If you could have 1 game skill / ability in real life

if you could have 1 game skill / ability in real life
what would you choose?

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quick save

New Game+


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The ability to use Maxwell's notebook from Scribblenauts.


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time stop for everyone but me

ok Dio

being able to look freely around me without turning my head

The ability to eat people and gain their abilities.

Console commands

double jump

the ability to see my own and other peoples stats.
As in strength, total networth/income and relationship status with other people because I'm really bad at judging when someone is mad or upset with me or if they're just joking around.

The ability to run indefinitely
I love running but a combination of being asthmatic and generally a weak ass bitch makes it more trouble than its worth

Data drain

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This except beating them up or destroying things to get the abilities

boob slider

the spawn menu from garry's mod, so i can spawn in any other ability i want and remove it anytime too

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if i had a crusader kings ui i'd rule the world. nah i'd probably realize how mediocre (as in not that bad, not that good) everything about me is, and wish for a console for cheats.

I used to have nightmares about quick saving
I'd get used to the ability of having it and do some horrific shit, then the quickload just stops working and I have to deal with the consequences.

Revive Pet

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Definitely poison arrow.

actually wise thinking. but to go back in time, even if only once, would be more interesting than practical immortality (no ageing).

Ability to quit obviously.

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10 luck

Alex Mercer agility. It honestly wouldn't benefit me much in the grand scheme of things, but it just seems so fun & freeing. I feel like I'd be a much happier man if I could just run up buildings & glide away every time I got mad