So I decided to replay it again...

So I decided to replay it again, and conquest story is even worse than I remember with slime father demanding Xander to kill me the second I returned and shit...
How are revalvations maps? Never tried third path before, and I don't want to play as japs

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Imagine not just mashing through all dialog in a strategy game.

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Get a load of this cock smoking fruit

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Imagine posting the only lord in history of series who betrayed his race and sided with evil dragon and corrupt, oppressive church

I didn't know that, I just pressed start through all the cutscenes.

Well, now you know.
Don't post him again.

Revelation is utter dogshit

Fuck off edeltard.

Rev has good music, gameplay mechanics and an immense roster
maps range from bad to okay
rest is bad

Yes, but what about maps?

>How are revalvations maps?
Even more horrible than all of the rest in the game. They're all shitty "puzzles" where you wait for map elements to turn on and off, for platforms to move, etc.

>maps range from bad to okay
Are they engaging at least?

Do you like shoveling snow?

Like I said, utter dogshit. They're all incredibly gimmicky and slow.

The gameplay of Rev is awful. Maps are copypasted from other routes but worse, stuffed full of stupid gimmicks. Unit balance is TERRIBLE and overall difficulty is easy as fuck even on Lunatic.

Fates and Awakening DLC >>>> Three Houses DLC (only one actual content wave, rest are cosmetic and random trash mob "quests").

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>piss >>>> shit

>muh story

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Yeah those games were dog doo. First FE I'd gotten in a long time and now as far as I'm concerned the series is dead. I've decided to play the Ogre games, Knight of Lodis is next.

Revelation's maps are even worse than Birthright's

Revelations maps are not terribly hard, but they tend to be full of irritating gimmicks.
For example, one level forces you to just sit there waiting for your units to ride on a gondola to different rooms with enemies. Another is a "Stealth" level where you have to avoid patrolling enemies. A great deal of floating platform stages and teleporter mazes.
Even worse story than Conquest somehow, with extra DLC on top of it that has the real ending in it.