When was the last time you were excited for a new game/console release?

When was the last time you were excited for a new game/console release?

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Currently excited for Nioh 2. Got invested when I downloded the beta for Nioh 1 on a whim having never played a soulslike before and wound up staying up all night trying to beat it before the deadline closed.
I kind miss weapon durability though. I enjoyed having to change up weapons and I think the loot system was better designed around having to replace weapons.

Cyberpunk 2077. My gf got me a $100 steam card for valentines day so I pre-ordered it. Can't wait to play it on my $2500 rig!

Animal Crossing. I feel like I really need a game like that right fucking now.

when this came out in 2019

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Zoom zoom

Two different scenarios. Most of the guys on right are scalpers.

I was born in the 80s.

GTA V. I'll never buy another Rockstar game. I bought the digital PS3 version, so when racing I had really bad pop ins. In races I used to randomly crash into posts that hadn't loaded in yet and it really pissed me off. Physical versions didn't have this issue because they could read data off the HDD and the disc.
>Hurr buy our game on PS3 or 360 because it's not going next gen or PC!
Then the game came out on PS4 and Xbone. Then it came out on PC. Then literally every new update was ONLY for next gen and PC. So all the people who bought so many copies that GTA V broke 7 world records for fucked over. Fuck Rockstar.

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Been excited for the Resident Evil 3 Remake ever since it was announced. I'd played the original for the first time just a year before so I'm looking forward to a "new" take.

The FF7 demo convinced me to look into purchasing the full game, but I wouldn't say I'm excited exactly.

Rumors may not count but I'm excited at the possibility of a new Paper Mario game coming out this year.

Was hyped for Magical Diary Wolf Hall and I don’t give a fuck what any of you think. It was everything I wanted and actually a bit more even if the character art was a step down. Also hyped for the new Pathfinder game.

The last time I got excited for a game was when I pre-ordered Alan wake. It was a massive let down and the last time i ever pre-ordered anything ever again.

and haven't progressed since

I'm excited right now for Animal Crossing on Switch and for the FF7 remake. As for the last thing that came out I was looking forward to, I was really hyped for the KH3 Re:Mind DLC, which I had a lot of fun with.

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Probably mw3 which sucked. Then gears 5 which sucked. Now I just expect the worse

>gears 5
Your fault for expecting anything good after the pile of shit that 4 is

Opposite. Nostalgia is for cucks.

4 was amazing what are you talking about

>shitty bland campaign
>shitty bland multiplayer
Uhhh no, no it wasn't

Campaign was meh but the multiplayer and horde were the best in the series. Spied over 50 days on that game I almost cried when I saw how shit gears 5 was

I was excited for Pathologic 2, especially after the gameplay trailer showed off what it was like to explore an infected house and harvest organs.
It lived up to my hype

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RDR2 and DMC5, I loved both of them too