Can we all agree

Can we all agree

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look how fucking flat she is

agree on what, the her tummy looks very lickable? Sure

what's with the japanese and using random italian words to name things

yeah its kinda cheesy


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the Italians really like nubile little girls, if you know what I'm talking about

>asian basedboy

Funny enough here in Italy 'ricotta' is a nickname for smegma

Japs want little brown lolis but in most of the world that means making them part nigger, turk or spaniard so they have to settle for pastalolis. They also like Italian food.

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I really, really want to make out with her

>ywn bend her over your knee and blow raspberries on her tummy

very cute

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Yeah, fucking delicious

Ma dove coglione? Tra i tuoi amici delle medie?

that brown lolis are superior?

that she would be raped constantly the moment she stepped out of town? absolutely


Agree on what?

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Does she need any help?

not from a fat loser like you, honestly. Imagine how fat and ugly those kids would be.

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