Teddie is a better character than Morgana. Discuss

Teddie is a better character than Morgana. Discuss.

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Morgana is shit

Can I just not like either one

True, but that's damning with faint praise.
Which works, because they're both awful.

Morgana would have been better if he was a normal cat the whole time instead of the retarded chibi version

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>Teddie is a chad
>Teddie actually makes himself human
>Teddie doesn't act superior to the whole group
>His crush on Yukiko and Chie isn't creepy
>He doesn't shit on everyone then run away and pout when they talk back
>Teddie is actually useful in combat

Am I the only one who considers Morgana to be a girl? I just can't see him as a boy. The voice, and attitude are absolutely that of a chick.

You just want to fuck him

Does Morgana turn into a shota? If not OP is correct.

How did they manage to make a mascot worse than Teddie?

And yet neither of them will ever top best Persona mascot

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they were both really fucking annoying

No, I really really really fucking don't. I wish he wasn't even in the game. He serves absolutely no purpose to the plot besides being a shadow world asspull. Also, he steals narration from Joker. He's constantly voicing the players actions and it fucking drives me nuts.

Since the voice actor dubbed Edea Lee from Bravely Default I assumed Morgana was a girl. Does not help that she voiced a little girl just recently.

Why don't you want to fuck him?

Because I'm not a fag of a furry.

>autists himself into reality
>has no penis

Not a high bar desu

morgana handles large insertions better

If Morgana could turn into a person like Teddy he'd definitely be fat and wear a fedora all the time.
>No doing things, go to bed
Fuck Morgana

>His crush on Yukiko and Chie isn't creepy
Until the spinoffs where he just started to creep on anyone who was a female.

Paying attention to the spin-offs was your first mistake

I disagree, I think that Morgana is better written into the narrative. He actually has a reason he's doing what he does, and has a mystery around his character that pays off. Teddie just comes across (if you really think about it) as being ridiculously convenient. While Morgana was sent to Joker by a third party, Teddie just kinda... existed in the TV world and they happened to find him. And he just so HAPPENS to be able to make exits to the TV world. Teddie feels like they had a good idea, but didn't know to follow through on it

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Being a plot device doesn't make you a good character

It doesn't make you a bad character either, user. And I don't see how having a purpose in the plot that pays off is a bad thing

Truth, the bear is an excellent and very cute crossdresser
That doujin with him, MC and Nanako is top tier

Teddie just being is a part of his character, his arc is accepting he came from nothing and meant nothing, and creating a reason to exist for himself, as a being free from the pressures of society

Him being able to make the glasses is dumb bullshit though

There is no pay off.
>Me help you not because we have become good friends, me help you because me was created to help you

Yes. Also the character has a girl name from a girl in Arthurian mythology, I was continually annoyed they didn't make it a girl

I guess because these are japs in a dating sim they wouldn't be comfortable not making it fuckable if it's supposed to be a girl

>I guess because these are japs in a dating sim they wouldn't be comfortable not making it fuckable if it's supposed to be a girl


teddie is the most obnoxious, insufferable character in the entire series and the only reason people claim otherwise is because they have their nostalgia goggles on too tight.

>There is no pay off.
But... there absolutely is. The entire explanation from real Igor about Morgana is the payoff. You know, the reason he's been going with us the whole adventure?
Just so we're clear, Teddie is just a shadow that just... happened to become good randomly.
Yeah I can agree with a lot of this, and I don't HATE Teddie as a character or anything. I just think that, if we're talking about their characters overall, I prefer Morgana.
>Him being able to make the glasses is dumb bullshit though
But yeah this is true, him being able to make glasses for no reason is just another random fucking power that he has for no reason

Teddie can meme himself into a human.
Morgana can meme himself into a car and helicopter, so why not a human?

Stop defending Morgana

why couldn't morgana meme p5 into a good game?

I'm just saying that I slightly prefer him to Teddie, literally why do you care

>coincidence bad


I never said that, but I'm not gonna think that it's good either.

>fence sitting good

Oh you're just looking for (you)s, my bad

Because there wasnt the cognition of cat=human like there was for bus and cartoon

If he tried he could have become a catgirl

>No actual retort or point to make

>hurr durr blurr

I didn't get into Persona until 3 years ago. Having played 5, 4, and 3 at least once now I can safely say that Teddie is infinitely less annoying than Morgana, who is the actual most insufferable character in the series

Don't get me wrong Teddie is still kind of annoying and I'd prefer it if he wasnt in the game entirely but he never really affects my enjoyment of the game, unlike Morgana

>People aren't posting art of both of the characters to prove who's cuter
This thread is fairly tame

Dumb coomer

I mean teddie can pull off shit like this so I guess he wins by default

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>Make Chie an ice and physical character
>Make her useless after Kanji and Teddie join

Teddy has a bussy, where as Morgana is pussy.

Good one user

I disliked both about equally.


I thought Teddie sucked as a fighter because you can't mainline his slink

Reminder that if you're a dogfag, you need to fuck off back to lebbit and slit you're wrists. You are not welcome here. Yea Forums is for cat lovers only. It has always been that way, ever since this place just consisted of Yea Forums.

Every actual user likes Morgana, because he's your cat. He acts like a cat. He sticks to you like a cat. He's automatically your best bro by virtue of being your cat.

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Shut the fuck up, cuck.

go back

he's human though, he said it himself

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