Best games set in Mexico?

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Total Overdose
Call of Juarez series
That one section in read dead redemption


As a Hispanic I fucking hate mexicans, especially mexican americans

Don't bother she's in fact fat a full of tattoos.

Forgot her name but she appears in promo videos for Gameplanet, the mexican equivalent of FUCKING GAMESTOP

>get called an incel on Yea Forums
>start getting self conscious about my virginity
>know it's not even a tranny/roastie calling me it but probably just another virgin shitposter trying to get me angry
>get angry anyways
How do I get over this? God fucking damn it. I'm 22 and my dad is putting pressure on me to lose it. I still live at home and depend on my parents and they know I'm not bringing any girls over. He's started calling me "Virgy" in public and around my friends instead of referring to me by my real name. It's getting annoying.

Go back to getting conquered by the moops.

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>showing off impressive makeup
>can’t help but shove her tits on screen by “accident”
I hate women so much I’m not even joking

As a Mexican I agree.


Yup, mutts ruin everyone

>getting conquered
Mexico's favorite pastime

if she is not 150 kg thats fine i like cubby girls more and more recently to fap to

Waiting for the Mexican supremacist with the same mariachi girl pic and the copypasta claiming that Mexico is the most important country for vidya in the world

>mexican americans
chicanos are the scum of the earth

He twitter username is Evy_Rosas10

Holy shit I completely forgot about Total Overdose, I used to love that game. Thank you user.

She makes my dick fat

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>muscle fat tattoed mexican girlfriend

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Not just videogames, México is the center of the universe.

Ya es hora? Ya es hora

>De donde son
>Que juegan
>Que juegos están esperando
>Afiliación política
>Por quien van a votar en las próximas elecciones de su país
>Cómo es la vida en tu país

Why is it so hard for you faggots to post in English, this is the reason threads get deleted.

grim fandango

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basado y rojadoempildorado

>>De donde son
>>Que juegan
>>Que juegos están esperando
>>Afiliación política
Muerte a esos hijos de puta.
>>Por quien van a votar en las próximas elecciones de su país
Cualquiera menos a los peronistas o macristas de mierda.
>>Cómo es la vida en tu país
Una mierda

you are welcome. they also have a psp version of it that uses the same models and maps but it is technically a different game.

it is fucking weird.

Vrigin loser
Nah for real tho, get a couple hundred bucks and get a clean prostitute. Get over it and get on with your life, dont let it hinder you

Dantes Inferno


>De donde son
>>Que juegan
>>Que juegos están esperando
>>Afiliación política
>>Por quien van a votar en las próximas elecciones de su país
>>Cómo es la vida en tu país
>>Where are you from
>>What are you playing
Fallout New Vegas
>>What games are you hyped for
>>Political affiliation
>>Who are you voting for
I don't vote.
>>How's life in your homeland
It's pretty okay.

>tfw mexico is the last place in the world you can get a goth gf without stupid lesbo tumblr tranny bullshit
We're going to take back our land from the fuckin' yanks and it's going to be fantastic

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I actually played the PSP version before the console version years later
Such a strange series but I remember it being tons of fun
I'm gonna check it out again when I get home and hope it didn't age like milk even though I know it totally did most likely


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Why are you replying to copypasta?

BCS, Mexico
XIV y Iceborne
Cyberpunk, GEXVS, No More Heroes 3 Good luck...
>Afiliación política
El peje se va a reelegir y nos bendecirá con 6 años más de pendejadas diarias
Bien, siempre que no te metas con la gente equivocada. Vivo en el mejor estado del país.

What a cutie, shame for the tats and dyed hair

Does Severed count?

Aztaka is clunky but not bad if you get it for a buck, then there's Aztez which is a sick beatemup fighter.
Guacamelee is alright but not amazing.
Not sure how Mulaka is.
Can't think of anything else off the top of my head.

She looks like a retard. The kind of retard I'd like to marry and beat the shit out of every once and again in a drunken haze.

I give you the dyed hair, natural looks better, she's a qt

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the ps2 / pc version is alright. the psp one is dogshit.

jsut get the pc version. i think it has a gog version.

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she fatt


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They only make posts in spanish to spite you

King of Fighters

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>tfw mexican american
>look white as hell
>get treated like whitey
>can also complain about oppression and get the race card at any time, get advantageous hiring because muh diversity initiatives
feels good, stay mad south amerifags