Game is unwinnable unless you pay for microtransactions

>game is unwinnable unless you pay for microtransactions

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>used to be a faggot like OP and bring my troubles into Yea Forums at any time possible for attention
>someone on Yea Forums tells me my normalfag problems aren't real
>ponder about it for a while
>he's completely right
>depression stops
bless you "abloo bloo bloo my normalfag problems are real, fuck off" guy from Yea Forums

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But you really only need money for 2 and if you get the fulfilling career acheivement you can easily get them?

Vegetables aren't healthy. This meme needs to fucking die.
Replace it with a photo of raw beef liver and other animal products.

what were your problems back then? I'm interested in the "normalfag problems aren't real" phrase. What are normalfags problems anyway?

>healthy eating
Not eating fast-food every meal isn’t that expensive, fatty
>fulfilling career
Seething neet
>active romantic/social life
Get out of the house and make friends, loser
>drinking water
Plz dont say you count the fucking water bill as ‘microtransaction’
You dont need a gym membership to exercise
>financial planning
Stop buying anime figurines and whaling a gacha game, retard
>sensible bedtime

>posts cats
>shills comblr

you probably have sex dude

t. Joe Rogan

Based broscientist

Pretty sure the water bill would be more like a subscription type of deal honestly

Name one (1) type of food more nutrient-dense and cost-efficient than raw animal liver. I'll wait.

>lmao bro just get a job it's not hard
Must be nice having a dad who can get you hired.

How does being somewhat less nutrient-dense than raw liver make it unhealthy?

Just be yourself

I guess the game is "making a thread that gets lots of replies" and the microtransactions are "posting inflammatory or controversial OT pictures that grab the attention with a line of text that contextualizes it as a videogame discussion".

>min-maxing your food intake
autistic, but it beats being a fatass
good on you

Liver is fine to eat but it doesn't mean vegetables are bad. Also you're not gonna eat that shit every day, vegetables give way more variety.

>water bill
do americans really...?

>Vegetables aren't healthy. This meme needs to fucking die.
Wanna know how I know you're fat.

Because you're a projecting retard who has never heard of ketogenic diet?

>healthy eating
Already do and still feel like shit
>fulfilling career
I live in a shit country
>active romantic/social life
26 year old Yea Forumsirgin here that can only discuss anime and vidya
>drinking water
Already do and still feel like shit
Went to the gym for 2 months. Was expensive as shit and I still ended up feeling like shit
>financial planning
My only luxury is the internet and a bunch of second hand consoles that I hacked. I won't even bother to fix my car since what's the fucking point? Gas and repairs are too expensive and I'll have to waste that money again and again
>sensible bedtime
How do I sleep bros? I think I forgot how to do it

All I'm lacking is a fulfilling career at this point
Which I doubt I'll ever have but here I am

>Eat Healthy
>Exercise regularly
>drink pretty much exclusively water
>could plan my finances better but I'm doing better than before
>fulfilling career is a work in progress, am better now than I have ever been before but still no where near where I wanna be
>destroyed my romantic and social life, trying to recover
>have sensible bedtime but cannot stay asleep, going back to sleep once I wake up once is impossible for me
Doing the best I can god damn it

So Veggies, the tried and true proven to be healthy and a good source of nutrients and fiber is a meme, but not your literal meme diet.
Get fucked fattie.

am /an/fag, and cats are most memeable

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What problems are you referring to?

You are killing yourself. Eat more meat.

That baffles me too. Everywhere I lived had water included. I guess you only really need to pay for water if you own your own house?

you dont need to go to a gym to exercise
get a pull-up bar and some weights
barely cost anything and lasts thousands of years

Only mobile games are like that, thankfully.

>game has challenges that are either easy as fuck or impossible depending on RNG that was decided the moment you started the game

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name one animal product with fiber in it

Yes apartments and communal building water is shared. If you own the building you have to "pay" but it's usually included in the rent. Also this same shit applies in Europe, France and Britain both have water bills

The human body doesn't need to consume fiber.

>fanatical ketofag
>loves Yea Forums
yeah he's fat

>Dental hygiene isnt on the list.


You need it to shit

enjoy your hemorrhoids

*gets constipated*

>Get out of the house and make friends, loser.
Jokes on you I'm just ugly.
>Fulfilling career
Have been turned down for jobs because I'm ugly, I guarentee.
>Financial planning
Hard to plan when I don't have financials.

>MH3U charm tables

>healthy eating
>drink lots of water
>responsible financial planning
>sensible bedtime
>fulfilling career (university student if they counts)

I have all these yet am still depressed

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that's because you're missing the only one that actually matters

>this guys literally full of shit

If you've noone else then life is pretty empty.

Socialization is pretty important. Not having that basically nullifies the others.

I eat tons of meat. I literally gas the office with protein farts. Still also eat veggies too because I actually like veggies, good fiber, and it's good for you bruh.
Drink lots of water, Veggies and high protein diet = GOAT and max gains.

Foods with fiber are inherently dangerous because they cause gas, constipation and tooth decay.
Change to a raw meat-based diet and you'll never experience bowel-related problems again.

Exercise is the most important shit in that list.

>tfw you can never find love

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>buddy in college tries going keto
>he just gets fat instead and went in a small debt because he bought too much meat and avocados(which are expensive af for some reason??)
meanwhile my diet of porridge, chicken stew and cabbage salad dropped me 50 pounds without exercise
thank you slavs

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Real life is a bad game. I will punch to developers in the for makein that crap.

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sugar causes tooth decay
eating too much meat is the biggest cause of bowel problems

>nutritiona nd dentistry are bs
>trust my meme diet that says to only eat 1 thing
>btw protein farts arent a thing
Youre an awful shill

No, its social life you dingus

>healthy eating

Who needs science when you have youtube videos of some guys opinion

>buys the bullshit fitness youtubers sell wholesale
yeah he's fat

Literally, metaphorically, philosophically, laterally, existentially and extremely based.

He fills his videos and his videos' descriptions with sources to academic studies and lectures.

>its not just my opinion
>some guy on yt made a VIDEO saying he agrees with me
>this trumps the medical field

Ι just drink lots of water, some guys in the GAMER FUEL thread told me it's all I need

the blood type died cunt cant even contain her laugh at all the retardeed shit she is saying.

Refer to

Ah yes, the old link to academic shit without fully reading or understanding to make youself look credible trick.

Based and waterpailed

>meat and avocados(which are expensive af for some reason??)
meat is always somewhat pricey
avocados probably marked up because of keto craze

And you expect people to watch a ten minute video and check his sources when you say some bullshit like "humans don't need fiber" when obvious science and empirical evidence says otherwise
I could do the same with a flat earth video

Well I drink a lot of seltzer water

>believing the medical jews

Refer to

>tfw you roll the Asperger class
>can interact with NPC's normally, but doing so consumes all stamina
>Avoiding NPC's restores stamina, but builds the schizo debuff instead

Who designed this shit game?

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I listen to fit

I have 6. I have a very active social life but no romantic relationship.
I am not happy.
I'm not depressed, or really sad.
Just not happy, more frustrated.
Don't get married. It's not worth it when the woman fucks up and ruins everything.

General consensus of dietary habits keep changing based on what is most profitable.
Simple science has taught us to never think for ourselves and always listen to supposed authoritive figures, and noone is bothered to read medical journals when they're written divergent to everyday language and hard to evaluate without having at least read 5 of them on the same subtopic.
Drink alot of water, avoid too much red meat, overdose on sugary fruits and starve your brain off B-vitamins. If you made actual research on nutritional values and the toxicity to man-made plants, you'd immediately recognize that nuts, almonds, apples, bananas, spinach, and whatnot aren't nearly as healthy as they're culturally approved of.

>No exercise
>no social life
Those are the two big ones and no college doesn't count.
T. Also in college.

>healthy eating
I could be a little better but whenever I get my blood work done at my yearly physicals they say I'm fine
>fulfilling career
Not really, graduated college a little late and aside from trying to get jobs that are better quality of life i haven't ever really had anything career oriented, trying to be bitter and work towards better things but so far I feel like I'm in a middle ground
>active romantic/social life
Yes, been with SO almost 2 years now, feels weird to think that before that I had been with someone for 5 years who was ready to get married and pump out kids but I don't want kids so here we are. I could do to spend more time with friends but that's just adult life and I feel like most people in my range (28) understand that
>drinking water
cardio 4-5 days a week with core strengthening exercises
>financial planning
i'm pretty frugal and have no debts and have an almost 800 credit score, I just want to be able to save and maybe invest more but I can't when I'm living pay check to pay check, i'm comfortable but need more to really grow in that sense
>sensible bedtime
1030-12 every night

That's probably even worse than the medical jews.

What does any of that have to do with fiber?
Fiber makes up the bulk of your shit
If you don't eat it, you have digestion problems
Dispute that fact

a rouge AI based on basic materials that it found.

That's exactly how it is, user. Depression is a made-up illness, either you're a strong or a weak person, that's all there is to it.

>Fiber makes up the bulk of your shit
you just admited that most fiber you eat becomes shit, it would be the same as saying that the more yellow your urine is, the healthier.

Entirely the opposite
Water makes up the body of your urine
So the less yellow your urine is, the healthier
Fiber is to feces as water is to urine

>eating vegetables and fruits a lot
>shit 3-4 times a day
>start eating only raw, cooked and fermented meat
>wake up with a diamond everyday
>full beard
>naturally muscular
>poop once in 3 days with zero stomach cramps

What is there to dispute?
You are probably speaking of insoluble fiber, which is essentially nutritionless garbage.
Even the authority on Gastroenterology admits that reducing fiber intake relieves digestive-related problems:

>your body is built get rid of unnecesary stuff
>most of the fiber you eat gets shitted out
>fiber is good for you.
no it isnt, the "poop" daily stuff is a meme, if you were to eat only stuff that was good for your body and that it can asimilate properly, you will be shitting not only less regularly, but shitting in less quantities, because your body would be actually using all the nutrients from your foods, instead of shitting filler
high fiber food was introduced to our diets because its cheap to produce and fills your stomach.
the "whole shit daily" is a meme.

>You are probably speaking of insoluble fiber, which is essentially nutritionless garbage.
It's only purpose is to make you shit, which is still an essential bodily process
Eating too little or too much is bad for you, same with anything, but if you don't eat any you'll have problems, generally

This is the dumbest post I've read on Yea Forums all month

>Can have multiple of.
>Can hang out when ever you both feel up to it.
>Can disagree on shit and still get along
>Are chill with some of them being considered close and others as just acquaintances
>Close friends can help you out when your in shit
>Close friends if they're into it can provide sexual shit
>Close friends can act like a second family

>Socially is considered weird if you have multiple of.
>You have to spend time with all the time
>Disagreements often turn into full blown arguments
>You have to constantly see them as your soulmate or else things get awkward and shit
>Often times when one of you gets into shit your instantly having them dragged into it too
>Good sexual shit if your young
>extended family is often hit or miss.

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Will the vegetablecucks ever provide an actual argument?

>no social life

Wonder why

Every single thing you put into your body produces waste, there is no getting around that, the idea that if you eat more nutritious food you expel less waste is completely and utterly false
Meat is the hardest thing for your body to digest, the biggest cause of digestion issues, and if you eat meat you should probably eat fiber with it so you can shit it out properly

It was typed by a Yea Forumsmblr fag who thinks he's a scientist because he dropped a couple of pounds by switching poptarts for meat
What else did you expect?

>Meat is the hardest thing for your body to digest, the biggest cause of digestion issues
because you are not supposed to eat like we eat in this modern times.
you are supposed to eat the nessesary, but we live in a world that tells you you should always consume more of a product than what you actually need.

>got a good job
>got money
>eating healthy
>exercise every second day
>drinking lots of water

5/7 is pretty good, right?

>healthy eating
>combined 200kcal with no minerals or essential aminos
>fulfilling career
>responsible financial planning
>stacking quarters
>sensible bedtime
>sleeping during daylight
>regular exercise
>le joint damage machine
>active romantic life
>some sort of open relationship in the background

That has nothing to do with what I said. Meat is the hardest thing to digest because it's the most complex food. That doesn't mean it's bad or good, that's just the way it is

>this post

The healthiest diet is a mediterranean one

Fish, shitloads of veg and fruit, olive oil and wine

Proven countless times

Enjoy your blocked arteries and fucked up brain from too much red meat fucker

Why are all meat eaters retarded?

How are you supposed to even make friends?
>see group of friends having a good time
>"hey guys, you look cool, can I be your friend?"

inb4 "just talk to people bro"
that's much easier said than done
and besides, why is it always "YOU have to talk to people" and not "people will talk to you"?

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Ketofags really are retarded lmao

make friends online
making friends in real life in 2020 is a suckers game

Functional autism is the true feel good determinator, the image is bullshit made by a skinnyfat loser trying to fill their empty life with purpose.

Most of the bf/gf problems you listed as just due to people being shitheads. Stop being an asshole and get a decebt partner and you wont deal with that shit.

>how come a manic pixie dream girl can't just crash through my door and fix all my problems for me like in my animes? it's just not fair

No, youre just autistic.

People approach me often during regular activities like lifting, I’m just too autistic to let them around me.
There are guys in the gym that try to talk to me every day, and I never even asked their names.

They're probably gay

>tfw have all that except no romantic or social life

It really makes a huge difference.

I've started this so called good life diet and am currently doing the diet and water drinking sections. Next I'm focusing on bed time and regular exercises. Leaving the rest till last. Though I probably never complete the money organizing problem.

t. Sadcunt

>fullfilling carreer
literally unobtainable for 95% of the population


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Join a club then. Actually why should someone who already has friends or a social life want to approach you?

is that why you respond to posts when no one wants you here? you fucking loser pig

I thought that too at first, but I doubt they’d carry on against all the autism.

you still post here so you still have some mental illness

>How are you supposed to even make friends?
By doing what you said, got talk to people. Most youll never interact with again, a few will become acquiantances, a couple will become friends. You expect to make friends by not talking to people?

>that's much easier said than done
and besides, why is it always "YOU have to talk to people" and not "people will talk to you"?
You sound like a fucking incel. You expect the peope who already have friends to just approach you while you sit in the corner and mope? Friendships are like any relationship, they require mutual effort. If from the get go your attitude is
>hurr durr why should I have to put any effort in
Then thats massive red flag youll be a shit friend.

did I strike I nerve?

Ok so you're autistic and sad, what's your point?

Im happy with my life. The image is clearly just using stock images as stand ins. Any non-autist would see that and get the intended point.

>ACKCHUYALEE it’s supposed to be low effort garbage of no substance

This. I had depression for like a week. After that I saw myself and said damn “I look like a faggot“ and said fuck it depression is just time consuming and it’s not worth my time. After that i had never depression again.

>too poor to afford healthy food
>too poor to afford school for good career
>social outcast with weirdo looks, manlet height, and shitty genetics
>water is filled with fluoride, estrogen, plastics, and god knows what else
>cant excersise because everything hurts too much
>no money to plan responsibly with
>cant sleep because of anxiety/depression because of the above

The truth is, the game was rigged from the start.

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Yes. Its a meme you dip.

This but I had depression for 10 years before I snapped out of it.

A meme you dip in what, retard? Fucking proofread your shitposts before pressing enter.