I've drawn like one thing in the past month, and I've had a sketch book for a good couple months and I've had a drawing tablet for way longer than that.

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Yes it is
It's the same game on a different engine with better graphics

If they put more work into the faces, this actually reminds me of a style from the mid-90's. I mean, at least it's not one of those booglie-eyed calarts messes I'm so used to seeing now.

>Get depressed looking at my own art
don't fool yourself. you were already depressed when you started. the depression just makes it worse for us

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i straight up refuse to believe this

google rcdart
I triple dog dare you

This makes me imagine an art professor listening to Kenny G and trendy world music while they destroy people's creative integrity.

that's because you want the process of drawing to be something more than it actually is. You don't wanna draw, you want to create beautiful art that will be enjoyed both by yourself and those you care about.
If you wanna get better at drawing you need to let go of that feeling, and just draw for the sake of drawing. Helped me out.

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I plan on it, I dedicated at least 2 hours a day practicing and I've been doing that for about 2-3 months. I started drawing simple characters without much detail and now I'm trying to find a strategy for consistent proportions and such. Not much luck so far but I hope to figure it out soon.

Jesus christ. That improvement would be good if it was made within a year. 11 fucking years and it looks arguably just as bad. There don't even seem to be improvements of skill at all, even.
If the 2009 version of this artist had the same software and tools as the 2020 version, and spent the same amount of time on the image, he'd produce the same thing. The lighting on the right is quintessentially deviantart shit. Like this person has no clue what he's doing when adding shadows and highlights. The gradient shadows combined with extremely simple colour palette and thick cartoony lines looks like puke. The left sucks but at least it's just a doodle. The right is a polished turd. It looks like it's the cover art for a self published YA novel.

the perspective of the ground is shocking too. Its like the ground is a near straight vertical incline

Reminder that /ic and Twitter were defending the Thundercats reboot.

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>RE2 has aged like milk but the remake is a masterpiece

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Fucking, dreadful.

> the Thundercats reboot.
already happened retard
that new shit is just a cheap timeslot filler

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This was probably done by Koreans.
That Cheetara is pretty great.
The fuck does Snarf look like?

i prefer the left one.
need less swords. maybe an integrated one like adam jensen would be good.

The animation is incredibly stiff and boring in both. Just because the 2019 version is worse, it doesn't mean the 1985 is any good

I see you miss the point of the pic entirely.

comparatively? fantastic
and yeah, I know what you're thinking about Kit and Kat

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It probably doesn't help that he looks like he's still out of some faggot fetish art

I get it, but I'm tired of nostalgic retards pretending the old show was decent just because the new one has a much worse art style

Super Star Ultra.

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This is the shit that keeps me from even trying to start drawing.

>>Unsurprisingly suck because I've never practiced in my life
Nigger it's like everything you do in life. You either man the fuck up and practice until you're fucking dead or you just give up and cry about it. I personally chose the second option plus a unhealthy dose of alcoholism.

They made Snarf not annoying? I'm shocked.

Thinking what about them?

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The old show had moments of insanely high quality animation.

Operative word: moments.

Left looks like a cool character from an old game that would still be fun to play after all these years; or maybe a character on those old game magazines.