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What are some good games/ports for mobile? i was quite impressed with how SotN controls on a phone so want to check out more

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Easy rpg player

KOTOR 1/2 mobile port is good

try plant vs zombies 2

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Tiny dangerous dungeons, super dangerous dungeons, cool pizza, pokemon go for about a week, mario kart for about an hour, bloons tower defense, and jetpack joyride has solid gameplay and art but the grind makes it unplayable.

Megaman X was a solid port. It had an easy mode which is good for megaman first timers but the normal difficulty is the same as the SNES version. The sprites are smoothed though, so most of them look fine but the monkey(forget his name atm) got shafted hard.


>good games
Everything on mobile is a korean gacha these days.

Anyone remember that IOS game where you matched hand drawn looking potions, spells, and fantasy weapons? It was kind of like candy crush but actually fun and had really unique gameplay.

It might be dead and removed from the app store like Cool Pizza, Space Deadbeef, and Cube Runner but I remember it being really fun.

Neverwinter nights, baldur’s Gaye 1/2, terraria, cyber knights, the many variations of pixel dungeon, dragon quest IV, V and VIII, The entire PS1/N64/Dreamcast/Gamecube libraries depending on how powerful your phone is.

There’s tons of single player non gacha games on mobile, stop looking at the top games

Real shame considering we all have phones. When I was younger, I really thought my phone would be like a handheld console but here we are in 2020 and the app store probably buries anything even resembling a real game under P2W korean gachashit. The app store even promotes that over real games and it sucks.

Look at the paid games, that’s where most of the good games are

How do you emulate on a phone?

What are some good ones?

My wife likes monument valley. It's pretty good, I can recommend that one

There are multiple emulators but most people use retroarch. Unless you have an iphone which is heavily locked down.
Mostly I’ve been playing ports, like rockstar ported Bully and some GTA games, Baldur’s gate 1/2, Neverwinter nights, shadowrun returns, kotor.
Cyber knights is turned based cyber punk rpg I’ve also been playing recently

Is it possible to have fun playing the Fire emblem game without paying for shit?

What's a non ad filled website for that kind of shit?

Are the dragon quest games on phones good?

RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic

Literally RCT ported on android with no ads or microtransactions. Just RCT.

Pixel Dungeon. Just don't come crying when you die over and over and over again.

>RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic

Is this like theme park? Or are there better theme park clones on mobile?

1,2,4,5,6 is great. 4 is better than ds version because they added party chat which is a lot of text.
3 is okay but its missing the snes battle animations for the monsters and no pachisi tracks for extra shits. gameplay wise its the most balanced and the soundtrack is orchestrated.
8 is trash. ios version got an update so it runs at solid 30fps but the android version is still running 24fps. plus no orchestrated soundtrack and no voices either. not censored like the 3ds version but missing the extra contents from there.
7 is japan only. only difference from 3ds are battles are random encounters instead of seeing them and bumping into them on the map.

4 is the definitive version of 4, 5 and 6 are identical to the DS games. 1,2 and 3 are meh and 8 is the worse version of 8

thank you anons. i might get 4 on my phone

Given that rom sites keep getting taken down I’m not listing them here.