After 50 years of video game development there is still not a single game created that's better than two 4000 year old...

>After 50 years of video game development there is still not a single game created that's better than two 4000 year old games

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chess was solved by computers ages ago, it is a shit game.

the complexity of building this $700 lego set is more than all the possible Go or Chess combinations... combined

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>chess was solved by computers ages ago
Chess' game tree is larger than the amount of atoms in the universe, it is not solvable.

>chess is solved
opinion discarded

>4,000 years old
More like 400

So there IS fates more pathetic than being an eternal single guy.

Chess is a terrible patchwork of random rules piled on over the centuries to keep the game from inevitable getting stale. It has been solved by computers and human players have to resort to forcing rapid-fire turns to make the game interesting at the highest levels of play because everyone has memorized correct moves for board states for most of the game as there aren't many of those when your opponent is also playing optimally even if it looks like the game should expand exponentially over turns.
Go is based and elegant as fuck.

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At this point being single isn't even bad, as long as you don't cry about >tfw no bf bullshit

>finite number of playable strategies
>stagnant meta
>hasnt changed in centuries
>ai robots soon will beat grandmasters
>vidya (mobas,rts,fps)
>constant updates
>changing and diverse meta


Magic the gathering is more complex than either game and you can play that on a PC. Get dabbed on luddites


my nigga

>Magic the gathering is more complex than either game
no, it isn't

>Luddite detected

What's a good mtg game for pc? I heard some of them suck.

>chess masters call it a solved game
>invent variants specifically because it’s a solved game that bores them to tears
>two niggers on Yea Forums know better


pro go players are quiting because they can't beat the current engines. So fuck off with "muh go!".


Tetris, retard.

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Magic hasnt had a good block since the 90s

RIP Tetris Friends

>Magic hasnt had a good block since the 90s
Ravnica and Innistrad were both good. The OG ones.

Chess is just sid meiers civilization without a tech tree, unit stacking, city building or resource management.

Mahjong is better than both of those.

Fucking retards. The chess AIs of today play on a level that's almost incomprehensible to humans, and it's "solved" by people?

I prefer 960 myself. Based Bobby knew it was the ultimate game.

ITT:rng bullshit

Is Chess and Go actually good or do people just say they are good since the feel obligated to say so?
Like how people feel obligated to thank the troops or doctors.

>t. Dont follow pro Go scene
They are excited as fuck, and are even trying out “bleep bloop” strats like diving right into enemy’s territory instead of just, standing around
Alpha Go reignited interest in an otherwise dying/niche game, and opened up new strats

I don't think you know what that word means. It hasn't been solved. AI has been leagues better than humans for 30 years, but new chess engines are developed all the time and tournaments for engines are run all the time with different winners. No chess Grandmaster I have ever heard of would call it solved, because it is literally factually not true.

Solved games has a specific rigorous mathematical definition and chess has not been solved.

desu i have more fun playing tag yeah my brain small haha

Seems like "chess masters" have as much knowledge on the definition of "solved game" as a random nigger on Yea Forums. Probably less since they can't even google to find out what "solved game" means

Theres nothing worse than someone who is a chess snob in 2020 the year of our lord.

Dota is infinitely deeper

Why do chinks keep trying to push Go as a comparison to chess? It's a fucking baby ass strategy game, you just have to keep track of a lot of pieces and moves so it's "complex", doesn't mean it's a good game.
Chess actually requires some fucking thought and understanding.

I like Shogi more than Chess, the capture and drop rules speak to me more.

The only solved parts are the openers and endings, the glut of the unknown is in the permutations to connect the former to the latter.

Chess is overrated, just because it's old doesn't make it more complex than modern vidya.
RTS games require more intelligence because it requires the same strategy as chess only in real time, none of this turn based zoomer shit

>not posting the video

>only in real time
So a significant part of carrying out moves is in your hand-eye coordination, that's still disingenuous to say RTS games are "more intelligent".

>hand-eye coordination
regarded as part of intelligence by me and anyone with a brain

Chess looks like a game for geniuses until you actually learn it
Go is the actual game for geniuses that chess appears to be

Oh, so you don't mind losing your hands?

i'll slap the pieces right off the board and you're not going to do shit about it, faggot. check mate.

All it means is you have to think faster, and in an rts you have wayyyy more variables to take into account so yes RTS games do require more intelligence.
Chess is simple by todays standards and is only played by people with something to prove

>tfw no wife who findoms me

We actually call it a horse in my country.

Get back to me on this topic when RTS games can be played through thought alone without the requirement of a non-crippled body.

Chess is gay and has been done to death already

I view chess and go more as computational problems than as actual games at this point.

A Go master, upon seeing the bizarre moves used by an AI, remarked that they had not yet even begun to fully unravel the mysteries of Go. The same is true of chess. When a human can easily beat an AI every time, then we’ll be able to say that the game is solved (never gonna happen btw)

>NES Rule for Classic Single Player
>Guideline for multiplayer chaos
>TGM Rule for high speed Singleplayer Tetris
Literally what more can you want with Tetris?

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Pretty soon actually with neural interfacing.
Also if youre disabled there are plenty of controllers out there for people missing limbs ect

>just remember a gogolplex situations bro : the game
Chess is for non-meme autistic people

>already over 20k cards and like 10 different formats that see regular play after ~30 years

in a few centuries people are absolutely going to look at MTG the way they look at chess today

I'm just making it clear: as long as an activity requires a specific control scheme beyond thought, it can never be considered "purely intellectual", because the control scheme gatekeeps against the insufficiently physically capable.

>almost incomprehensible to humans
you are so retarded

I'm too much of a brainlet to beat even the easiest go CPU.

Chess requires your hand eye coordination to moves pieces as fast as possible to beat the timer. Checkmate

Just play Shogi instead. It's chess but better.

>it can never be considered "purely intellectual",
Doesn't matter if it's 'purely intellectual', rts games require more complex thinking therefore require more intelligence

>rts games require more complex thinking
Here is your (You)

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Checkers >>>>>>>>>>>>> Chess


Tetris,Chess and Go are Holy Trinity



definition of boring rng

Mental chess and speaking in notation bypasses the hand-eye requirement.

Mahjong is a fun party game but it's not competetive.

Plenty of RTS games have voice activated commands.

Name three (3).

>solved by a machine that a human brain is incapable of following

Marrying a women in general is worse than being single. The only incels are virgins who fell for the pussy meme, and romantics.

But can the execution of voiced commands ever beat the top players' speed with the traditional k+m control scheme? Honing anything other than your brain to perform an activity at the top level is still present there. However complex RTS games are compared to chess/go, the existence of execution speed makes the comparison between them incongruous.

I mean credit to the wife, that lego set is over a grand

brute force is not the same as solving you retard

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Not that user, but you just outed yourself for not living through the voice command craze of the Xbox 360

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