Buy Yea Forums's bullshit that the only true experience is playing on Hard

>buy Yea Forums's bullshit that the only true experience is playing on Hard
>die over and over and over

Is e-cred really worth it?

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Keep moving, dumb fuck.

Christ, you really are a faggot, aren’t you.

Just don’t die

I don't even think I'm playing it wrong (unless going for Glory Kills too often isn't advisable). I understand how the philosophy works, I think I just suck at moving in effective ways (i.e. I back myself into bad situations and get eaten alive).

You mean nightmare or ultra violence?

U-V. NM is "Very Hard" or whatever (also I haven't gotten far enough to unlock NM anyway). Doom 2016 has fewer difficulty ranks than classic Doom so it's just Easy, Normal, and Hard.

Games are meant to be fun.
If you can't have fun on higher difficulties don't play on higher difficulties.

Glory kills have iframes and give you health, if anything you should be going for them any possible time you're low.

Like a lot of games where I feel I'm getting smacked around by the difficulty, I actually like the enemy mobs but I don't like how easily they chew up your health with a bad decision. Doom Slayer is pretty weaksauce, all things considered. Even simple attacks can lop off like 25 HP.

Doom 1 basically only had 3 difficulties too.
Everything ultra violence and below is easy. UV fast is normal and Nightmare is hard.

the absolute state of zoomers

Nightmare is "UV but backtracking fucking sucks".

Wait are you serious? Lol ultra violence is pretty easy user. Are you making sure to keep moving?

As I said, I do but I think I just suck at moving "properly" (that is I walk myself backwards into corners or waste time trying to bait monsters by circling specific areas to corral them and get hit by stuff that is outside my field of view).

I understand the tenet of what powers Doom's combat but I seem to be missing something. Particularly dealing with Summoners gives me a headache.

the only true experience is not playing this shitty game

You gotta kill summoners quick or they zoom away and become a problem. I usually just chainsaw them immediately.

I think I need to upgrade my Chainsaw. I don't know if I have enough fuel cells on it to do that (I think I have four, if I remember).

No, the true experience is on Nightmare. If you are dying on Ultra Violence that much, maybe Doom isn't for you. But go down to Hurt me Plenty if you feel like it, nothing is stopping you from changing difficulty right now.

I'm pretty sure 4 is enough. I could be remembering wrong but summoners aren't that heavy

>dying on ultraviolence
actually pathetic. i run that shit in my sleep

When I get into it I'm actually having fun but getting caught out by things because I just don't have a great strategy is really grinding on me.

I feel like I should be dying regularly to enemies I haven't seen before and once I'm used to seeing an enemy, I know what I want to do.

Ultra Violence is a good difficulty to get to know with the game, Nightmare is for some actual challenge

Just keep jumping, man. When in doubt, spam jump and run away so you don't get caught on a demon.

nightmare is the only true way to play this game

The fuck? Even the creators said that Nightmare was a joke difficulty. Ultra Violence is the real Doom experience.

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You don't even unlock it until level 5.

I know you need to beat it first, what's your point? I think that's a retarded decision by the devs but I still stand by my point, UV is too forgiving

the OG Yea Forums'er right there fellas.
I remember you posting trannies nonstop in 2017 you insufferable faggot

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So you played through to the fifth mission, stopped playing, quit and started a new game on Nightmare?

that sounds like a retarded faggot casual talk to me

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fifth mission? don't you need to complete it first?
I beat it on UV first, then NM. both were enjoyable, but the NM playthrough was far superior because of the intensity

Did you? I don't remember if it's up to or past the fifth mission.

I thought you needed to beat it first, that's what I did at least. this was back in 2016 so I don't remember clearly, but I've beaten it 4 times since then

>I back myself into bad situations and get eaten alive

There's your problem. If you're low on health then the worst thing you can do is turn tail and run away. Think enemies more as a health refill. If you're low on hp, killing a single imp even without glory killing it will drop a bunch of health to get you back into fight. Also make sure you abuse the chainsaw like your wife, there's tons of gas pickups around so if anything gets too close just saw it.

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>all the bitchboy zoomers in this thread
OK, listen here you little shit. If you really think that moving in random directions is going to get you anywhere, you're wrong and you suck. Doom is the closest thing to an arena shooter single-player game we got, so you have to play it like an arena shooter.
A few basics of that style of gameplay:
>if it's your first playthrough, you've got only a few seconds to scan the map and I mean with your eyes, not with the minimap
>look for possible paths you or your enemies could take
>get a complete mental image of your enemies
how do certain enemies behave, which types of enemies are where, how many of them are there
>prioritize enemies based on enemy attack type, position and HP
And most importantly learn to not suck at the game. I can assure you that you just get better with practice, and because it's an actual skill improvement it will feel much more rewarding than any other reward a game can throw at you.
Don't lower the difficulty either, instead ask yourself about what went wrong and how could it be done better

It's just more fun that way, you don't have to do it if you don't wanna. Personally, I love UV but Nightmare is sorta bullshit with the two hit kill Imps.

The only time I "disagree" with how someone plays the game is when they actively cheat/go against how the devs intended the game to be experienced.

More often than not I seem to get killed by the Hell Knights. They're the thing that force me to back up a lot (since they're very aggressive but are also easy to hit since they charge straight at you).

At the point I'm at now Mancubuses are also becoming a hazard (though I still think Hell Knights pose the most immediate threat of any enemy type).

There actually arent that many gas pickups on ultraviolence. I mean unless you were using the chainsaw on imps, you'd be running out of gas pretty frequently.

Come on, if you can’t even handle Ultra Nightmare then what are you doing playing video games?

Ultra-Nightmare isn't so much about handling the game as it is not fucking and losing your progress.

Hard mode is the most fun mode for aome people. You can play on easy if you arent having fun.

>Nightmare is sorta bullshit with the two hit kill Imps
the point is to not get yourself hit

In this game that's almost unavoidable.

you need to keep an optimal distance from your enemies
IMO the hardest enemy is the hell razer when it does it's weird laser swing

most of faggots here play on easiest, watch their favourite streamer play on nightmare not understanding why that faggot makes it look so easy (he's playing on normal) and THEN come here and lie.

It's not bullshit it's the truth

>caring about the size of your e penis against fucking anons

Which mode is this faggot referring to? UV?

>tfw reaction time is literally too slow to play efficiently on harder difficulties, both in old doom and new doom
hmp forever I guess

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