When did you realise Sekiro was a masterpiece?

When did you realise Sekiro was a masterpiece?

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When I realized the atmosphere and world building was just as good as the Soulsborne games but this time the gameplay didn't suck ass as well.

I know it's a bullshit thread, but I'm so fucking sick of feudal Japan as a setting. I finished it, and the combat was fine, but holy fuck would it have been better if it had been set literally anywhere else.

Seriously. Space, the Soviet Union, Downtown Disney. Fuck feudal Japan nipnong BWHOOOOooooooOOOOOO rice paper walls gong shit settings. Gimme chink designs in a European backdrop.

>the atmosphere and world building was just as good as the Soulsborne games
How so

When I played it for the first time and realized within the first 10 minutes that it was the best just from the controls and storyline.

this is when it clicked for me too, i fucking laughed so hard my stomach hurt, and that hasnt happened since i was like 10 years old and saw "Pingu - CP-Rutan"

>I'm so fucking sick of feudal Japan as a setting.
Also didn't help how it just goes off the rails towards the second half and stops making any sense.

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there aren't that many games set in feudal japan though

I don't think I've ever played a game set in feudal Japan before Sekiro
Can you give examples?

Sekiro never really delivers outside of the gameplay. Which is a shame.

The forum is already dead

The sad part is how Blizzdrones have shit taste as well
>we don't want a new engine!!
>nooo don't update the shitty IA!!

Blizzdrones are the reason of Blizz current state

I actually really like the feudal Japan setting, almost as much as I like medieval Europe.

Headless and Shichimen are fucking gay, though.

Nioh is set in feudal Japan, then there is the Shogun Total War games 1 + 2, I am sure there are a bunch more, but I can't think of any right now and I wouldn't say there are ton of games in this setting like the other guy claimed.

Nioh, Tenchu, Muramasa, Onimusha, Okami, Goemon, a fuckin' bunch are basically just 'fantasy' Japan. I didn't mind it in my teens, but I'm 32 now and I've seen it a thousand times.


Having a hard and fast setting like that can aid in ground a game's immersion, but more often than not they end up going the route of Sekiro wherein they just do KUH-RAYZEE versions of realistic settings, anyway. In which case, why bother?

Nioh comes to mind. But it's mainly that I just don't like the aesthetic, nippon architecture just isn't for me.

>Kom, vi drar hem till mig och röker braj.

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Shichimen I thought were ok, but fuck the Headless, if the Divine Confetti would last a bit longer they would be a bit more bearable

When I saw how much effort they put into modelling Kuro's feet.

>When I realized the atmosphere and world building was just as good as the Soulsborne games
Nippon Land is the biggest thing holding the game back.

This. They're part of the reason I'll never platinum the game. Even when you get all the prayer beads, power yourself up and git gud, these faggots are just obnoxious to fight. They couldn't stop themselves from putting a couple of the fights underwater either, could they?

I genuinely wish I still did, but it's so overwrought and meh. It's the same thing with COLDY COLD ICEY ICE MOUNTAN settings. I get that it's not a place that people live so it's interesting from a design standpoint, but fuck, give me biomes I couldn't even conceive of. If you think of a truly impactful or meaningful location in a video game, it's usually somewhere truly fantastic like a luminescent mushroom forest or towns carved into trees or something like that. Homogenizing it cripples you, and if you DO branch out in something like Skyrim or Sekiro, you break the immersion you purposely handicapped yourself with in the first place.

Im probably the only person that didnt like sekiro combat on Yea Forums
>inb4 filtered
I finished the bad ending

I had a much easier time with the underwater fights, you are sanic fast underwater

>lists six (6) games
>apparently 6 = 1000 in 2020
Yeah, I don’t think your use of hyperbole helped you there lol.

It wasn't my favorite. I get that it was different than the souls series, and it was a lot more reactive and rhythm-y, but I liked Bloodborne's combat more. I prefer something a little more decisive and less reflexive if only because it feels more intentional. Even in fights where I'd done quite well in Sekiro, I felt like I had been practicing a dance that I had accidentally gotten okay at that I didn't care to be doing.

Guardian Ape fight, so kino, challenging and fun. The fact that an enemy can fart and shit on you as an attack, yet still be taken seriously as a form of art, speaks to Sekiro's quality.

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Don't be reddit, you clearly understand how hyperbole works. I have played and been advertised a bunch of games that take place in nipland. The trouble is, I think Japan makes the best games but I hate the anime aesthete and Japan as a setting.

Lucky you, I guess. I’m a casual by Yea Forums standards so I hardly see Japan in vidya.

the two things I hated about sekiro were the posture bar, because losing boss progress when not attacking felt frustrating and r1 being incredibly weak making bosses feel like sponges. Anime sword deflection was cool but when you are meant to do it 50 times in a row it kind of loses its appeal

I've never played any of those games... but if all you play are games set in ancient Japan then maybe you're the one at fault. It was pretty original for everyone else.

There're plenty of games that're fun that are set in Japan. The Goemon series is really fun (At least, the ones on SNES and N64 were), Tenchu was great, and obviously, Sekiro was fine. I just wish that it was less common as a setting and people used their resources to make interesting and new locations.

The first pre-fight cutscene against Genichiro in the beginning of the game.

>the moonlit field
>the sparse dialogue
>the unsheathing of the swords


Nah, I just play a lot of vidya and I said in another post, I think that the Japanese make the best games and bring a different mind to the video game creation process. I just also hate feudal Japan as a setting. Modern day Japan is fine, but then you typically have to wade through weeb uguu designs, so I'm relegated to the SMT series and shit.

It could have kino but it isn't because yet again fromsoft is rushed for time. So many recycled bosses, arenas and even entire areas.

Absolutely based

Feudal Japan is kino. Sorry you have shit taste

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Nah, Back to Nature is kino. Little King's Story is kino. SMRPG is kino. Feudal Japan is 100% only for wapanese faggots.


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