Definitive Edition when?

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This game is great and I'm really loving it, I've never played a game this fucking huge

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I hope Sawano gets cancer

I dislike like that storu missions cannot be cancelled, and you cannot accept any other missions. But Shulk is a voice option which is a plus.

Fuck remaster
Sequel when ?

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>want to change party members
>can't just add them in the same menu you take them out
>you have to run all over NLA to put party members in your team
>oops! it's time for a heart to heart! they're now in some random spot in the city, good luck finding them :^)

I love this game but some of the design decisions are baffling.


Also too many missions require Elma and Lin in the party, just let me use whoever I want and show those 2 in the cutscenes for fuck's sake

I forgot about Doug and L.

I doubt there is going to be a sequel

this shit is too long, taking hundreds of hours to tell a pretty basic story. it lost my attention after around 45hrs.

not that this kind of disrespect for the player's time is unusual for jrpgs tho...

>drag and drop some ill fitting GarageBand loops together
>DI some shitty generic out of time guitar riffs over it
>weebs call it a masterpiece

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I skipped scenes a lot. I felt I didn’t miss much, I got about 350 hours in with maybe 270 missions done. I think I counted over 300missions. Not to mention mining and collecting every item. The battle system is unique and fundamental in a easy way, the only confusion is crafting and store buying.

I love the world, combat, exploration, and side quests. But I fucking HATE the main story. It's so poorly written and it's that kind of lazy "epic" writing where they constantly try to raise the stakes and throw new mysterious bad-asses at you, but it's completely incoherent and there's no reason to actually give a fuck about any of it.

is this game fully playable on cemu yet or is there still graphical glitches and crashing?

Fully playable

I'm 30 hours in and I haven't crafted anything, should I do it?

You could get a few attachments or whatever they're called, boost to melee attacks are pretty easy to make

Yeah the main story sucks. The most fun I had in this game was just exploring and finding shit

Theme X and The Way are absolute masterpieces if I could buy music from others and use it in my own video game, I would.

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I used to watch this trailer multiple times a day every single day for months.
Never ended up getting a Wii U or the game itself but it still gives me an amazing sense of wonder when I go back to it.
I'm not usually one to beg for ports, remakes or remasters, but I'd definitely love to have this on the Switch.

Finished the story after 70 hours.
What the fuck is that cliffhanger?

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For the sequel that'll be announced in 3 days

i still have not finished the game but whats the deal with L?
hes one of the first from another race you meet but hes the only one from his race
nopon manon and others start living in NLA but his race dont

>90% missions force you to use Elma and Lin
>the other slot pretty much has to be Irina or you can't ever gain TP
I guess they wanted you to have something to do in post game.