What gacha games are you playing?

What gacha games are you playing?

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Stop making this thread

why 2 girls frontline?

For some reason I've been fapping to the thought of isharin with a full bladder lately. Something about that tummy just makes it seem hot to pin her against the wall on her way to the bathroom and push on it.

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He gets paid to

by who?

Where do you go to get paid to shitpost?

How do you deal with Arknights using your name to advertise to the people on your phones contacts list?


by publishers of those games?

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chinese gacha industry

By having no one on my contacts than my mom

I wouldn't know, I don't have any contacts

>make trillions of dollars annually
>still uses shitty template sprites that even indie devs would put to shame

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Give me the quick rundown.

FGO Dokkan chad here

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Idgaf about sacha games, can you weeaboo fucks recommend me a cute anime dating sim game for Android that isnt cringe as shit and has at least some customization to it?

What a tragic image holy shit OP

That jackass deserves the death penalty.

None you pathetic weeb. Have some respect for your own time and stop grinding away for anime jpegs

>fag infecting fags
He deserves a medal.

Better than those garbage 3d models. I am also upset about the sprites though.

It’s what their TOS says.


Does your gacha have good rates?

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