What games have made you ugly cry, Yea Forums?

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Boku no Pico: Bakuretsu Xtreme

I've never cried about video games

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Actually... I don't think a video game achieved this feat with me. Books ? yes, Anime ? yes, Movies, sure but video games ? I felt sad or empty, but "ugly cry" ? never and now I wonder why.
But... this cinematic came close, I don't like orcs in World of WarCraft but in WarCraft III you play them so... it hurt a little bit.

I never watched Violet Evergarden. It looks too pretentious

Finding Paradise

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>mfw I see anime

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It isn't pretentious. It is overrated however. Great music and some comfy episodes, but Violet's backstory and the last few episodes are really bad.

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Pic related, mostly just the Ota route since I resonated with it a lot.

Been meaning to get this, one of the first games I've played was To the Moon and that shit made me shed some manly tears.

I watched Violet's anime first time this year, and while I found most of it to be forgettable, that episode with the widow, figuring out early on who the letters were for and watching everything unfold was a huge feels train, it's been the only show/movie that's made me tear up besides Angel Beats and Passion of the Christ when I was a turbo Christian 7 year old watching my saviour die

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Little Busters

the final campfire scene in FFXV and seeing your saved pictures in the credits.

Granted it doesn't salvage the game from being shit

MMZ4, I was like 12 and desperately in love with Zero and still am

No it's melodramatic and only has one good episode which is 10. Nice animation tho

When I was really little, like maybe 6-7, Gamma's ending made me cry.
Also I used the "notes section" in the manual to write down "Eggman want chaos emeralds." I only realized that because I looked at that manual in my closet recently.

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Cry from happiness

i dont cry because im not a faggot but berseria made me depressed for two weeks

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